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Are you thinking about writing a book? Or maybe you’ve already started the process and now find yourself really overwhelmed with #allthethings. OR, you’ve already published your book but it’s not selling as well as you’d like and you’re looking for some marketing and promo techniques?

The Women in Publishing Summit is the ANSWER to your problems!

This event features 44 women involved in publishing – authors, editors, graphic artists, publishers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who wrote books to grow their business… and they are all sharing their best tips, tools, secrets to success, and advice to other women who are looking to grow their business with a book or finally write and publish that book that’s been on their hearts.

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We have an incredible line up for you in this summit!

Day 1:

Why Write a Book? What can publishing a book do for you? Day 1 is all about understanding the possibilities that come with writing a book. If you’re looking to grow your business, grow your platform, expand your influence, these interviews will provide options and inspire you!

Day 2:

Your path to publishing success!

You have questions about publishing a book – how to do it, where to publish it, what mechanisms to use… what are the different types of publishers? What is the difference between self/indie, traditional, and hybrid publishing?

We’ve got answers! After this day, you’ll have a much better understanding of what publishing options there are and what is the best route for you.

Plus we dig more into other types of publishing – screenplay writing, graphic novels, and how to keep yourself motivated!

Day 3

Your Tools for Success – Editing, Cover Design, Keeping Yourself Healthy, and Productivity TIPS!

What key elements do you need? Editing, cover design, blogging for your book, and more.

Plus mega productivity sessions!

We’ll answer the questions of “What makes a good book?” and “How do I get it all done?”

Day 4

Marketing, Marketing, and MORE marketing! How to grow your platform and sell more books!

Whether you have already launched your book or if you’re still just thinking about writing it, you can never start marketing early enough! Many writers will say they quickly learned the writing was the easy part and MARKETING is what nearly cooked their goose!

Today’s session is JAM PACKED with marketing information, media information, and ideas to help you sell the heck out of your books!

Day 5

Tools, Resources, and Organizations to Help You in Your Journey + Healthy Writer Mindset

We’ve got some great information on organizations, tools, businesses, and services that help with author advocacy and publishing support, writing, publishing, and selling your book.  We also include MINDSET in this day, because having a good and healthy mindset around writing is one of the best TOOLS you can have.

Meet our speakers

Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn


Orna Ross

Orna Ross

CEO, Alliance of Independent Authors


Christina Nicholson

Christina Nicholson

CEO, the Media Maven


Cindy Tyler

Cindy Tyler

CEO, Vervante


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Unmissable talks

Why We Wrote Books to Grow Our Businesses
by 7 passionate female entrepreneurs who wrote a book to grow or enhance their business
Samantha Muñoz, Rebecca Undem, Mallika Malhotra, Bella Vasta, Suzanne Brown, Julie Ball, and Danielle Roberts

Bringing Forth Marginalized Voices
by Caro Fréchette

Healthy Writer, Proficient Writer,
and other secrets to selling lots of books

by Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn

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