Day 2: Knowledge Base for Authors: Writing/Editing/Production/Distribution /Platform

Day 2 is Your Knowledge Base Day! We’re talking about tips and resources for writing/editing/production/distribution and growing your author platform.

If you have arrived on this page earlier than GO TIME (10:00am EST) on Tuesday, March 3rd - there will only be two presentations: Kathy Meis & Lisa Lepki

Come back at 10:00am EST for the rest of them!

Sponsor Sessions:

Bublish! - Kathy Meis: Distribution & Using Bublish for Success

ProWritingAid: Lisa Lepki: Using ProWritingAid to Enhance & Improve Your Writing Skills

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We're going to replay the TEN most popular presentations next week! So be sure to select the presentations you either missed and really wanted to see, or that you loved so much you want to see again.

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