Workshops for Beginner Authors

Are you thinking about writing a book, somewhere in the process, or have your book written and need help with finding an editor, learning about routes to publication, and looking for marketing support? Get ready for a 4 day event filled with insightful and empowering workshops that will help you grow as a writer, marketer, and leader in the industry. It's been touted as “life changing” for many of our attendees!

The Women in Publishing Summit is a four day virtual conference, running live on Zoom March 6-9, 2024. Can't attend live? All sessions are recorded and available through Dec. 31, 2024.

This year, we are presenting workshops for your specific needs, focusing on your level of experience. With a variety of workshops to choose from, you're sure to find one (or several!) that will help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams as a beginner author.


Be sure to get your ticket today so you can enjoy all these workshops for beginner authors in the conference, and revisit the content in the all year! 


Audience: Beginner Authors

How to Set and Spend Your Editing Budget Wisely
Presenter: Danielle Anderson of Inkworthy Books
Through years of working with authors, Danielle discovered that few authors are prepared for editing and publishing services. Her session will dig into the process and the investment, covering: The difference between the types of editing and when and why you may need them; How to find, hire, and work with the best type of service provider; how to save time, energy, and money working with editors for the highest quality result.

“How to Write a Well-Structured Scene”
Presenter: Savannah Gilbo
Beginner level attendees will learn the importance of well- structured scenes from start to finish, what it is to write a meaningful arc and how to troubleshoot scenes that need work.

“Writing Books for Young Readers: Determining What Type of Children’s Books to Write”
Presenter: Jen Navarre
Beginner level attendees will learn about the different categories of books kids seek out, the differences between book types and how to determine which is the best audience for your book.

“Every Word Matters: Using Prose to Enhance Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction”
Presenter: Wendy Van Camp
Learn about Meaning, Voice, Tone, Rhythm/Meter, Sound Devices, and Word Choice and how to best apply them as a novelist.

“The 3 Biggest Mistakes Children’s Book Authors Make”
Presenter: Brooke Van Sickle
Attendees will learn about what to do with a new story idea, how to get started and what biggest mistakes are often made when it comes to illustrations in children’s books.

“Memoir Mastery: How To Tell Your Story So It Sells”
Presenter: Jennifer Wilkov
Beginner level attendees will learn what it takes to actually tell their story in an impactful way to attract attention and visibility in the marketplace, as well as strategies to reach publishers, the media and even gain speaking opportunities and more.

“Being Successful in Self Publishing is All About Having the Right Tools!”
Presenter: Chelsea Bennett
There are choices in publishing and distribution of their book, beyond just Amazon. This session will cover the best resources and online learning to get started in publishing, what to consider when making big decisions about publishing, and information about the tools required to set their business up for success, and how Lulu can be your perfect partner!

“Picture Book Design and Production: Book Formatting and Design for Children’s Books”
Presenter: Tamera Dever
Formatter and cover designer Tamara Dever will teach why you need both illustration and design and how they work together, and how to plan for production while still in the writing process.

“Echo Chambers: A Winning Marketing Strategy Before Your Finish Your Book”
Presenter: Markeyla Henton
This presentation will cover how to pitch to potential supporters to gather, excite, and incentivize them into marketing your book and how to launch your book with raving reviews from the start!

“How to Launch Your Non-Fiction Book onto a Bestseller List”
Presenter: Renee Bauer
Beginner level attendees will uncover a roadmap to launching their book into the world and increase the chances of it landing on a bestseller list by knowing when to do what to launch your book into success and create your PR plan.

“What Authors Can Post on Social Media Before the Book is Published”
Presenter: Jennifer Hanson dePaula
Did you know you don’t need a published book to start growing an attentive and active audience on social media? Jennifer will teach what to post, how to set up an easy system to build a supportive community, and the tools to help you grow your audience well before your book is published.

“5 Simple Tips to Starting a Newsletter that Grows Your Audience and Your Sale”
Presenter: Amber Petty
Workshop attendees will learn why a newsletter is a great way to grow your platform, the best software to use to set up a newsletter quickly and how to structure it so that it helps ideal readers, remains sustainable and showcases your work.

“Amplifying Your Words: Harnessing the Power of Podcasts to Boost Book Sales”
Presenter: Toby Dorr
Learn how creating your own podcast will increase your reach which will ultimately provide opportunities for an increase in book sales and impact. In this workshop, attendees will learn everything from what tools are needed, the best approach, how to name your podcast, where to find guests and how to monetize your podcast.

“Embracing the Role of Entrepreneur: The Business of Being a Profitable Non-Fiction Author”
Presenter: Alesha Brown
This session dives into how to blend your creativity with a market-driven approach, how to tailor your stories to your audience’s preferences in order to turn your readers into devoted fans. Attendees will learn how to shift their perspective from being authors to authorpreneurs.

“How to Create a Successful Crowd Sourcing Campaign- KickStart Your Book and Why You Should Do It”
Presenter: Kiffer Brown
Especially important for authors who are struggling to fund your entire publishing project – Kickstarter may be an option to help you raise capital. You will learn different crowd-sourcing platform options, how to use KickStarter as a book launching tool, how to connect directly with your readers, and how to design your campaign.

“Amazon Ads for Authors”
Presenter: April Cox
Attendees will learn actionable strategies to optimize your Amazon Ads, improve visibility and increasing sales, gain insights into key metrics and how to use them to make ad decisions, how to ensure your ads will be effective, and end the session with a roadmap to success.
Note: This is a beginner level Amazon Ads course, but not for the beginning author, as you need to have a book published to run ads.

In addition to these sessions, the conference includes workshops that are for the general audience, special sessions, and lots of networking time. Plus, time to meet with our sponsors and publishers!


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