The Women in Publishing Summit - Virtual Conference

March 6-9, 2024 | Virtual
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Daily Schedule

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In addition to our four daily workshop blocks, we'll also have special events, lots of networking and coffee chat sessions (an attendee favorite), the opportunity to hear from our speakers and learn about the greatest tools on the marketplace to help authors, AND this year we're introducing Publisher Speed Dating! A wonderful way to meet the publisher that may just be your match!

Our “InspirActional” Keynote with Stacey O’Byrne will be on March 4 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 PM ET/NY (Eastern Time) Register now!


Day 1 Workshops

9:30 am
Welcome and Intro with Alexa Bigwarfe


10:00 am
Savannah Gilbo – How to Write a Well-Structured Scene

By the end of this session, you will know
1 – How to write a well-structured scene start to finish
2 – What it means to write a meaningful arc of change in each one of your scenes
3 – How to troubleshoot scenes that don't work and feel “off”

Audience: Beginner Author

Gabriela Pereira – How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer (without breaking your heart or losing your mind)

In this fast-paced session, Gabriela
1 – Debunks some major myths about creativity
2- Shares key mindset shifts that will help you get past blocks and get back to writing
3 – Walks you through an essential technique that will change your creative process forever.

Audience: General


Stacy Juba – From Flat to Fabulous: Reviving Characters with Dynamic Body Language

By the end of this session, beginner and intermediate authors will
1 – Know how to identify and avoid the most overused nonverbal phrases that result in flat characters and lackluster writing
2 – Gain strategies for enriching nonverbal communication, allowing your unique voice to shine and fostering deeper reader connections with your characters
3 – Learn three critical mistakes to steer clear of when using nonverbal communication in your writing

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Angela James – Beyond the Red Pen: Amplifying Author Voice through Skillful Editing

Editors will go through a five-step approach of working with authors, including:
1 – What questions to ask at the pre-edit stage to build an understanding of the author's vision, voice and background
2 – How to approach edits in a way that acknowledges and preserves differing lived experiences, backgrounds, cultures, languages, and slang.
3 – Language to include in edit leaders and FAQs that create a foundation for expectations of collaboration and respect. rather than authoritarianism and uncertainty.

Audience: Professional: Editors


11:00 am
Alessandra Torre – Six Secrets Every Indie Fiction Author Should Know

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated and confused. New York Times bestselling author Alessandra Torre will share her six secrets, that include:

– The biggest differences between successful and non-successful authors
– What types of novels are the easiest and most profitable to sell
– The stumbling block that derails most careers
– Why a “failed” release isn’t the kiss of death

Audience: Fiction Authors – General

Jen Navarre – Writing Books for Young Readers: Determining what type of Children's Book to Write

At the conclusion of this session you will know
1 – The differences between picture books, early readers, and chapter books
2 – How to determine the best audience for your book and why this matters for emerging readers
3 – Tips for revision so your book aligns with what's already on the market

Audience: Beginner Author


Kate Allyson – Create a Writing Routine that Works for Your Brain

This is not one-size-fits all writing advice. By the end, you will know
1 – The importance of understanding WHY you are writing your book
2 – How to experiment to find the best writing routie for you
3 – How to maintain your routine over time, so you can get your book written

Audience: All Authors/General


E. Danielle Butler – Welcome, Ghosts: Should Your Writing Client Use a Ghostwriter

In this session, E. Danielle will walk publishing professionals through the considerations of working with a ghoswriter. They will
1 – Understand the benefits of working with a ghostwriter
2 – Learn more about pricing and process for engaging a ghostwriter
3 – Identify the needs and opportunities for steering a client towards using a ghostwriter

Audience: Professional: Publishers and Publishing Assist


12:00 pm
Lunch and Networking
1:00 pm
ProWritingAid with Sarah Bateman and Joe Sidery:
Streamline Your Self-Edit with Technology
2:00 pm
Tieshena Davis – Authorlocity: The Top Strategy to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader with a Non-Fiction Book

Designed for subject matter experts, “Authorlocity” attendees will learn the essential strategy to ensure your writing stands out and positions you as a highly recommended source in your field. Filled with scientific insights and real-world examples, Tieshena will teach you her cutting-edge techniques to build credibility and branding yourself as a reliable problem-solver through the power of prescriptive writing.

By the end of this session, you will know:
1 – What type of prescriptive book to write
2 – How to capture and articulate your evidence-based knowledge
3 – How to master strategic persuasion to maximize your impact

Audience: General


Wendy Van Camp – Every Word Matters: Using Prose to Enhance Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

In this session, you will learn about Meaning, Voice, Tone, Rhythm/meter, Sound Devices, and Word Choice and how to apply them as a novelist.

Audience: Beginner Author

Shirley Jump – Six Techniques to Create More Compelling Novels

This is an interactive class will guide you into more powerful writing. Benefits include
1 – Deeper, richer plot
2 – Stronger, more compelling characters
3 – A tool to make any aspect of your book more unique

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author

Michelle Oucharek- Deo – “Find The Time: The 42 Minute Hour” A Time Management Tool for Enhancing Business Productivity

“Find the Time: The 42 Minute Hour” is a time mentoring program for real women whose goals often get sidelined by everyday challenges. We'll be looking how to enhance your productivity in your publishing business through a specific technique that can revolutionize your productivity, not just in your business but in managing many areas of your life.

Audience: Professional


3:00 pm
Eryka Parker – The Art of Immersion: Boost Productivity and Morale with Journaling, Role-Playing, and Method Writing Techniques

In “The Art of Immersion” writers will use role playing, journaling, and method writing techniques to boost productivity and morale, and unlock fresh ideas.

By the end of this presentation, you will know:
1 – How to create compelling imagery through vivid descriptions and emotions
2 – How to tap into your reader's deepest needs, wants, and desires
3 – Ways to create a writing strategy that defies obstacles and embraces your author theme

Audience: General


Alexa Bigwarfe – What it Takes to Write, Publish, and Sell a Children's Book

Audience: General


Barbara V. Evers – Creating Believable Characters Using Myers Briggs Types

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will help you answer questions about your characters, such as, what makes them tick? How do they recharge? What type of information do they trust? And more.
After this session, you will be able to
1 – Establish your character's type
2 – Recognize examples of the four areas that create the sixteen MBTI types and how you might use this information to create characters who leap off the page
3 – Begin to develop how your character behaves under normal circumstances and how their enviroment might change those behaviors
4 – Describe what happens to your character's type under stress and conflict

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Tara Whitaker – The Case for Community: Why Editors and Freelancers Need to Find Their People

This part how-to, part tell-all session discusses why and how joining or building the right values-focused virtual community (whether as an author, editor, or creative freelancer) has become necessary for a stronger and more sustainable solo business.

Audience: Professional: Editors (& Freelancers)


4:00 pm
Coffee Chat
Brooke Van Sickle – The Three Biggest Mistakes Children's Book Author  *PRERECORDED SESSION*

By the end of the session, you'll know:
1 – What do with a new story idea
2 – How to get started with your first draft
3 – The biggest mistakes writers make when it comes to illustrations

Audience: Beginner Author


5:00 pm
Jacci Turner – Writing About Grief and Trauma in Your Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction Books

This session focuses on writing characters who have experienced trauma with sensitivity and compassion, without spreading misinformation.

Audience: General


Jennifer Wilkov – Memoir Mastery: How to Tell Your Story So It Sells

In this session, you can expect to learn
1 – What your memoir is – and what it's not
2 – Where your story begins and why it matters
3 – The basics for writing a memoir that sells
4 – The secret to catching a literary agent's eye with your memoir
5 – Fool-proof ways to know your audience
6 – Proven techniques to use your memoir to reach publishers, producers, and the media
7 – Top strategies to leverage your memoir for various audiences, speaking opportunities, and markets

Audience: Beginner Author


Leslie J. Hall – Show, Don't Tell: A Secret Weapon for Writers

After this session you will
1 – Understand what the phrase “show, don't tell” means for your story
2 – How to identify “telling” prose
3 – How to convert “telling” to “showing”
4 – What is it okay to tell
5 – How to use point of view to height ‘show, don't tell'

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Linda Ruggeri, Tenesha Curtis, Katherine Pickett, Brittany Dowdle – Editors as Authors: Behind the Scenes of Publishing Your Own Work

After this discussion, you will be able to
1 – Understand the opportunity editors have in writing and publishing their work (fiction and non-fiction)
2 – What the process is like for (traditional and indie track)
3 – How being a published author fits into an edition business/career
4 – How “editors as authors” can contribute to a more meaningfully inclusive publishing landscape

Audience: Professional

6:00 pm
Keynote Speaker: Paige Allen, IngramSpark

Paige Allen is a PR expert who works with authors and publishers. In this session, Paige will teach publishers and publishing professionals how to use media and PR to market their authors.

Day 2 Workshops

9:00 am
10 Min Yoga & Meditation  + Coffee Chat/Networking
10:00 am
Michelle Vandepas, Empower Press

Audience: General


Lucinda Halpern- Get Signed: Turn Your Big Ideas into a Winning Pitch

In “Get Signed: Turn Your Big Idea into a Winning Pitch”, writers of all levels will gain insight into the querying and agenting process to understand what exact qualities agents are looking for. Lucinda Halpern will share her unique 6-step process that is full of proven tactics to help you quickly and successfully break into book publishing.

Writers of all levels will gain insight in this session and will have knowledge of
1 – What common pitfalls and errors to avoid in a query letter
2 – How to articulate to agents and publishers that your book is the perfect win-win
3 – What techniques to employ in crafting your pitch to stand out from agent's slush piles

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Katherine Pickett – Get the Most Out of Your Beta Readers and Manuscript Assessments

Beta readers—readers who offer their feedback for free—often provide disparate advice. How do you manage the differing opinions? How can you minimize the problems and maximize the benefits? What does a paid manuscript assessment provide and how can you use it to augment the beta reading experience? This session answers these questions and more. Attendees will walk away with confidence in their ability to sort the good advice from the bad to craft a stronger, cleaner manuscript.

Audience: General


Lori McKnight – A Printer's Guide to Offset Printing Your Children's Book

In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of both offset and POD printing with real life examples so you can make an informed decision on the best route for your book and business.

Audience: Professional


11:00 am
Georgia Clark – The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

In your life as a writer, you will definitely receive feedback on your drafts (from beta readers, agents, and editors) and most probably be asked to give it to your fellow writers, in workshops and formal or informal writing groups. This workshop breaks down the best practices for both sides of the coin. I will explain how to give feedback in a way that is encouraging, thoughtful, helpful, and kind. And I discuss how to receive it—how to turn your feedback, which can be disheartening, confusing or totally overwhelming, into a roadmap to revision that ultimately strengthens the work and you as a writer. 

By the end of this session, you will know
1 – How to give feedback that expresses your ideas in a helpful way
2 – How to receive feedback, even if its overwhelming or hard to hear
3 – How to turn feedback into a solid, achievable revision plan you feel excited to tackle

Audience: General


Tamera Dever – Picture Book Design and Production: Book Formatting and Design for Children's Books

Picture books must deliver a big punch in a small package. It is vital that each piece is carefully planned and executed to put together the best packages possible to deliver your special story.
1 – Learn the production options available, whether printing digitally, offset, or on-demand
2 – Learn why you need both illustration and design and how they work together to bring your story to life
3 – Learn how planning for production while you're writing can streamline the book creation process and even improve your book

Audience: Beginner Author


Monique Danielle – Atticus: Your DIY Book Formatting BFF

If you are considering formatting your own book, this session shows it is completely possible with Atticus. Atticus is the book formatting tool created by the team at Kindlepreneur/Publisher Rocket. Attend this workshop to learn about Atticus and how to use it.

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Authors


Julie Trelsted and Kelly Peterson: Growing Your Publishing House with Romance Writers- and Keeping Them.

In this informative behind-the-scenes session, moderator Julie Trelstad will guide discussion on how savvy agents, and publishers are quietly dominating on the online digital romance book business by partnering with their authors in non-traditional arrangements that benefit both parties. A discussion with digital marketer, publisher, and successful romance author will illuminate exactly how it's been done.

In this session, you will learn:
1. How to leverage digital promotions in online retail stores, including Amazon and the long tail of specialty retailers.
2. How a literary agent (or publisher) can bring value to authors who otherwise might have chosen to publish independently.
3. How women are succeeding in publishing by creating works by and for women in ways that aren't commonly discussed in the industry.


Audience: Professional

12:00 pm
Coffee Chat Room sponsored by Written Word Media
1:00 pm
JoEllen Nordstrom (FirstEditing) – From Rough Draft to Polished Gem: The Essential Stages of Book Editing


2:00 pm
Routes to Publishing – Panel

Join us for a session to learn about the differences between the different routes to publishing and which might be best for you.

Moderated by: Tara Alemany, Emerald Lake Books

Panelists: Brooke Adams Law, Anne MacDonald, Ami McConnell, Abigail Wild

Audience: Beginner Author


Danielle Anderson – How to Set and Spend Your Editing Budget Wisely

By the end of this session, you will know
1 – The difference between the types of editing and when and why you may need them
2 – How to find, hire, and work with the best type of service provider so you can get the feedback and support you actually need
3 – How to save time, energy, and money working with editors for the highest quality result

Audience: Beginner Author


Miranda Darrow – Developmental Editing of Fiction Concepts and Deliverables: An Intro Into Developmental Editing for Copyeditors and others

During this session you can expect
1 – An overview of Developmental Editing, including the various levels of editing and defining Developmental Editing
2 – A disccusion and examples of various types of Developmental Edits, manuscript evaluations, edit letters, ghostwriting, book mapping, and more
3 – Main Developmental Editing Concepts and comprehensive coverage of this type of editing

Audience: Professional


Jess Ekstrom – MicDrop! Empowering Your Voice: Strategies for Impactful Speaking

Highly sought after speaker Jess Ekstrom shares insightful tips for aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of focusing on the value you bring to your audience over just your personal story. Through this session, Jess provides tips around leveraging connections as starting points for speaking engagements, how to negotiate for assets beyond speaking fees, such as professional event photos, testimonials, and referrals. Jess also provides recommendations on structuring your talks and her formula to deliver concise, impactful messages. These strategies are aimed at empowering women writing nonfiction books who want to take the stage to make a bigger impact.

Audience: Advanced/Published Nonfiction Authors


3:00 pm
Ethleen Sawyer (SpeakWritePlay) To Keep or Not to Keep: Editing Rules to Follow or Disregard
Chelsea Bennett (Lulu)
Being Successful in Self-Publishing is All About Having the Right Tools

New authors have so many choices to make when it comes to publishing and distribution. But how do they know what’s best for their author business? With a multitude of options in self-publishing, it’s hard to predict if the tools you use today will be the same ones you need in the future. For example, what tool should I use for Distribution? What tools will help me in creating my book? Where can I find the best resources and online learning for getting started in publishing? Come to learn about what to consider when making big decisions at the onset, and the tools required to set your business up for autonomy and serving your best interests.

Audience: Beginner


4:00 pm
Coffee Chat Room: Inkworthy Books, Danielle Anderson
5:00 pm
Silver Sponsor: Kathy Meis, Bublish
Metadata for Beginners: The key to driving discoverability and sales

Metadata is a key element of your book being discovered. Learn from Kathy Meis, CEO and founder, about the importance of metadata, what it is, and how you pull it all together.

Audience: General

Great Cover Design:  PANEL DISCUSSION:
Tamian Wood, and Cathy Helms

Audience: Beginner Author


Jana S. Brown – From Data to Drama: Leveraging Market Research to Create Bestselling Fiction

By the end of this session, you will know
1 – How to research the genres you are passionate about to find out what your audience needs to be satisfied
2 – How to choose your cover, blurb, and details about your content to fit wtih the best sellers in your genre
3 – Why market research matters and how it can be applied to work that is completed, or used to create a writing plan for your newest novel

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Dayna M. Reidenouer and Penni Askew – Achieve Success: Find the Manual to Your Brain and Optimize Your Workspace

In this presentation, authors and service providers learn different ways to approach their work, with the ideas gleaned from the presenters' 32 years of publishing experience and 23 years of guiding her neurodivergent offspring. By the end of this session, you will know
1 – Neurodivergent brains are awesome and deserve to be honored and respected with methods that fit, not chafe
2 – Focus flourishes in enviroments that foster growth
3 – Breaking the rules is advised: find what works for you and throw out the rest of it

Audience: Professional


6:00 pm
Special Closing Session

Day 3 Workshops

9:00 am
Coffee Chat
Special Yoga Stretch with Lou S. Adams
10:00 am
Michelle Glogovac – How to Create a Podcast Book Tour

This session teaches
1 – How to craft your media kit and unique podcast pitch
2 – How to show up as the best podcast guest without selling, along with tips for being comfortable as an introvert
3 – Ways to repurpose your podcast interviews into greater marketing content you can utilize for your author brand and book promotion

Audience: General


Markeyla Henton – Echo Chambers: A Winning Marketing Strategy Before You Finish Your Book

In this session, burgeoning authors learn how to galvanize people around their books. This session teaches writers how to find people who will support them and how to launch their books with raving reviews and a collection of people echoing their message.

Specifically, in this session you can expect to learn
1 – How to pitch potential supporters to join their Echo Chamber marketing team
2 – How to gather, excite, and incentivize their Echo Chamber
3 – How to laundh with their Echo Chambers support

Audience: Beginner Author


Lindsey Smith – Increase Your Author Revenue Through Subrights

In “Increase Your Revenue Streams as an Author” advanced-level authors will learn the various ways they can grow their income—beyond the book they’ve already written. Lindsey Smith uses case studies to dive deep into each stream.

By the end of this session, you will
1 – Have eight new streams of revenue to choose from
2 – Know exactly what to do to implement each new stream immediately
3 – Confidently choose which streams will personally work best and be in alignment with you

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Nev March – How to Motivate Your Author in Marketing Strategy

In this session, Nev March will share her approach to building an effective marketing plan with her publisher. What does the publisher offer, and what's the author's role?

Audience: Professional


11:00 am
Hannah Jacobson – Book Awards: How to Find and Use Awards to Promote Your Book

This session focuses on actionable ways to
1 – Identify and submit your book to valuable award programs
2 – Share every step of the award process in a way that connects with readers
3 – Leverage book awards to build community and unlock professional opportunities

Audience: General


Renee Bauer – How to Launch Your Non-Fiction Book into a Bestseller List

Renee will provide a roadmap to launching your book into the world and increasing your chance of making a bestseller list. By the end of this presentation, you will
1 – Know when to do what to launch your book to success
2 – Identify which pre-order bonuses you will offer
3 – Start to create your own PR plan

Audience: Beginner Author


Andrea DeWerd – What's Working Now? Understanding Content Algorithms for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and SEO to Uplevel your Discoverability – Rescheduled to post conference due to emergency

With the loss of traditional retail space, and short consumer attention spans, you’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s more important than ever for authors to have their own platforms to reach and engage with readers directly. But it can take years to make a splash with the for authors to start from scratch, and the thought of navigating the ever-changing social media platforms is often overwhelming.

In this session, Big Five veteran, Andrea DeWerd will teach authors and publishing professionals alike what's working right now for different genres and different platforms, including understanding the content algorithms for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, with a specific focus on search optimization and discoverability – from SEO for author websites to tips and tricks for optimizing your Amazon listing and metadata.

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Keri-Rae Barnum – Goal-Focused Distribution

This class will cover
1 – Distribution opportunities for print books, eBooks and audiobooks
2 – The costs and time commitment involved with each distribution option
3 – Which distribution methods are best for stocking consideration in three major outlets; bookstores, chain stores, and libraries

Audience: Professional


12:00 pm
Sponsor Booths: Publishing Solutions, Distributors, Printers, Editors

IngramSpark, Empower Press, ProWritingAid, Bublish, SpeakWritePlay, Luminare Press, Get It Done, Love Books Tours

Aimee Ravichandran (Abundantly Social) – How to Blend Traditional and Digital Marketing into Your Book Launch for Ultimate Success

1:00 pm
Gold Sponsor: Abundantly Social

How to Blend Traditional and Digital Marketing into Your Book Launch for Ultimate Success

2:00 pm
Pam Sheppard – From “No, not interested” to “Tell me more…”: Adapting Your Pitch to Any Marketing Opportunity

Everything in marketing is a pitch of one kind or another. With this presentation, participants can learn
1 – Ways to assess relevant market trends
2 – Ways to identify your unique value assets that respond to those trends
3 – How to adapt a strong pitch for any specific market opportunities

Audience: General


Jennifer Hanson-dePaula – What Authors Can Post on Social Media Before the Book is Published

This session will teach
1 – Exactly what to post to grow on social media without giving anything away
2 – How to set up an easy to apply system to build community, drive traffic to your website, and grow your newsletter list well before your book is published
3 – The tools, systems, and processes you need to build a solid and attentive community of avid fans

Audience: Beginner Author


Steff Green – Serving Your Superfans: How to Build and Foster a Fandom

In this session,you will learn ways fans are one of the most important assets to have in order to remain profitable in a changing publishing landscape. By the end of the presentation, you will know
1 – What are fans, what fans want from their favorite authors, and how you can reach fans
2 – How to build your books, your brand, and your business around cultivating fans
3 – How to leverage your fans as an additional income streams such as direct sales, kickstarter, merchandise, etc.

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Lily Tran – Everything You Need to Know About Prepping for Taxes

Join us for this workshop taught by Lily Tran with TaxUSign. You'll learn about the most common tax mistakes small businesses make and how to avoid them.

Audience: Professional


3:00 pm
Marketing, Business Growth, Writing Coaches, Writing Tools

Abundantly Social, Heart of the Story, Your Book Is Your Hook, PubSite, BookFunnel, Children's Book Mastery, Front Porch Collective, Busy Bee, Old Mate Media, Book Award Pro, AutoCrit

4:00 pm
Coffee Chat Room Sponsored by Lit Launch
5:00 pm
Roshanda Pratt – Crafting Author Success: Mastering Live Video for Book Sales and Fan Engagement

In this engaging session, authors will learn the art of crafting a compelling online presence through live video. From honing your message to perfecting delivery, we'll explore the key elements of authentic connection with your audience. Learn valuable tips and tricks for increasing book sales, cultivating a loyal fanbase, and standing out in the digital landscape. Join us as we unlock the secrets to author success in the world of live video, empowering you to shine brightly and captivate readers worldwide.

Audience: General


Amber Petty – Five Simple Steps to Starting a Newsletter that Grows Your Audience and Your Sales

In this session advanced authors will learn that email marketing isn't for skeezy sales, it's an extension of what you're already good at – writing! Plus, it grows your platform (something publishers and agents love) and boosts your sales during and after a launch.

At the end of the presentation, you will know:
1. Why a newsletter is the best way to grow your platform (way better than social media) 2. The best software to set up a newsletter quickly (Substack vs. Convertkit and the rest) 3. How to structure your newsletter so it: 1. Helps ideal readers 2. Stays sustainable (doesn't become another to-do list dread)
4. Showcasing your work without saying “buy my book” 50 times in a row

Audience: Beginner Author


Manon Wogahn – Book Influencers: How to Find, Contact, and Work with Readers on Social Media

Book influencers have changed the book marketing game. This session will use case studies and the presenter's own experience to take attendees through the key components of liasing with book influencers. You will learn why it is important to
1 – Customize your approach to each influencer
2 – Focus on micro influencers within your genre
3 – Be respectful of the influencers time and platform

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Paige Dungan (The Front Porch Collective)  – Using PR to Grow Your Editing, Freelance, or Publishing Business **PRERECORDED

Audience: Professional


6:00 pm
Happy Hour

Day 4 Workshops

9:00 am
Coffee Chat – Yoga Session with Lea Grimaldi 
10:00 am
Elizabeth Ducie – Taking Care of the Money: Cashflow Plan

At the end of this session, you will know
1 – How to construct a monthly cashflow plan for up to three years
2 – How to draw conclusions from teh plan
3 – How to use the plan to test a variety of financing models

Audience: General


Toby Dorr – Amplifying Your Words: Harnessing the Power of Podcasts to Boost Book Sales

Learn how creating your own podcast can increase your reach, ultimately providing opportunity for more book sales and impact. You will learn the options and costs for recording your own podcast, how to incorporate your podcast with your brand, ways to monetize your podcast, and how to use social media to promote your podcast.

Audience: Beginner Author


JoAnn Sky – From Page to Screen: Screenwriting basics for Novelists

In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of adapting a novel to screenplay including
1 – Structural choices to be made during the adaptation process
2 – Stylistic components to embed within the script
3 – Formatting requirements
4 – Pitch deck development
5 – The importance of  a logline

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Jessica Andersen – Leveragin LinkedIn for Entrepreneurial Authors and Editorial Professionals

Learn how to use your long-neglected LinkedIn profile as a powerful makreting asset for your personal brand or business. Jessica will spill the secrets on optimizing your profile, and as well as best practices for networking, engaging, and creating content on the platform in 2024. You will know how to set up your profile by the end of this session.

Audience: Professional


11:00 am
DiAnn Mills – How to Attract Book Clubs

In “How to Attract Book Clubs” the advanced level authors will learn the advantages of reaching out to book clubs both online and in-person, how to query them, where to find book clubs, how to create a book club kit, resources to help the author, and how to engage with the members.

At the end of this session, you will
1 – Be given handouts to assist in reaching out to book clubs
2 – Understand the value of book clubs
3 – Where to find and approach book clubs
4 – Learn how to increase relationships with both online and in-person book clubs

Audience: General


Alesha Brown – Embracing the Role of Entrepreneur: The Business of Being a Profitable Non-Fiction Author

As aspiring authors, we often dream of achieving literary fame through our words alone. However, this session will unveil the hidden reality: the path to profitability requires embracing the role of an entrepreneur. We will explore the concept of shifting from “author” to “authorpreneur,” understanding the value of building a personal brand, and discovering how your unique voice can be your strongest asset. It's not just about writing; it's about developing a brand that resonates, captivates, and ensures your work stands out in a crowded market. By blending your creativity with a market-driven approach, you'll learn how to tailor your stories to your audience's preferences, making them readers and devoted fans. Beyond the manuscript, Alesha will share how you can monetize your writing through multiple channels. By embracing data-driven decision-making and shifting from the typical author mindset, you will learn how to pave the way for sustainable growth and longevity in your author career. 

Attendees will learn
1 – How to shift their perspective from being solely authors to becoming authorpreneurs, with insights into the importance of personal branding and strategic storytelling for creating a unique and resonant author identity
2 – Effective strategies for navigating the complex landscape of book marketing, to enhance visibility and connect authentically with readers
3 – An informed understanding of the various avenues available to monetize their writing through diversified channels for long-term profitability and career growth

Audience: Beginner Author


Malorie Cooper – My Facebook Ads are Failing: Strategies to Reboot and Improve the Performance of Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be intimidating (and expensive!) if you don’t know where to begin. In this class, a Facebook ads expert will start with the basics and explain audiences, ad setup and creation, and how to start small and grow from there.

At the end of this presentation you will know:
1. How to set up a FB ad
2. How to start a FB ad
3. How to monitor and scale your FB ad

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Jen Milius – How to be Successful with In-Person Book Signing Events

When this presentation is complete, attendees will be able to
1 – Have the right mindset for success
2 – Understand what is needed for publishers to put themselves, their authors, and their businesses in the best light
3 – Know how to shine during the event

Audience: Professional


12:00 pm
Coffee Chat Room
Sponsored by Written Word Media
1:00 pm
Expert Meet & Greet
2:00 pm
Laura Briggs – How to Make More Money with your Skills: Freelance Writing Services

In this session, any level author will discover how to pivot their skills to earn additional experience and income as a freelance writer. By the end of the class, you will know
1 – What it takes to succeed as a freelance writer
2 – Which freelance services makes the most sense for author to dive into
3 – How to get started with this part-time, flexible, and scalable opportunity

Audience: General


Kiffer Brown – How to Create a Successful Crowd Sourcing Campaign: Kickstart Your Book and WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT

In this session, you can expect to learn
1 – Different crowd sourcing platforms/options
2 – Using kickstarter as book launch tool in promotional efforts
3 – Raise your author profile and build awareness of your works
4 – Connect directly with your readers- sell directly to your readers
5 – Build your reader/fan community
6 – Collect email addresses and keep in touch
7 – How to design your campaign

Audience: Beginner Author


Honoree Corder – Monetizing Your Nonfiction Book: The Six Steps to Book Monetization Success

This session will help you turn your book into multiple income streams.

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Tara Alemany – The Top Tools You Didn't Know You Needed for Your Publishing Business

Every publisher knows the importance of keeping costs low which providing the greatest value. Tara will share some of her favorite tools that streamline her publishing business to give her the productivity boost she needs to run an efficient business.

Audience: Professional

3:00 pm
Publisher Speed Dating

Bublish, Get It Done, Empower, Luminare, Lulu, Old Mate Media, Phoenix Rising, Bright Communication, Emerald Lake Books, Hybrid Global, Purple Butterfly Press, EvyDani Books, Wonderlady Books

4:00 pm
Kyra Wilson Cook – Writing to be Heard: Keeping the Sound of Stories in Mind While Writing

In “Writing To Be Heard,” new and emerging writers will learn key strategies for preparing to read their work out loud at launches, craft talks, workshops, and retreats. Writers will also explore different ways to use the sound of a text to inform how the text flows on the physical page.

At the end of this presentation, you will know:
1. How to choose a powerful excerpt to read next time you're asked to read a sample of your work in a public setting.
2. How to prepare to do that reading and what to consider when practicing your reading.
3. How reading your work out loud regularly can teach you a lot about the cadence of your work, holding or losing tension in a scene, and otherwise illuminate where you are in your writing craft.
4. Where to find markets that might accept your work (especially your short fiction) to produce as a podcast.

Audience: General


April Cox – Amazon Ads for Authors

By the end of this session, you will understanding
1 – Optimization Strategies
2 – Key Metrics Mastery
3 – Practical Adjustment Techniques
4 – Proactive Problem Solving
5 – Clear Roadmap for Success

Audience: Beginner Author


Mary Czarnecki – Five Ways to Increase Book Sales and Generate Additional Revenue with Speaking

By the end of this session, authors will know
1 – How to increase book sales and generate new revenue with speaking
2 – Simple ways to find speaking opportunities, even if you're just getting started
3 – What to say to ensure your talk is irresistible to event organizers and hosts

Audience: Intermediate/Advanced Author


Diane Windsor – Building a Media Kit That Gets Your Author Noticed

We'll discuss the elements of a media kit, where to find templates that are editable, how to write and distribute a press release, and how to find the right person to send the kit to.

In this session, the discussion will center on the elements of a media kit, where to find templates that are editable, how to write and distribute a press release, and how to find the right person to send the kit to.

Audience: Professional


5:00 pm
Happy Hour
black friday writers