A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for Advanced Authors

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for Advanced Authors

Workshops for Advanced Authors

If you've already published at least one book, you're probably in the Intermediate/Advance author category. You might still need some refresher courses on certain content, especially if you're starting a new book in a different genre.

But you're likely not looking for basic writing craft, information on how to find an editor, or which route to publication is for you.

Since this is the 7th year of the conference, and we've had a lot of people come on this journey for years with us, we wanted to place a special focus this year on more advanced topics.

Be sure to get your ticket today so you can enjoy all of these workshops for advanced authors in the conference, and revisit the content in the recordings all year! 

Audience: All genres of authors who have published at least one book and are looking to take their writing and publishing career to the next level.

“From Page to Screen: Screenwriting Basics for Novelists”
Presenter: JoAnn Sky
This workshop will teach writers how to understand the strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences of adopting a novel into a script. Important information will be shared in this session such as structural choices made during the adaptation process, stylistic components to embed in your script, formatting requirements, and more.

“My Facebook Ads are Failing: Strategies to Reboot and Improve the Performance of Your Facebook Ads”
Presenter: Malorie Cooper
Attendees of this session will learn from a Facebook ad expert the basics of utilizing Facebook ads, the set up and creation, and how to grow your audience from the use of ads on Facebook.

“Monetizing Your Non-Fiction Book: The 6 Steps to Book Monetization Success”
Presenter: Honoree Corder
In this session, you will learn ways to turn your book into multiple income streams.
Audience: Nonfiction authors and business owners

“Six Techniques to Create More Compelling Novels”
Presenter: Shirley Jump
Attendees will learn how to capitalize on a technique marketing gurus have used for years to find the “thought not thought of yet” and avoid duplicating a plot line, character quirk or other idea that’s already out there. Learn how to use this technique to take your writing to a richer and more compelling depth.

“Creating Believable Characters Using Myers Briggs Types”
Presenter: Barbara V Evers
Attendees will learn how to identify their character’s Myers Briggs personality types and develop understanding of how your character will behave under normal circumstances as well as in stress using this information.

“From Flat to Fabulous: Reviving Characters with Dynamic Body Language”
Presenter: Stacy Juba
In this session, writers will learn how to identify and avoid the most overused nonverbal phrases that results in flat characters and lackluster writing, gain strategies for enriching nonverbal communication, allowing your unique voice to shine and fostering deeper reader connections with your characters.

“What’s Working Now? Understanding content algorithms for Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, and SEO to uplevel your discoverability”
Presenter: Andrea DeWerd
Workshop attendees will learn what’s working now for different genres and different platforms, including understanding the content algorithms for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, with a specific focus on search optimization and discoverability- from SEO for author websites, to tips and tricks for optimizing your Amazon listing and metadata.

“Serving Your Superfans: How to Build and Foster a Fandom”
Presenter: Steff Green
Participants in this workshop will learn what superfans are, how they respond to a strong brand, and how to cultivate fandom into your work. 

“Embracing the Role of Entrepreneur: The Business of Being a Profitable Non-Fiction Author”
Presenter: Alesha Brown
This session dives into how to blend your creativity with a market-driven approach, how to tailor your stories to your audience’s preferences in order to turn your readers into devoted fans. Attendees will learn how to shift their perspective from being authors to authorpreneurs.

“How to Make More Money with Your Skills: Selling Freelance Writing Services”
Presenter: Laura Briggs
In this workshop, any level author will discover what it takes to succeed as a freelance writer, what freelance services make the most sense for authors to dive into and how to get started in freelance writing services.

“5 Ways to Increase Book Sales and Generate Additional Revenue with Speaking”
Presenter: Mary Czarnecki
In this session, you will learn ways to increase your book sales and generate new revenue with speaking, simple ways to find speaking opportunities, and what to say to ensure your talk is irresistible to event organizers and hosts.

“Increase Your Author Revenue Through Subrights”
Presenter: Lindsey Smith
Workshop attendees will learn of eight new revenue streams to choose from, know each how to implement each one and confidently choose the one that aligns with them.

“The At of Giving and Receiving Feedback”
Presenter: Georgia Clark
In this presentation, attendees will learn how to give feedback that expresses your ideas in a helpful way, how to receive feedback, even when it’s hard to hear, and how to turn feedback into a solid, achievable revision plan you feel excited to tackle.

“From Data to Drama: Leveraging Market Research to Create Bestselling Fiction”
Presenter: Jana S. Brown
In this session, you will learn why market research matters and how it can be applied to work that is completed, or used to create a writing plan for your newest novel, and how to choose details about your content that fits your genre.

“Book Influencers: How to Find, Contact, and Work with Readers on Social Media”
Presenter: Manon Wogahn
Book influencers have changed the book marketing game. In this session, attendees will learn why it’s important to work with influencers, how to approach them, and how to be respectful of their time and platform in ways that support your work to bestseller status.
Audience: Intermediate authors


These are the sessions that speak directly to intermediate / advanced writers. You'll also receive a large number of sessions that are for the general audience, special sessions, and lots of networking time. Plus time to meet with our sponsors and publishers!


See the full schedule here and grab your ticket today!

We hope to see you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit!

Team Picks for the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit

Team Picks for the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit

Our Team Picks for the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit

The Women in Publishing Summit, sponsored by IngramSpark, is coming up soon!

Each year, I ask my team to tell me which sessions THEY are looking most forward to in our upcoming conference. Here's what they said!

Before we get into the picks, I want to recognize the selection committee. These women spent hours pouring over hundreds of submissions, looking at our requirements and trying to balance the schedule so we have great content for beginner authors, intermediate and advanced, and the professional attendees. They do this voluntarily and in service to the community.

So please, help me recognize:

Pam Sheppard is a seasoned and sought after guest expert. Pam spent over 25 years in Sales and Marketing with Big Five publishers: Simon & Schuster, Random House, and Crown Publishers. She spent 9 more years selling for over 40 mid-sized and small publishers as a commissioned representative, which overlapped with 20 years of editing and consulting new and experienced writers for their independent or traditional publishing projects. New applications of her COMP Analysis reports have supported the marketing efforts of authors and Independent publishers alike. Pam now uses her vast knowledge to help authors by: developing an idea, evaluating a manuscript in any stage of its development, designing a formal book proposal, or offering a deep dive into a COMP marketing analysis. Learn more at https://www.shepedits.com/

E. Danielle Butller is a purpose driven ghostwriter, author, creative strategist and social justice warrior. Danielle is a 7x independently published author. Her award-winning children’s book series, The Adventures of Zoe & Zachary has landed her in the midst of industry and corporate conversations on diversity in the children’s publishing space. Danielle’s ghostwriting has supported the goals of individuals, organizations and brands. Learn more at https://www.edaniellebutler.com/

Jennifer Milius is an entrepreneur, developmental editor, coach and accomplished multi-
genre author who leverages her 20-year corporate career, undergraduate Communications
degree, and M.B.A. to help creatives bring out their inner greatness so that they get
comfortable using their voice, sharing their message, and being visible. Learn more at https://www.jennifermilius.com/

Linda Ruggeri is a bilingual editor, an award-winning author, and a full-service freelance nonfiction editor based in Los Angeles. Linda is skilled in all areas of publishing: writing, developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, translating, self-publishing, and book marketing. Her specialty is memoir (historical, family, medical, professional, travel, spiritual, cultural), cookbooks, gardening books and how-to guides. Her clients include first-time authors, experienced writers, ghostwriters, as well as publishers. Learn more at https://www.theinsightfuleditor.com/

We owe them a HUGE thank you for the hard work and time spent pulling together this incredible lineup of speakers!

Our team picks

Alexa (Host & Founder)

I get the honor of perusing ALL the submissions, guiding the selection committee, and, using their guidance and suggesting, picking the final selections. And let me tell you, this year was NOT easy. Our goal had been fewer sessions this year, but we wound up adding MORE! These are the three I'm really looking forward to:

Monique Danielle – Atticus – Your DIY Book Formatting BFF – When people ask about cutting costs of publishing, formatting is definitely an area you can save money on by DIY'ing it. (If it's a simple book – not recommended for picture books or specialty books or books with complicated charts, graphics, etc.) If you are considering formatting your own book, this session shows it is completely possible with Atticus. Atticus is the book formatting tool created by the team at Kindlepreneur/Publisher Rocket. Attend this workshop to learn about Atticus and how to use it.

Julie Trelsted, Kelly Peterson, and Natanya Wheeler – Growing Your Publishing House with Romance Writers– and keeping them. As a publisher AND a RomCom Writer – I'm really interested in the insights this panel is promising to bring on growing global sales.

Lindsey Smith – Increase your author revenue through subrights. I am always a proponent of learning how to add additional revenue streams, and looking into this component of subrights is an area we've never touched before.

And I could go on and on and on. The schedule is incredible this year!


View the whole schedule here, and grab your ticket while you can still save $50!

Lauren (Customer Service & Exec Admin Support)

Create a Writing Routine that Works for Your Brain – We’re so inundated with technology and distractions that trying to find a writing routine in this age can seem impossible. I’m really excited about this session and ways I can maximize the time I put into my writing because this is critical for deadlines and finishing your book.

The art of giving and receiving feedback – This is a session I’m really looking forward to, because as a creative writer, feedback is such an important part of this business. Learning how to critique an author’s work, that is very special to them, is truly an art that all writers should look to master. I’m hoping to learn new ways to better myself at this whether it be on the giving or receiving end.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Entrepreneurial Authors & Editorial Professionals – I’m most excited about this session because I believe writers can find it difficult to transition from a creator to a business. I think it’s important for authors to learn the skills they need to think like a business after the creative process is over. I’m really looking forward to this session because LinkedIn is a powerful platform that can advance your career and set you apart from the rest.

Raewyn: (Social Media Director)

Creating Believable Characters Using Myers Briggs Types

Character development fascinates me – especially using something like the Myers Briggs (another thing that completely fascinates me!) If I don’t feel a connection to a character, I’m putting the book down, plain and simple. I know that character development is one of the most important pieces of writing for me. 

Leveraging LinkedIn for Entrepreneurial Authors & Editorial Professionals

LinkedIn and I do not get along in the same way as Instagram and I! In fact, I feel like I’m a stumbling newbie on LinkedIn, even though I’ve been using it for over a decade. LinkedIn has made some big changes and is more of a social platform for businesses and I want to learn to take advantage of that.

How to attract book clubs

One thing that authors always ask me is “how do I get my book in a book club?!” and I’m always completely baffled. This will be such a good session because I know that book clubs can blow book sales up!

Cayce: (Publishing Assistant & Fun Manager)

How to be successful with in-person book signing events. I’m really excited for this session because so much more goes into signing events than just showing up and signing the books. There’s booking them in the first place, marketings so people actually show up and then finally you get into the actual event signing. What to bring, how to work with the other authors or staff there, it’s a lot bigger than most people think so I’m really glad someone is going to help guide us through it. 

What's Working Now? Understanding content algorithms for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, & SEO to uplevel your discoverability. I cannot overstate how important this session is going to be for your book marketing, business marketing or just trying to up your social media presence. Unfortunately social media is ALL algorithms so you have to take the time to understand what’s working and what isn’t or else you just end up spinning your wheels and not seeing any movement. Whether you are focusing on IG, TikTok or Facebook you have to at least have a basic understanding of SEO and content marketing. This session is a must for me. 

From Flat to Fabulous: Reviving Characters with Dynamic Body Language. I’m so glad we are having this session this year. As a writer I excel at dialogue but do feel that I can rely on that too heavily. Not only do I need to up my game on sensory descriptors but also character body language. It’s a major asset in conveying emotions with the classic ‘show don’t tell’ method. 

Maddie: (Systems Extraordinaire)

Jen Navarre – Writing Books for Young Readers: Determining what type of Children's Book to Write : I am looking forward to this session in particular because I am hoping to write a children’s book soon! While I think I know the type of book I want it to be, having more insight into the types of children’s books, and having more structured ideas will help me direct my project. The same goes for authors, I think we have so many ideas in our minds and being able to have clear type sets or outside input from super experienced people helps us confidently take off on our next project. 

Kathy Meis – Metadata for Beginners: The key to driving discoverability and sales : I love this concept for authors to be able to get great knowledge from. As an analytic mind and someone who loves to look at the numbers, metadata is a huge part of any kind of business! Giving more people the tools to look at and understand the data, their efforts, products, etc. are able to work better for them. We are able to change our ideas, strategies, and efforts to better suit our consumers and keep up with the times. 

Jana S Brown – From Data to Drama: Leveraging Market Research to Create Bestselling Fiction – This is another data driven session that I am thrilled about, bummed out that I won't be able to be in both zoom rooms at once to hear these ladies present. I went to school specifically for applied business analytics. The courses I took had an emphasis in marketing, data analysis, and research and reporting. I love the research aspect of business because of the millions of data we are able to collect and review to help us make business decisions and really amp up our efforts. Market research is a huge part of any successful business, books especially, which is why I think this is going to be a great session packed with pertinent information to assist authors and writers! 

Amy: (Customer Service & Admin)

With so many sessions, especially those geared specially towards finding success as an indie author, it was so difficult to choose. The sessions I chose reflect unanswered questions, and a desire to be more productive and strategic this year as I approach another book launch process and a possible re-release.

6 Secrets Every Indie Fiction Author Should Know with Alessandra Torre. As an indie fiction author, how can I pass this one up? I am so interested to find out what I already know and what I don't know. Any secrets to success from Alessandra I am sure will be amazingly insightful!

Panel: Achieve Success – Find the Manual to Your Brain and Optimize Your Workspace with Dayna Reidenour and Penni Askew. My brain and workspace have seen better days! For 2024 I would love to get myself more organized and on track and find out what these brilliant ladies suggest.

What Authors Can Post on Social Media Before the Book Is Published with Jennifer Hanson-dePaula. Funny, before I published a book, I used to ask this question a lot. I do have a book out now, but I'm still curious about the answer. Sometimes it's hard to know what to post in the interim between book releases and I tend to wing it. I'm excited to hear the exciting ideas and posting strategies Jennifer has for us!

Catherine: (Speaker & Sponsor Coordinator)

The 42 Minute Hour. A Time Management Tool for Enhancing Business Productivity – with Michelle Oucharek-Deo. In a world of “go-go-go” time management and productivity are key to success in any and every industry. A minute loss is a minute cost…so I am very interested in The 42-minute hour session, because I want to not only be productive, but also gain balance each hour. Looking forward to hearing Michelle’s insight and learning more about the time management tools she will discuss.

5 Simple Tips to Starting a Newsletter that Grows your audience and your sales with Amber Petty. As an industry assistant, I am often tasked with review and analysis of newsletters and other author platform tools for improvement and development. I believe that this session will provide valuable insight in how I can help others with their newsletter endeavors as well as possibly create my own. I believe Amber’s expertise will enlighten us all and bring us increase if appropriately applied! I’m so excited! 

What Authors Can Post on Social Media Before the Book Is Published with Jennifer Hanson-dePaula. In pre-launch team meetings this question often arises: “What should I be posting now?” I believe that gleaning from Jennifer’s immense wealth of knowledge, I will be able to provide better guidance and support for pre-publishing social media marketing.

Cay: Community Manager & Water Consummation Monitor (ha!)

The 42 Minute Hour. A Time Management Tool for Enhancing Business Productivity – with Michelle Oucharek-Deo.

The art of giving and receiving feedback- Georgia Clark.

From “No, not interested,” to “Tell Me More…” Adapting Your PITCH to Any Marketing Opportunity – Pam Sheppard

Book Influencers: How to find, contact, and work with readers on social media – Manon Waghn (Though I would do ANY of the webinars in this block)

Taking Care of the Money: Cashflow Planning – Elizabeth Ducie

Vanessa: (Affiliate Program Director)

There’s never enough time – I’m excited to hear from Michelle Oucharek-Deo and her session on “The 42 Minute Hour. A Time Management Tool for Enhancing Business Productivity” – a session in our Professional Track that I believe we can all learn from and implement in many facets of our businesses and lives!

I’m interested in the Last Day Session about LinkedIn – as I know my LinkedIn needs some work and attention. I’m excited to hear what Jessica Anderson and her session “Leveraging LinkedIn for Entrepreneurial Authors & Editorial Professionals” – I’m sure this will be an engaging session where we can learn and then take immediate action !

Rachel: (Admin Support; Podcast Manager)

As a new attendee of the Women In Publishing Summit, I am ridiculously excited about every session I’ve read a description of…which is all of them! If I must choose a few…

How to Write a Well-Structured Scene; as an aspiring writer, I’d love to take this course to refine my skill set. This will be my second-ever writing conference (first one at WIP) and I know I have so much to learn. 

-How to Survive and Succeed as a Writer (without breaking your heart or losing your mind); This seems like a great course for someone who begins books, writes for a few months and then gets stuck- which is exactly what I do!

-Developmental Editing of Fiction Concepts and Deliverables: An Intro to Developmental Editing for Copyeditors and Others Considering Adding it as an Editing Service: This would have to be my number one session to experience. As a new Developmental Editor who is very busy with books to read even in my first few months as an editor, I know I would glean significant skills from this lesson.

This is just a sample of the amazing schedule we have put together! Have you had a chance to look at the schedule?

We hope you'll be there!


View the whole schedule here, and grab your ticket while you can still save $50!

Sponsor Spotlight: Children’s Book Mastery

Sponsor Spotlight: Children’s Book Mastery

Children’s book publishing is its own animal. It adds new, complicated elements to the already-complex process of publishing a book. The formatting, the illustrations (and the collaboration that might involve!), the marketing and messaging…it’s all just another layer that challenges aspiring authors.

That’s why I’m delighted to welcome Children’s Book Mastery back to the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit as a Bronze Sponsor. I have been closely following their work since Karen Ferreira founded the company that began as Get Your Book Illustrations. I loved the idea of a facilitated process for finding high quality, experienced illustrators for new kids’ books, and Karen had the know-how to do that. She’d spent her career as a creative director and illustrator, making inspiring designs that sell for major corporations. She brought that talent for design and marketing to authors who needed guidance. 

I was thrilled to see the evolution of the business to address the huge need for specialized soup-to-nuts guidance on the process of publishing children’s books. Karen and her team host an annual online summit and offers online courses, author challenges and coaching for authors writing for ages 2 to 12. They’ve helped over a hundred authors bring their books into the world so far, and I’m so grateful they’re joining our Summit this year as a sponsor!

What does Children’s Book Mastery do?

Children’s Book Mastery is a full service consulting company that offers support to authors who have a children’s book in their hearts. They support authors by providing courses, challenges and coaching sessions, as well as hosting an annual summit specifically on topics that matter most to children’s book authors. 

The specific challenges of working in the children’s book genre – from the way the book is written to the illustrations, from the layout and formatting to the marketing – are unique. Karen and her team offer experienced insight into how to win at every level. 

They do it by offering hands-on, action-based support. Whether it’s running a bootcamp or doing one-on-one calls, Karen and her team are there to support authors in all the ways they need throughout their process. And, even better: they give them the knowledge and experience to do it for their next book, too! 

What kind of author needs Children’s Book Mastery?

If you’re writing a book pitched at ages 2 through 12, these are the experts you need. They specialize in books with pictures – though not exclusively illustrated books! – but they offer insights and support to any author of a book for kids. 

They are the ideal partner for anyone who doesn’t want to wing it through the process of publishing and marketing a children’s book, and who wants to learn how to grow their author skillset to do it again and again! 

And if you’re considering publishing a kids’ book, you’ll want to put their next Summit on your calendar! It’s a great place to grow your network and build your author’s toolkit!

How can I learn more about Children’s Book Mastery?

Check out their website by clicking right here. There you can find out about their services and see their list of amazing on-demand courses!

Get Your Ticket to the Women in Publishing Summit to meet with Karen!


When One Thing Leads to Another

When One Thing Leads to Another

As a newer author, some days it feels overwhelming to think about the ever-growing to-do list. With all
the marketing, business, administration, and other to-dos, when do we find time to WRITE?

Sometimes just thinking about my to-do list makes me feel queasy and like I need to lie down for a nap.
And when opportunity knocks on those days, it’s tempting to say no. But sometimes, you just have to
say YES!

Back in June, I was hustling to complete book 4 in my sweet romance series. And on top of that, I had
the joy of hosting my eleven-year-old great-niece as she attended a creative writing camp. Things were
extra busy.

Shortly before this, my hometown library asked if they could create some Facebook posts about my
books. Of course, I said yes – that didn’t require any effort on my part, and it was great exposure.

Well, a local newspaper saw that post and reached out to ask if I would write an article for the paper
about myself and my books. (It’s a small town, y’all!) I knew this was a great idea, but (gulp!) write an
article for the newspaper? About myself? Did I mention I’m an overthinker?

After a few minutes of debating, I said yes. And added a task to the growing to-do list. I wasn’t given a
hard due date, so…procrastination set in.

While my great-niece was in her day camp, I found a nearby library and hung out while I waited to pick
her up. Without a Wi-Fi password I was able to FOCUS. I wrote the article.

They published it the week of July 4th and I was thrilled. I was hoping that maybe a book club would see
it and invite me for a chat (that hasn’t happened – yet). Seeing the domino effect of the FB post leading
to the newspaper article, I was hoping that one more domino would fall.

And it did!

About a week after the article, I was contacted by the organizer of an author fair at a local winery. It
would be their first author fair. Again, I said yes!

That author fair was in early October and being the first, it was modest. There were 12 authors and one
indie bookshop in attendance. By my unscientific count, there were between 200 and 300 guests over
two days. Six of those were my family members. Thanks, Fam!

Not a huge crowd, but well worth it. I sold 49 books! And I put an informational postcard into every
person’s hand that got close enough to me. I’ve seen several newsletter sign-ups from these postcards!
(The postcard had a call to action – sign up for my newsletter to get a free novella – and the book cover
and tag line for each novel).

I met a couple of authors in my genre at the fair and am working on some newsletter swaps with them,
as well.

I’m still waiting for a book club invite from this chain of dominos and I’ll keep reminding the universe of
that request.

By the way, this blog post request was part of that domino chain, too.

So, say “YES!” to the next request that you get and see where the universe takes you!

Kasey Kennedy loves reading books and writing the stories in her head. She has a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University; is a member of the Chicago Writers Association; Chicago North Romance Writers Association; and a 2021 participant in StoryStudio Chicago’s Novel in a Year program. Learn more at https://www.kasey-kennedy.com
PublishHER Podcast Episode 112: Alexa shares insights from the 20Books Conference

PublishHER Podcast Episode 112: Alexa shares insights from the 20Books Conference

Alexa Bigwarfe had a great experience at the 20Books Vegas Conference for Indie Authors. She encourages listeners to keep writing and shares insights from her time there, learning, networking, and meeting authors!

The name of the conference is changing to Author Nation – and you should follow them on social media to learn what changes are coming and all about next year's conference on November 11-14, 2024 in Las Vegas.

“In the dynamic world of indie authorship, where passion meets strategy, and creativity intertwines with business, the key lies in perseverance. Success often emerges not from a singular masterpiece but from the cumulative impact of an author's dedication, building a brand, and treating writing as both an art and a thriving business. So, write on, chase your dreams, and believe in the transformative power of storytelling.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to mix creativity and business for Indie authors
  • Perseverance leading to success
  • The upcoming Women In Publishing Summit in March


Key Takeaways

  • Passion meets Strategy: Indie authorship thrives at the intersection of passion and strategic planning. It's a dynamic space where the love for writing combines with thoughtful approaches to navigate the publishing landscape.
  • Perseverance is Key: In the face of challenges and uncertainties, perseverance becomes the guiding force. The journey of an indie author is a marathon, not a sprint, and success often comes to those who persist through the highs embrace change, are vital. Writing to market, utilizing new tools, and adapting to industry shifts contribute to sustained success.
  • Write On and Chase Your Dreams: Despite challenges, the advice is simple—keep writing. The journey unfolds over time, and persistence is key. Chase your dreams, stay committed, and trust in the transformative power of storytelling.and lows.

Does it sound familiar to struggle in the ever-changing world of publishing, feeling like you're constantly playing catch-up? You may have been told to simply keep doing what you're doing, but the lack of progress is leaving you frustrated and disheartened. The pain of pouring your heart and soul into your writing, only to feel like you're getting nowhere, can be overwhelming. It's time to break free from ineffective methods and gain the practical insights and motivation needed for writing success.

Memorable Moments:

00:10:03 – Direct Sales and Marketing
The discussion covers direct sales strategies, such as selling books directly from an author's website and utilizing platforms like Patreon. The importance of marketing, visibility, and niche targeting is also highlighted.

00:17:29 – Building Your Author Platform
Authors are advised to focus on building an email list, having a website, creating lead magnets, and engaging with readers to create hype and buzz around their books. Building raving fans is key to success.

00:20:39 – Finding Time for Creativity
Successful authors emphasize the importance of finding time and space to focus on writing projects and the value of writing retreats for fostering creativity. It's crucial to make time for self-care and carve out dedicated writing time.

00:23:21 – Overcoming Challenges as an Author
Even successful authors face mindset struggles, imposter syndrome, and business challenges. The importance of self-care and addressing mindset issues for optimal creativity and productivity is highlighted.

00:27:31 – Persistence and Belief in Yourself
The message of perseverance and belief in one's writing journey is emphasized. Success may take time and multiple books, but it's essential to keep writing and chasing dreams.

Learn more at: