Bonus Sessions!

This year, we've introduced a number of Bonus Sessions to our lineup! These sessions are only available to 2024 ticket holders and will run before and after the conference. All ticket holders will be invited, and if you can't attend live, you'll receive the replays.

We've selected a variety of topics to appeal to all audiences. All you have to do is grab your ticket to access!

Upcoming Bonus Sessions ONLY for ticket holders.
(All sessions are recorded and provided after the fact.)

January 29, 2024 @ 2pm
Lanette Pottle
5 Steps to Creating a Killer Outline for Your Non-Fiction Book

Feb 13, 2029 @ 1pm
Kris Kennedy
Writing Backstory for Romance Writers

Feb 15, 2024 @1pm ET
Kate Johnston
The Writing Workout

Feb 20, 2024 @ 1pm

Feb 22, 2024 @ 1 PM
How to Network in Conference Events

April 18, 2024 @ 1pm
Judy L Mohr
Hidden Traps of an Online Platform

May 7, 2024 @1pm
Sara Wigal
Content Production Made Easy for Authors

Sessions that are already in the vault and available for immediate viewing:

  • How to Pick Your Best Book Idea with Dallas Woodburn
  • Marketing to Schools with Jane Wood
  • Pinterest for book marketing! For Authors, Publishers, and Publishing Professionals with Debbie Gonzales

As you can see, we've got something for all audiences in our bonus sessions. Our networking sessions allow us to all come together to get to know each other, build our author networks, connect with service providers, and help us in our journeys as authors and publishing professionals. Each session, our attendees walk away with ideas and new resources.

Grab your ticket today, and join us for the bonus sessions and the virtual event, March 6-9, 2024!

Still not sure? Check out the full conference schedule here!