Sponsor Spotlight: BookFunnel

Sponsor Spotlight: BookFunnel

Growing an author email list is hard, but it’s also one of the most important things any indie author can do to impact success. So many methods require major investments and months of time to see results. But there’s one tool I recommend to my friends and clients that can make that tough job easier: BookFunnel. It’s a multi-purpose indie author tool that can move your email list forward without breaking the bank or demanding massive amounts of time. 

Because I recommend it so often, I’m really excited to announce that BookFunnel will again be joining the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit as a Bronze Sponsor! Damon and his team add so much value to our Summit content – his sponsor session last year was a knockout! – and they have continued to turn out great results for our clients and friends over time. 

Here’s why…

What does BookFunnel do? 

BookFunnel does a few different things that, when taken together, can help transform your author email list AND your sales: 

  • BookFunnel gives you a place to send readers to check out an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of your book. 
  • BookFunnel lets you create an all-in one sales landing page that you can customize with links to buy on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Kobo – AND with the ability to also link directly to your direct-sales website, to maximize your book profits. 
  • BookFunnel allows you to store and create landing pages for your audiobook sales and giveaways as well. 
  • BookFunnel connects you with other authors to share links to free copies of your book or even to the sales pages for your book through their special “group promotions.” (More on that in a minute!)

All you need to do is upload your interior files (for giveaways/newsletter promos) and cover, add some promotional text, set the links up and go. It’s an easy-to-use, straightforward site, no matter what your tech experience is. 

While the landing pages are great, it’s the group promotions that make BookFunnel special. By bringing you together with other indie authors looking to expand their audiences, you create themed promotions giving away a copy of your ARC or finished book in exchange for each reader’s email. When every participating author shares the link with their own already-established newsletter list and social media audience, the promotion of ALL the books reaches hundreds – even thousands – or new potential readers every time. If you’ve done your job by getting a great book cover and writing a compelling hook for your promotional text, you’ll be growing your email list before you know it. 

Promotions are usually themed around genre or subject matter, and you can create your own promotions, too! It could be for romance books, kids’ nonfiction books or books set in the South. Whatever you think will energize a community of readers to check out your promotion. 

BookFunnel also offers sales promotions that work much the same way, but they direct anyone who clicks on your book to a sales page. These promotions can really have a big impact combined with a special sale price. 

Of course, this isn’t the only way you can use BookFunnel to grow your email list. Damon blew our minds this summer with his suggestion to use it to host bonus material for your book. That short story about your characters celebrating the holidays? A prequel chapter you cut for length? An additional chapter to your nonfiction book reflecting on recent news development? You can send readers of your published work to BookFunnel to collect this cool, free bonus material and capture their email addresses for your list. It’s a genius workaround to the problem of not knowing how to get in touch with all those folks who read your book on Kindle Unlimited or buy it through other booksellers. 

What kind of author is right for BookFunnel?

At the end of the day, I think BookFunnel is right for any indie author who’s ready to grow an email list! It is particularly good for authors in genre fiction (romance, mystery, scifi & fantasy), but every genre has active promotions happening at any given time! 

How can I learn more about BookFunnel?

Check out their most recent webinar with us below and head to their website to see how they can help you grow your email list! Click here to visit their site. 


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Sponsor Spotlight: PubSite

Sponsor Spotlight: PubSite

Introducing our Gold Sponsor: Pub Site

It’s with great thanks that I introduce our friends at Pub Site, the premiere website solution for authors, are again joining us as a Gold Sponsor for the 20222 Women in Publishing Summit! Their support for a space of our own, as women in this industry, is a reflection of their commitment to an inclusive, accessible publishing industry. 

I’m looking forward to welcoming my friend Fauzia Burke and her husband, John Burke, back to our conference this year. Since the day I saw Fauzia speak at BookExpo, I’ve been a huge fan of her transformative take on how authors can use their websites to grow their writing career. I’ve been privileged to see that happen in real time for my clients and friends using Pub Site in the intervening years. 

The ease and elegance of Pub Site, quite simply, just works

And in a world where so much doesn’t, I’m glad to share more about them with you!

What does Pub Site do?

In short, Pub Site works with authors to build functional, beautiful, smart websites that move their career forward. 

That can happen several ways, depending on each author’s unique needs and wants. A variety of proven and specialized templates are available, or Pub Site offers custom design to create the website of your dreams, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Authors need different things on their websites than baseball leagues or jewelry stores or news sites. They need functional e-commerce, clear space to share creative content, places for landing pages and more. They need to have strong visual language and branding that tells potential readers what this writer is all about. They need to connect to all the important social sites, of course. And they definitely need clear, strong calls to action to get on the newsletter list. 

Pub Site understands that. Fauzia has spent her whole career in book publicity and marketing – she’s built her company around knowing what authors need. Pub Site isn’t trying to sell you a template made for a realtor or a stone mason or a teacher. They’re giving you the opportunity to build a custom website for a working author that will attract ideal readers, aid in your marketing and become your digital home. 

What kind of author needs Pub Site?

It’s long been my opinion – and my clients can confirm this! – that every author needs a website. 

And I also think that there are very few folks who are better served by mucking around learning a new technical skill set when they could be perfecting their book. Every spare minute we have as authors should go first to making sure our book is everything it should be, so that every step we take in marketing is a step towards a successful book. 

So unless you love web design or are truly committed to an ultra-low cost process, spending some money on your website is a very smart bet. 

Pub Site offers both a semi-DIY option for those who want to flex their creative muscles and get involved in the hands-on work of the website, AND a done-for-you option. I’ve had clients successfully use both, because Pub Site’s team is supportive and helpful at every turn. 

How can I learn more about Pub Site?

Head on over to their website to see if Pub Site is the right online home for your writing career!

Watch their latest webinar here!


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Substack for Authors

Substack for Authors

How many newsletters did you delete from your inbox this morning? No judgement. We all do it. You subscribe to someone’s newsletter and then…eh. 

It’s a vital part of marketing in almost any industry, and it’s a massive sales driver for most authors. 

But did you know that there are writers out there who are making an actual living from writing newsletters, separate from any book revenue?

It got even more popular during the pandemic, when a lot of writers felt pressured to hustle and the publishing industry slowed. I’ve heard from a lot of you over the last year or so: what about Substack? 

So let’s get into it! What about Substack for authors?

What’s Substack anyway?

Substack is simply an email list platform, but it’s built specifically as a monetized subscription model. It has all the traditional things a decent email platform has – analytics, list management tools. And yes, you can have a free newsletter on Substack. But the model is built to make taking payment easier. 

Writers set the price, but most subscriptions run about $5 per month, or $50 per year if you pay at once. But there’s also quite a few niche topics (investment advice, etc.) that command higher subscription costs. It’s not a huge amount of money on its face, but the most successful people on the platform – most of whom aren’t exactly Kardashian-level famous, but more cultural figures, academics, authors and journalists – have thousands of subscribers, so it does add up, even after Substack takes about 10% of the revenue for their fees. 

There are other services that do similar things like Ghost (an open-source, nonprofit version that’s very interesting to me), Patreon, Campaignzee (part of MailChimp’s products) and Buy Me a Coffee. But right now, Substack has a lot of momentum with authors.

I polled my team to see if they were Substack subscribers. 

Nancy: I have been reading Roxanne Gay’s newsletter for a long time, and I get it on Substack. She’s amazing, and it’s one of my very favorite emails to open. I also subscribe to Book Post, which is a really smart book review account. 

Sarah: I’m a longtime subscriber to author/The Toast co-founder Daniel Lavery’s content, and he recently moved from Patreon (another subscription service that isn’t specifically for writers) to Substack. I also get Agents and Books, which is about publishing and working with agents.  

Why are writers using it? 

The idea here is that monetizing a newsletter is an attractive option for folks who want to produce content that is wholly independent. 

For journalists, it’s become a refuge from the corporatized newsrooms with low salaries and overwhelming workloads. A newsperson can do longform reporting in an environment that isn’t worried about appealing to broad audiences or offending advertisers…and they can also write with a strong point of view. 

For authors, it’s a place to share work that’s personal, outside your usual genre, bonus scenes you’ve worked on, character sketches. It could even be a place to try out serialized writing. In a team chat about the serialized opportunities presented by Amazon Vella (read our blog post about that here), Nancy pointed out that author Katie Conrad has been using Substack to write a cozy story about a witch and her cat, Saffron and Bear. 

Plus, you’ve probably noticed that social media has gotten a whole lot noisier lately. People are tuning out, and passive reach has been declining for years. You have to pay to get people to look at your content, and when you spend the money on an ad, you want to know that ad is going to a place that’s going to contribute to your bottom line. So why not send your ad to a paid product like Substack?

What does it take to do well on Substack?

The biggest challenge for anyone who’s interested in making Substack a true revenue stream is that it requires a huge amount of list building, just like any other email marketing you’d do. 

Sure, the reward is more direct here – getting subscribers is going to immediately pay off, you don’t need to wait for them to buy your book! – but if you’re not known to your audience, they’re not going to pay $5 a month to get to know you. 

Even if you already have a good email list with engaged readers, stats suggest that about 10% of them will convert to paying subscribers. And Substack doesn’t really help you find new subscribers through the platform unless you are already a top performer. 

So my advice to anyone looking to try Substack out is: 

  • Keep offering your free newsletter because it remains one of your best marketing tools; these folks already love you. Consistently messaging the fun you’re having on Substack with your subscribers, but also continuing to provide value to your free subscribers is a great way to convert more and more to your paid model. You can do both on the Substack platform.
  • Develop a strategy to promote your Substack on social media. This model doesn’t let you step away from social media, friends – in fact, it's one of the best ways to grow your audience. Think of social media as being a customer funnel bringing folks into your subscription. 
  • Make this work your best. When you ask people to pay for your newsletter, it needs to be as good as a newsletter as your book is as a book. 
  • Even though your work needs to be “worth it,” one of the main things people like about paid content like this is that it’s giving them access to something special. Being personal or casual is something many subscribers enjoy and look forward to seeing in their Substack subscriptions. 
  • Make sure you’re publishing regularly. Weekly is ideal, but some writers do a few short pieces a week. 

So should I start a Substack?

If you already have a big email list OR if you’re willing to spend the time, effort and money (especially ad spend) towards growing your email list, go for it! 


If you’re looking to Substack to be a supplemental income at most, and you’d like to connect with your readers in a new way or with new material, go for it!

There’s really no downside…unless it takes you away from your other writing goal of publishing your books, of course!

Battle of the 2021 Writer Bundles

Battle of the 2021 Writer Bundles

My friend Maria is into boxing and she was ranting on social media about the latest big boxing match. Floyd Mayweather was scheduled to fight some young social media star. They streamed it for $49.99, but the figure was a big bust. No one came out looking good. No knock-outs, somewhat of a snooze fest apparently.

Now I'm not into boxing, but I do know how much hype goes into those and how much MONEY they make.

It made me think: there is such a thing as too much hype.

And I'm seeing this in front of my own eyes right now. Many of you are probably having your emails blown up by a LOT of people in our industry talking about these two big bundles for writers right now. I'm assuming you're probably on email lists of quite a few people who are promoting these.

These are two of our industry’s biggest annual deals, and they launched just ONE day apart. I’ve bought both of them for my own use since they’re a big savings on things I’d already planned to buy…but which one was really the CHAMPION of publishing deals? Is there substance behind the hype?

So today I present: the BATTLE OF THE BUNDLES!

This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a small commission when you use the links at no cost to you.

Battle of the Bundles

In this corner we have the Writer’s Toolkit bundle! Coming in at over $5k worth of writing resources for just $99, this bundle is a newcomer, but it’s come to compete!

In the other corner we have the reigning champ, Write Publish Profit 4.0! This heavyweight boasts more than $8k in publishing power for only $49. Can this longtime favorite overwhelm the challenger?

Let’s find out!

We asked 4 members of our team who are not just publishing experts, but also working writers, to weigh in on which bundle will deliver the knockout hit!

Nancy: As someone who writes for a living, the Writer’s Toolkit is right up my alley. The craft of writing courses will go a long way in sharpening my skills, and in the meantime, the freelance writing resources will help me pay the bills. Plus, let’s be real. I know the ecourses are probably amazing but I’m not going to be able to take all those courses fast enough, so those cheat sheets are a genius idea. I’m going to call this one for the Writer’s Toolkit. (Click here to purchase yours!)

Raewyn: I’m really into the Write Publish Profit 1 year membership to the Novel Factory. As an experienced media and marketing expert, I’m starting to dabble in novel writing, and I’d love to take my skills to the next level. While the writing craft products in the Writer’s Toolkit go deep, I think the offerings in Write Publish Profit will take me further. I’m calling it for Write Publish Profit! (Click here to purchase yours!)

Mandi: As an indie author I am thrilled to have access to tools and techniques that are proven – not by untouchable famous authors – but by other indie authors like me in both product bundles. The Writer’s Toolkit’s productivity courses sound like they’d energize my writing, which I’d love after this year of pandemic chaos. I also am SUPER interested in the 1 year membership to ProWritingAid Academy, which alone is a $499 value. I love the overall focus on craft. For me, it’s the Writer’s Toolkit coming out on top! (Click here to purchase yours!)

Sarah: I’ve been noodling around on 2 different novels in 2 different genres this year, and I want to step up and commit to finishing at least one of them! I never did grab my ProWritingAid membership during the Summit, and I regret it every time I open Scrivener! What I’d save on that subscription alone makes Write Publish Profit more than worth it. I’ll be diving into the agent querying resources right away. And I’m also interested in the tool that helps authors develop secondary characters – my books are full of background characters I can’t quite pin down! Overall, I’m giving the win to Write Publish Profit! (Click here to purchase yours!)

Looks like this battle is a draw – I trust my team to know a value when they see one! Both the Writer’s Toolkit and Write Publish Profit are fantastic options for aspiring and working writers at any stage in their process! It’s our team’s official recommendation that you purchase BOTH resources! Combined you’d get more than $13k of writing, publishing and marketing courses, masterminds, tools, books and resources for less than $150.

(HOWEVER, IF YOU DO HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE, I'll be tie breaker and say – WritePublishProfit 4.0! Why? Because my course bundles including Instagram for Authors and Goodreads for Authors are included, and well, I've been a part of this community since the very first launch of this bundle 4 years ago! I know and trust that it is exactly what they promise. But seriously, I bought both bundles!)

If you do decide to purchase both of these bundles, send us your receipts and we’ll enter you into a drawing to win a bundle of our own: a signed copy of my two bestselling books on publishing, Ditch the Fear and Just Write It! and Ditch the Fear and Just Market It! Just reply to this email with your proof of purchase to get a chance to win!

Whatever you decide to do, ACT NOW! The Writer’s Toolkit is only available until June 11, and Write Publish Profit 4.0 is over on June 15! Don’t miss out on these once-a-year opportunities to knock out your book in 2021!

Write Publish Profit 4.0

Write Publish Profit 4.0

I always try to bring you the best writing and publishing deals out there. One of the reasons I do what I do is because I think publishing a book should be more accessible. I love running workshops and offering trainings for authors, and I always have my eye on that price point – I want to be sure that the lion’s share of my work is something I could have afforded when I was first starting out as a writer. 

In that spirit, I wanted to share the latest InfoStack bundle of writing and publishing tools: Write Publish Profit 4.0. You might remember I shared this limited time, $49 flat price deal last year, too, and I really recommended it to both our clients and to my wider audience. It just simply backed up the low price tag with huge value, and I have heard from so many of you over the last year who were excited to be able to grow your author career thanks to what was inside.  

And now it’s that time again! Today InfoStack is launching their Write Publish Profit 4.0 bundle, and it offers more than $8k worth of resources for writers in all genres, all for $49. So if you’ve contemplated buying even ONE of these products to further your writer’s life, you’ll already be saving money! 

  • 12 month subscription to ProWritingAid, our #1 choice for making all your writing better 
  • 12 month subscription to The Novel Factory, a step-by-step software specifically designed to help you write a better novel
  • 12 month subscription to Bublish, a way to reach 800k+ readers with engaging content featuring your book
  • 6 month subscription to StoryPlace Pro, a site where stories are optioned for film, TV and podcasts)
  • 6 month subscription to The Author Success Mastermind Community, a place to stop feeling isolated in your writing career and start connecting with others
  • 3 month subscription to Campfire Blaze, a tool to help you organize your writing
  • And much more!

Plus, there’s the included books, training and coursework that’s included, like: 

  • A 5-day course on writing a great book proposal
  • A course on creating attention-getting agent queries
  • A course on marketing that’s soup-to-nuts: from just starting out to running your author career like the small business it is!
  • A course that explains how to use crowdfunding to bring your book to life
  • A course that gives all the secrets on writing marketing copy that sells books
  • A mindset course that will train your brain for writing success
  • A course on DIY book formatting 
  • Writing courses for fiction, nonfiction and more
  • Courses on editing and revision for all genres of writing
  • And DOZENS more to give you the foundation you need to succeed!

And, of course, you’ll get MY Build Your Reader Base bundle, a $125 value, that includes my bestselling courses on Instagram for Authors and Goodreads for Authors. 

Professional development can be expensive, but this is packed with value! This small investment in your writing career will pay off big time, even if you only use one or two things that are included, so click here to grab yours now. 

This is a limited time offer, though – purchase before June 15 to get in on this deal! Click here to get your bundle today!

Write Publish Profit

Dying of a broken book marketing heart?

Dying of a broken book marketing heart?

I love Brené Brown. Like LOVE her. If you aren't familiar with her, google some of her TED talks on shame and vulnerability.

As writers, it feels there is really nothing more vulnerable than putting our words, our creations, out in to the world for others to consume. Sometimes they love it, sometimes they hate it.

Sometimes we are afraid to put our words out there because of shame we may have and certainly because of the fear of being so vulnerable.

I am reading her book Dare to Lead. I want to share a quote from Chapter 2, The Call to Courage.

To set the scene, she was talking about an interview with Admiral Jim Stockdale, a Prisoner of War in Vietnam. This interview is in Jim Collins' book, Good to Great. The question was asked about who didn't survive the POW camps, to which Stockdale replied it was the optimists. Because, “They died of a broken heart.”

Brené Brown continues:

“Stockdale told Collins, ‘This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.'”

At this point, you might be thinking, Alexa has gone off her rocker. She's now comparing authors to POWs!

But here's the deal.

A strategic plan for your book marketing can bring you closer to success.

As I was listening to this on Audible, the stark comparison came to me. So often, we as authors believe, I'm gonna make it! This book is going to be amazing! If I just throw more money here, or do this, or do that, I will sell more books!

Our FAITH in our book gives us the courage to continue… however, if we aren't doing the right things, if we aren't making the most strategic decisions, if we aren't powering forward in a way that puts us in a position to actually have that success, we can wind up completely exhausted, tired of saying, “it's gonna get there!” and our faith begins to dwindle if we don't see the results we were looking for.

We die a slow death of a broken heart from marketing fatigue and throw in the towel.

What if that didn't have to be the case? What if you could start with a better plan from earlier in your process, that wasn't based on guesswork, and actually led to results?

I fully believe that those authors who have a great book, have done the things to make sure they are positioned well and are taking the RIGHT steps to move their marketing forward, WILL get there.

It may take a few years. But following a plan that makes sense, you may achieve this faster than you thought. At a minimum, when you can track results, you won't be heartbroken, but encouraged to continue to see results.

I walk this journey every day with authors. Tweaking what they are doing, creating the strategy that works for them to build their audience, get their books into the hands of more people, and build incremental successes that WILL eventually pay off. (Disclaimer here – if your book is bad, you're going to have to start there first!)

Here's the deal. After launching book after book for new and unknown authors, the likelihood of New York Times Best Seller first foot out the door is rare. But not impossible. But even more important, you can still achieve a significant amount of success without that NYT BS accolade.

How do you know what to include in your book marketing plan?

There are things that we know work already. It starts with: figuring out your goals, your resources and your starting point, and, just like that, you can layout a path to success. 

I have created this road map. 

I want you to have it too.

Join me for my all-new 90 minute premium workshop, Developing Your Marketing and Launch Strategy. (Click here to grab your seat!)

We are going to dig into how to develop your very own custom launch plan – something many indie authors pay thousands for, but that I know you can do yourself! All you need are the right tools! We’ll cover:

  • The key elements of your marketing plan to address both long- and short-term goals
  • How to develop a marketing and launch strategy that makes sense for YOUR book and YOUR budget
  • The ideal timeline for planning a launch
  • How to take small actions every single day to implement the plan
  • The best places to invest your time and money in your book

This will be an interactive workshop, but can still be watched after the fact if you aren't able to attend.

It's very important to me that by the time we are done with this training, you actually have some USEABLE information, and a plan for how to make some progress… IMMEDIATELY. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of getting training and then leaving feeling like I'm completely on my own. I don't want that for you.

I have done this work with clients over and over again in the last decade, and I’ve learned that every single book – no matter the genre, no matter when you’re publishing (or when you publishED – yes, this same strategy works for books that are already out there!) – needs a custom road map to success, based on BEST PRACTICES, not just hopes and wishes and FAITH.

I want you to have the foundational knowledge to identify your goals and to build a strategy to get there that works for your book and your LIFE, without all the noise. I want you to take the wheel.

If you’re ready – and I think you are – click here to get registered for the June 8 workshop – and if you can’t listen live, don’t worry – there will be a recording sent your way!

You'll leave this training with a plan of action and simple steps to start working on immediately.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you to help you create a plan that won't leave you feeling hopeless, but encouraged to continue moving forward!

Will you join me?

Developing Your Marketing and Launch Strategy