Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentine's Day! Love is in the air and we have a little treat for our Romance writers!

Free Writing Romance Mastery Summit!


We are really excited to announce that Paula Judith invited Alexa back to be a speaker at her FREE Writing Romance Mastery Summit that begins Feb. 19th!

Their conversation this time is around overcoming the fear of marketing, but as you'll see when you check out the page below, there are SO MANY great sessions with so many masters of romance and the writing and publishing business!

Register for the Free Writing Romance Mastery Summit now!

The Writing Romance Mastery Summit will take place from February 19, 2024 through February 23, 2024, and we can promise it’ll be a top-notch event. Paula Judith is bringing together a great lineup!

Here’s a selection of speakers we are excited about hearing from:

  • Alexa Bigwarfe – Overcome the Fear of Marketing (you might recognize that name 🙂 )

Alexa is an author coach, book marketing expert, host of the Women in Publishing Summit, and a published RomCom author under the pen name Lexi Haddock. Alexa is known for her courses and training, which focus on author platform growth and creative ways to make marketing FUN, not scary!

Whether you are indie or traditionally published, marketing is essential. In this session, Alexa Bigwarfe discusses ways to approach marketing in a manner you enjoy.

  • Jill Lublin – Audience Building for Romance Authors

Jill Lublin is a Premier Publicity Authority, 4x Best-Selling Author, and International Speaker, who helps Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, and Authors. Jill has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, and other national and international media as a highly regarded publicity expert. She has been featured in The New York Times, Women’s Day, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc. magazines.

There are many ways to approach building your author platform. In this session, Jill Lublin explores how branding yourself leads to more book sales.

  • Philip Duncan – Book Marketing Made Easy With Email (Philip is one of my favorite people and knows his stuff with email marketing!)

Philip Duncan is an award-winning and Amazon bestselling fiction author. He's the host of Email Marketing and List Building Made Easy and the co-host of Fiction Marketing Academy.

In this session, Philip Duncan discusses how to make book marketing with email a natural and easy process to incorporate into your author platform.

Philip is a friend and I've had him guest lecture on email list growth. He's a pro!

  • Ellen Finkelstein – How to Promote Your Books through Email Marketing

Ellen Finkelstein started her first website in 1999 as an author platform – she's written 11 published books with McGraw-Hill and Wiley and self-published 10 e-books during her 20-year career as an author. The books range from 20 pages to more than 1200 pages. Since then, she has developed e-mail lists of over 22,000 people and a social media audience of over 100,000.

In this session, Ellen Finklestein explores ways to build your author platform to make more book sales from your reader email list.

  • Elise Krentzel – Generating Sales Without Advertising on Amazon

World traveler, author, ghostwriter, and coach. Elise is known as the Rebel Writer. From rock journalist to restaurant critic, she’s been stirring up the pot since the 1970s! Published her wild memoir, Under My Skin – Drama, Trauma, and Rock & Roll was a #1 bestseller in 9 categories on Amazon.

Elise Krentzel details connections and methods to increase organic book sales.

Happy Valentine's Day, Romance Writers!

And do not miss the 2024 WOMEN IN PUBLISHING SUMMIT!

See the full schedule here and grab your ticket today!

We hope to see you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit!

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for Publishing Professionals

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for Publishing Professionals

Workshops for Publishing Professionals

This year, we're really excited to offer a track for all of the professionals in our community! These are sessions for publishers, publishing assistants, self-publishing assist professionals, editors, and others who are building businesses in the publishing industry!

If you're a publishing professional, there are several sessions just for you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit! This year we have some really good sessions specifically for you.

Be sure to get your ticket today so you can enjoy all of these workshops for publishing professionals in the conference and revisit the content in the recordings all year! 

Audience: Publishing Professionals

“Beyond the Red Pen: Amplifying Author Voice Through Skillful Editing”
Presenter: Angela James
In this workshop, editors will move through a 5-step approach of working with authors in a way that creates a positive editing environment that respects author voice, and amplifies and highlights the author’s vision, while also polishing and enhancing the story to create the best reader experience possible.

“Welcome, Ghosts: Should Your Writing Client Use a Ghostwriter?”
Presenter: E, Danielle Butler
This session will walk publishing professions through the considerations of working with a ghostwriter.

“The 42 Minute Hour: A Time Management Tool for Enhancing Business Productivity”
Presenter: Michelle Oucharek-Deo
This workshop is a time mentoring program for real women whose goals often get sidelined by everyday challenges and the technique shared can revolutionize your productivity, not just in writing but in managing many areas of your life.

Everything You Need to Know About Prepping for Taxes”
Presenter: Lily Tran
Join Lily Tran to learn about how to best prepare your small business for tax season!​

“The Case for Community: Why Editors and Freelancers Need to Find Their People”
Presenter: Tara Whitaker
This part how-to, part tell-all session discusses why and how joining or building the right values-focused virtual community- whether as an author, editor, or creative freelancer- has become necessary for a stronger and more sustainable solo business.

“Offset Printing vs POD- Truths, Lies, and Virtual Examples”
Presenter: Lori McKnight
In this session, the pros and cons of both offset and POD printing with real life examples will be discussed to help writers make an informed decision on the best route for their book and business.

“Developmental Editing of Fiction Concepts and Deliverables: An Intro to Developmental Editing for Copyeditors and Others Considering Adding it as an Editing Service”
Presenter: Miranda Darrow
During this workshop, an overview of developmental editing will be shared, and a discussion on main developmental editing concepts will take place, with examples of deliverables and more.

“Achieve Success – Find the Manual to Your Brain and Optimize Your Workspace”
Presenter: Dayna Reidenour and Penni Askew
In this presentation, authors and service providers will learn different ways to approach their work with a focus on neurodivergent brains and ways to flourish using methods that fit for every person.

“How to Motivate Your Author in Marketing Strategy”
Presenter: Nev March
This presentation cover an approach to building an effective marketing plan with a publisher.

“Goal Focused Distribution”
Presenter: Keri-Rae Barnum
This workshop will cover distribution opportunities for print books, eBooks and audiobooks and the costs, time commitments, and sustainability for every option.

“The Top Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Publishing Business”
Presenter: Tara Alemany
Workshop attendees will learn of tools that streamline publishing to give them the productivity boost needed to run their business efficiently and effectively.

“How to be Successful as a Publisher at In-Person Book Signing Events”
Presenter: Jen Milius
You have an in-person event, like a book fair, book signing, or table at a conference, lined up – now what? How do you create a wonderful experience and best present yourself, your authors, all of your books and your business?

When this presentation is complete, attendees will be able to:
1 – Have the right mindset for success
2 – Understand what is needed for publishers to put themselves, their authors, and their businesses in the best light
3 – Know how to shine during the event for your business AND your authors.

This session will also be valuable for authors looking to do more in person events.

“Leveraging LinkedIn for Entrepreneurial Authors and Editorial Professionals”
Presenter: Jessican Andersen
Authors, publishers, editors, freelancers, and industry professionals will learn how to turn their long-neglected LinkedIN profile into a powerful marketing asset for their personal brand or business in this session.

“Building a Media Kit That Gets Your Author Noticed”
Presenter: DiAnn Windsor
This workshop will cover the elements of a media kit, where to find templates that are editable, how to write and distribute a press release, and how to find the right person to send the kit to.

Join the Summit for these and many more sessions you will be able to access through the end of the year!

See the full schedule here and grab your ticket today!

We hope to see you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit!

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for NonFiction Authors

A Spotlight on the 2024 Workshops for NonFiction Authors

Workshops for Nonfiction Authors

If you're a nonfiction author, you're in for a real treat at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit! Not only do we have a ton of general content and business growth sessions, plus our networking and special sessions, we've got some really good sessions specifically for our nonfiction writers.

Be sure to get your ticket today so you can enjoy all of these workshops for nonfiction authors in the conference, and revisit the content in the recordings all year! 

Audience: Nonfiction authors, memoirists, thought leaders, and business owners writing to grow their business

Pre-Conference Workshop: Outlining Your Nonfiction Book with Lanette Pottle – live on Jan. 29th for ticket holders, and available in the recordings after.

“Authorlocity: The Top Strategy to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader with a Non-Fiction Book”
Presenter: Tieshena Davis
Attendees will learn the essential strategy to ensure your writing stands out and positions you as a highly-recommended source in your field by discussing what type of prescriptive books to write, how to capture and articulate your evidence-based knowledge, and how to master strategic persuasion to maximize your impact.

“How to Launch Your Non-Fiction Book onto a Bestseller List”
Presenter: Renee Bauer
Beginner level attendees will uncover a roadmap to launching their book into the world and increase the chances of it landing on a bestseller list by knowing when to do what to launch your book into success and create your PR plan.

“Monetizing Your Non-Fiction Book: The 6 Steps to Book Monetization Success
Presenter: Honoree Corder
In this session, you will learn ways to turn your book into multiple income streams.

“Crafting Author Success: Mastering Live Video for Book Sales and Fan Engagement”
Presenter: Roshanda Pratt
In this session, authors will learn the art of crafting a compelling online presence through live video. We will explore the key elements of authentic connection with your audience in this workshop.

“Every Word Matters: Using Prose to Enhance Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction”
Presenter: Wendy Van Camp
Beginner level attendees will learn about Meaning, Voice, Tone, Rhythm/Meter, Sound Devices, and Word Choice and how to best apply them as a novelist.

“Memoir Mastery: How To Tell Your Story So It Sells”
Presenter: Jennifer Wilkov
Beginner level attendees will learn what it takes to actually tell their story in an impactful way to attract attention and visibility in the marketplace, as well as strategies to reach publishers, the media and even gain speaking opportunities and more.

“Embracing the Role of Entrepreneur: The Business of Being a Profitable Non-Fiction Author”
Presenter: Alesha Brown
This session dives into how to blend your creativity with a market-driven approach, how to tailor your stories to your audience’s preferences in order to turn your readers into devoted fans. Attendees will learn how to shift their perspective from being authors to authorpreneurs.

“How to Make More Money with Your Skills: Selling Freelance Writing Services”
Presenter: Laura Briggs
In this workshop, any level author will discover what it takes to succeed as a freelance writer, what freelance services make the most sense for authors to dive into and how to get started in freelance writing services.

“5 Ways to Increase Book Sales and Generate Additional Revenue with Speaking”
Presenter: Mary Czarnecki
In this session, you will learn ways to increase your book sales and generate new revenue with speaking, simple ways to find speaking opportunities, and what to say to ensure your talk is irresistible to event organizers and hosts.

“Increase Your Author Revenue Through Subrights”
Presenter: Lindsey Smith
Workshop attendees will learn of eight new revenue streams to choose from, know each how to implement each one and confidently choose the one that aligns with them.

These are the sessions that speak directly to nonfiction writers. You'll also receive a full education in what you need to know for publishing and production, editing, book launch and marketing, and more!


See the full schedule here and grab your ticket today!

We hope to see you at the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit!

Bonus Sessions for Ticket Holders of the 2024 Women In Publishing Summit

Bonus Sessions for Ticket Holders of the 2024 Women In Publishing Summit

Bonus Sessions!

This year, we've introduced a number of Bonus Sessions to our lineup! These sessions are only available to 2024 ticket holders and will run before and after the conference. All ticket holders will be invited, and if you can't attend live, you'll receive the replays.

We've selected a variety of topics to appeal to all audiences. All you have to do is grab your ticket to access!

Upcoming Bonus Sessions ONLY for ticket holders.
(All sessions are recorded and provided after the fact.)

January 29, 2024 @ 2pm
Lanette Pottle
5 Steps to Creating a Killer Outline for Your Non-Fiction Book

Feb 13, 2029 @ 1pm
Kris Kennedy
Writing Backstory for Romance Writers

Feb 15, 2024 @1pm ET
Kate Johnston
The Writing Workout

Feb 20, 2024 @ 1pm

Feb 22, 2024 @ 1 PM
How to Network in Conference Events

April 18, 2024 @ 1pm
Judy L Mohr
Hidden Traps of an Online Platform

May 7, 2024 @1pm
Sara Wigal
Content Production Made Easy for Authors

Sessions that are already in the vault and available for immediate viewing:

  • How to Pick Your Best Book Idea with Dallas Woodburn
  • Marketing to Schools with Jane Wood
  • Pinterest for book marketing! For Authors, Publishers, and Publishing Professionals with Debbie Gonzales

As you can see, we've got something for all audiences in our bonus sessions. Our networking sessions allow us to all come together to get to know each other, build our author networks, connect with service providers, and help us in our journeys as authors and publishing professionals. Each session, our attendees walk away with ideas and new resources.

Grab your ticket today, and join us for the bonus sessions and the virtual event, March 6-9, 2024!

Still not sure? Check out the full conference schedule here!

IngramSpark: The 2024 Platinum Sponsor

IngramSpark: The 2024 Platinum Sponsor

Ingram Spark: The 2024 Women in Publishing Summit Platinum Sponsor

The 2024 Women in Publishing Summit is coming soon and we are excited to announce that Ingram Spark is joining us as this year's platinum sponsor!

IngramSpark is an award-winning independent publishing platform that offers authors and independent publishers access to trade-quality print books, ebooks, and global distribution.

Paige Allen is the Director of IngramSpark and a brand and marketing strategist developing innovative channels for content delivery. She partners with companies and executives to sharpen their professional operations, define their brand identity, and engage audiences for maximum conversion. Paige is passionate about helping people and connecting companies to their right consumer. In addition to her extensive PR and marketing experience, Paige is a trained Sweet Adelines International, an a cappella barbershop singer, and member of Metro Nashville Chorus.

What does Ingram Spark do?

In short, Ingram Spark offers:

  •  Formats: EPUB ebooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers are available in many trim sizes, interior colors, papers, and bindings. 
  • Global distribution: availability to over 40,000 retailers in-person and online, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores and libraries worldwide 
  • Free Education: free resources to help you publish successfully The first step is to create an account. What you need to complete the process: 
  • Credit card to keep on file in your secure account (can be changed at any time or others added) 
  • Tax ID number (because as a publisher, you are also considered a business owner) 
  • Banking information or PayPal information (US) (for direct deposit of what you earn for every book sale) 

Once your account is activated, you can login and upload a book; this is when you enter all of the relevant information about your title. 

Title setup is free, and revisions cost $25.00 per file after the first 60 days of your title being approved for printing. Revisions are free within the first 60 days. A Market Access Fee of 1% of your list price will be applied to any sales through our distribution channels.

IngramSpark also offers distribution for eBooks! IngramSpark ebook channels now include subscriptions, libraries, and more! Your ebooks can be available in more places and more ways, including lending services. Retailers and libraries include iBookstore, Kobo, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Hoopla, EBSCO, OverDrive, Follett, and many more; That’s millions of potential readers accessing your ebook from anywhere.

What kind of author needs Ingram Spark?

Ingram Spark serves professionals in the publishing industry at any point, authors and independent publishers, beginner, intermediate, and advanced and genre doesn't matter! We believe that every author needs Ingram Spark. Regardless of where you are on your author journey, Ingram Spark can provide the insights and resources you need to help further your career. Their efforts in providing various forms of distribution for authors is extraordinary, so we highly suggest you research Ingram Spark to find out more.

How can you learn more about Ingram Spark?

Head on over to the IngramSpark website to see how they can help you get your book distributed!


When One Thing Leads to Another

When One Thing Leads to Another

As a newer author, some days it feels overwhelming to think about the ever-growing to-do list. With all
the marketing, business, administration, and other to-dos, when do we find time to WRITE?

Sometimes just thinking about my to-do list makes me feel queasy and like I need to lie down for a nap.
And when opportunity knocks on those days, it’s tempting to say no. But sometimes, you just have to
say YES!

Back in June, I was hustling to complete book 4 in my sweet romance series. And on top of that, I had
the joy of hosting my eleven-year-old great-niece as she attended a creative writing camp. Things were
extra busy.

Shortly before this, my hometown library asked if they could create some Facebook posts about my
books. Of course, I said yes – that didn’t require any effort on my part, and it was great exposure.

Well, a local newspaper saw that post and reached out to ask if I would write an article for the paper
about myself and my books. (It’s a small town, y’all!) I knew this was a great idea, but (gulp!) write an
article for the newspaper? About myself? Did I mention I’m an overthinker?

After a few minutes of debating, I said yes. And added a task to the growing to-do list. I wasn’t given a
hard due date, so…procrastination set in.

While my great-niece was in her day camp, I found a nearby library and hung out while I waited to pick
her up. Without a Wi-Fi password I was able to FOCUS. I wrote the article.

They published it the week of July 4th and I was thrilled. I was hoping that maybe a book club would see
it and invite me for a chat (that hasn’t happened – yet). Seeing the domino effect of the FB post leading
to the newspaper article, I was hoping that one more domino would fall.

And it did!

About a week after the article, I was contacted by the organizer of an author fair at a local winery. It
would be their first author fair. Again, I said yes!

That author fair was in early October and being the first, it was modest. There were 12 authors and one
indie bookshop in attendance. By my unscientific count, there were between 200 and 300 guests over
two days. Six of those were my family members. Thanks, Fam!

Not a huge crowd, but well worth it. I sold 49 books! And I put an informational postcard into every
person’s hand that got close enough to me. I’ve seen several newsletter sign-ups from these postcards!
(The postcard had a call to action – sign up for my newsletter to get a free novella – and the book cover
and tag line for each novel).

I met a couple of authors in my genre at the fair and am working on some newsletter swaps with them,
as well.

I’m still waiting for a book club invite from this chain of dominos and I’ll keep reminding the universe of
that request.

By the way, this blog post request was part of that domino chain, too.

So, say “YES!” to the next request that you get and see where the universe takes you!

Kasey Kennedy loves reading books and writing the stories in her head. She has a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University; is a member of the Chicago Writers Association; Chicago North Romance Writers Association; and a 2021 participant in StoryStudio Chicago’s Novel in a Year program. Learn more at