Take a Peek at the 2022 Schedule!

Take a Peek at the 2022 Schedule!

The countdown is on to the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit. Our virtual conference will give you 4 packed days of content built to grow your writing career and find your author community. We’ll talk about everything from starting the book in your heart to finding a publisher (or deciding to self-publish!) to marketing and selling your book! Every single session is about moving your author’s life forward. 

But there’s a lot of information out there, so how do you know if this conference is right for you? 

Well, if you’re seeking…

  • Writing workshops that cover how to craft a memoir, explore using different POVs, dig into creating magic systems, get real about writing sex scenes, offer tips on writing nonfiction books that support your business, talk about how to write diverse children’s books that make an impact and SO much more…
  • Sessions with publishers, editors, graphic designers, agents and other publishing industry insiders to help you figure out how to find your publishing path and get your book into the hands of readers…
  • Strategic tips and tricks for marketing your book, growing your author platform, using social media to move the needle, working with publicists,, figuring out how to leverage video and audio platforms and everything else on your marketing “to do” list…
  • Tactics for expanding your author career and making writing your business, like starting a podcast, developing programs to support your work, finding speaking gigs, getting outside funding and all the ways you can help pay the bills while you grow as an author…

…then you’ll find a lot to love about this year’s Summit.

You might wonder why you should sign up for another writer’s conference. And I get it! There are a lot of resources available, and it’s important to be sure you see all the value you are getting before you buy a ticket.

To that end, I want to invite you to check out our Summit schedule right here. 

We are kicking things off with Robin Cutler – read a bit more about her in our blog post announcing her as our featured speaker!

After that we’ll dive right into 4 days of content hitting all those bullet points we mentioned above. Whether you’re looking for help writing, publishing marketing or selling your book, there is a ton of content just for you. 

And yes, there will be a recording of every presentation, so you don’t need to worry about missing a thing. You’ll also have lifetime access to the recordings, in case you need to rewatch or if life gets in the way.

One of the things that makes the Summit so special is that community that grows out of it. We have live social and networking events so you can connect with writers just like you. We even keep up our community year-round, so folks can stay in touch and keep connected to the amazing group of women who are there to support and encourage each other.

Lastly, we also are so lucky that SO many of our sponsors and friends of the Summit participate in our virtual goodie bag of discounts to help you save money on the tools you need. You’ll save $200 off the ProWritingAid lifetime license, get a great discount on author website services for your first year at Pub-Site, receive a free marketing resource bundle from Children’s Book Mastery and tons of other benefits, freebies and savings just for our community! 

We hope you can join us for the Summit this year – it’s going to be better than ever! And the one promise I can make is that you’ll leave this event with more information, tools and resources to help you get your book into the hands of readers. 

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Sponsor Spotlight: Sara Stibitz

Sponsor Spotlight: Sara Stibitz

Even when you have a great story, sometimes you need help telling it. That’s where professional ghostwriters and developmental editors come in. 

Not everyone can – or wants to – turn their life upside down to write a book over the course of years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t share your voice. 

After all…

YOUR idea might change the world. YOUR business might touch thousands of lives. YOUR life might inspire someone to grow. 

The mission of the Women in Publishing Summit is to empower, encourage and support women to share their stories. So we are very delighted and grateful to welcome the fantastic Sara Stibitz as a bronze sponsor of the 2022 Summit, since that’s precisely her specialty! 

What does Sara Stibitz do?

Sara has spent her career helping books get into the hands of readers by helping authors write, edit and sell their books. She’s been integral to the success of multiple bestselling books, with chart toppers on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists. She’s worked with traditionally published writers and indie authors to bring award-winning work to fruition, and her work has appeared in magazines from the Harvard Business Review to New York Magazine

She also specializes in helping authors build winning book proposals. For anyone who’s overwhelmed by the process of selling your book traditionally, she is a gamechanger! 

But Sara is more than her (impressive) resume. Her attention to detail, her passion for partnership and her elegant prose are all the product of a life as a reader. She knows compelling storytelling matters. Whether you need a hand streamlining, adjusting pace or just finding the words, her experienced guidance can light the way.

What kind of author needs to work with Sara Stibitz?

Sara specializes in helping authors who need to shape their story. Memoir, nonfiction, business: if you need a hand editing or writing, she has the portfolio that proves she can help.

She’s someone that can bring order to your work, though editing and writing in service of your voice. The thing that her clients praise over and over again is how she listens. She really wants to dig into the big picture and talk about what can be accomplished with the finished book. And that vision makes a big difference.

How can I learn more about Sara Stibitz?

You can read about Sara in her own words and find out about working with her by heading to her website – click here to visit! 

You can also join us at the Women in Publishing Summit to find out more about her exclusive offer for the summit community!

Join us for the Women in Publishing Summit!
Sponsor Spotlight: Children’s Book Mastery

Sponsor Spotlight: Children’s Book Mastery

Children’s book publishing is its own animal. It adds new, complicated elements to the already-complex process of publishing a book. The formatting, the illustrations (and the collaboration that might involve!), the marketing and messaging…it’s all just another layer that challenges aspiring authors.

That’s why I’m delighted to welcome Children’s Book Mastery to the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit as a Bronze Sponsor. I have been closely following their work since Karen Ferreira founded the company that began as Get Your Book Illustrations. I loved the idea of a facilitated process for finding high quality, experienced illustrators for new kids’ books, and Karen had the know-how to do that. She’d spent her career as a creative director and illustrator, making inspiring designs that sell for major corporations. She brought that talent for design and marketing to authors who needed guidance. 

I was thrilled to see the evolution of the business to address the huge need for specialized soup-to-nuts guidance on the process of publishing children’s books. Karen and her team host an annual online summit and offers online courses, author challenges and coaching for authors writing for ages 2 to 12. They’ve helped over a hundred authors bring their books into the world so far, and I’m so grateful they’re joining our Summit this year as a sponsor!

What does Children’s Book Mastery do?

Children’s Book Mastery is a full service consulting company that offers support to authors who have a children’s book in their hearts. They support authors by providing courses, challenges and coaching sessions, as well as hosting an annual summit specifically on topics that matter most to children’s book authors. 

The specific challenges of working in the children’s book genre – from the way the book is written to the illustrations, from the layout and formatting to the marketing – are unique. Karen and her team offer experienced insight into how to win at every level. 

They do it by offering hands-on, action-based support. Whether it’s running a bootcamp or doing one-on-one calls, Karen and her team are there to support authors in all the ways they need throughout their process. And, even better: they give them the knowledge and experience to do it for their next book, too! 

What kind of author needs Children’s Book Mastery?

If you’re writing a book pitched at ages 2 through 12, these are the experts you need. They specialize in books with pictures – though not exclusively illustrated books! – but they offer insights and support to any author of a book for kids. 

They are the ideal partner for anyone who doesn’t want to wing it through the process of publishing and marketing a children’s book, and who wants to learn how to grow their author skillset to do it again and again! 

And if you’re considering publishing a kids’ book, you’ll want to put their next Summit on your calendar! It’s a great place to grow your network and build your author’s toolkit!

How can I learn more about Children’s Book Mastery?

Check out their website by clicking right here. There you can find out about their services and see their list of amazing on-demand courses!

Get Your Ticket to the Women in Publishing Summit!

Karen will be hosting a session and a Q&A for everyone interested in learning about Children's Book Mastery. So, if you haven’t gotten your ticket, be sure to grab it now – we’re already hosting private networking and social events for our ticket holders, so don’t miss any more! Click here to grab yours! (The price is for real going up from $97 to $127 on January 8th!) 

Sponsor Spotlight: Aurora Publicity

Sponsor Spotlight: Aurora Publicity

Behind every great book is an incredibly overworked author. 

When it comes to publishing these days, authors aren’t just expected to write something amazing. They’re also busy building an author brand, putting themselves out there in relatable social media posts, sending press releases, creating eye-catching graphics, building a website, seeking out reviews, pitching media appearances, crafting ads that deliver sales and…well, you get the idea. 

Being an author today is being a small business owner. And if there’s one thing that every small business owner needs, it’s trusted partners. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. 

In that spirit, I’m delighted to announce that Aurora Publicity, a 2022 Women in Publishing Summit Silver Sponsor, is ready to help you find that team that will take your book to the next level. Founder Samantha Williams understood that authors need space to create and support to grow, and we are so grateful she and her team have stepped up to support our Summit!

What does Aurora Publicity do?

If you’re a fiction author who needs help around your marketing and branding, Aurora Publicity has help for you. Their team of assistants-for-hire includes experts in graphic design, social media, editorial process, Amazon ads, book formatting, content planning, marketing writing and SO much more. All you need to do is connect with them to find which of their team members would be a great fit to help YOU on your journey. 

Aurora Publicity sets you up with their experienced publishing industry experts who can consult with you or see your project through to the finish. They have a diverse team who can do it all, so anything you’re ready to try, they’re ready to support! 

They also offer design services, if you just don’t have the bandwidth or visual style to do it yourself. Every author can get polished, professional graphics by working with the Aurora team! 

What kind of author needs Aurora Publicity?

Aurora Publicity primarily supports fiction authors. If you’re busy, fighting overwhelm, or just want the support and guidance of an experienced professional, Aurora Publicity is a perfect match for you. 

Rather than selling you a raft of services – some of which you might need, some of which you simply won’t – Aurora’s model is truly personalized. You can sit down and have direct, one-on-one conversations about your goals and meet regularly to assess what’s working and what isn’t. It’s more than just a service, it’s a relationship with an assistant that can move your writing career – with all the quirks and special things that make your book different – forward. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to go on your publishing journey alone, an assistant from Aurora Publicity is the solution you’ve been looking for.

How can I learn more about Aurora Publicity?

You can check out their website by clicking right here

And be sure to check out founder and CEO Samantha Williams on Day 3 of the Women in Publishing Summit! She’ll be talking about promo tools for fiction authors, so if you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, get it today


Get your ticket for the Women in Publishing Summit.

Sponsor Spotlight: Your Book Is Your Hook

Sponsor Spotlight: Your Book Is Your Hook

I am thrilled to announce a new Silver Sponsor has joined the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit: please join me in welcoming the team at Your Book Is Your Hook to our community of writers! 

Jennifer Wilcov founded the company because she loved the experience of writing and publishing her own international bestseller. When people approached her and asked how they could do what she did, she realized: each person needed thoughtful, customized advice that helped them rise and achieve their goals. She realized that writers need partners they could trust to walk them through the process, and she stepped up by sharing all she’d learned, empowering others to do it themselves. 

One of our key missions is to empower authors, so we’re incredibly grateful to have a sponsor partner who shares our values in Your Book Is Your Hook!

What does Your Book Is Your Hook do?

Your Book Is Your Hook is a full service author consultancy. You can work directly with them to figure out ways to write better, smarter and more profitably. They’re a company that offers consulting on the full life-cycle of a book – from idea to the post-marketing process. They also specialize in working with writers who want to see their stories come to life on TV screens, in movie theaters and on stages everywhere.

One of their signature programs is The Make It Happen Room for Writers Only. This invaluable space creates a joyful, supportive environment for working writers every Thursday, with a focus on moving your book and your writing career forward. It’s a chance to practice your pitch, get feedback and, most importantly, GET IT DONE. The two hour work session has changed the lives of writers in all genres and at all levels, and it’s the hallmark of how Your Book Is Your Hook works: supporting and empowering authors to achieve results by fostering real connections and sharing knowledge. 

What kind of author needs Your Book Is Your Hook?

Anyone who wants to build community, gather feedback or get one-on-one or community guidance through the process is a perfect client for Your Book Is Your Hook. If you’re open to being more productive, creating better work, connecting with other writers and growing your career, this is a great opportunity for you. 

Your Book Is Your Hook is also ideal for people who want to explore the possibilities in film, television, theater and beyond. If you have a story that you want to see brought to life, the team at YBIYH can help you make it happen. 

How can I learn more about Your Book Is Your Hook?

YBIYH founder Jennifer Wilcov will be speaking and doing a meet & greet Q&A session at the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit, so be sure to attend that! She'll be speaking about the 5 Ways to Publish & the 4 Ways to Market Your Book and answering any questions you have about their services.

You can also head over to their website to find out about all the ways you can partner with Your Book Is Your Hook – click here to check them out! 

Plus, as part of the Women in Publishing Summit community, you can get a FREE SESSION in the Make It Happen Room. Make sure to register for the conference to claim this freebie!

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Sponsor Spotlight: K-lytics

Sponsor Spotlight: K-lytics

How do you hit the Amazon bestseller list? 

There’s no magic bullet. But there is data.

And there’s one company out there that collects, analyzes and shares that data better than anyone else out there: K-lytics, an expert analytics firm for indie authors and publishers company run by the brilliant Alex Newton. And I’m delighted and grateful to announce that Alex and his team has joined the 2022 Women in Publishing Summit as a Bronze Sponsor

You might be wondering why authors need this kind of analytical data. Isn’t the job to just write a good book and market it, letting the chips fall where they may? K-lytics offers a smarter path, one where you can make informed decisions as you go through the publishing process, all in service of better sales. 

What does K-Lytics do?

K-Lytics was founded by Alex Newton, a man with a mission: to help authors make better, faster decisions so they can focus on THEIR mission of writing. They’ve built a reputation by making sense of the Amazon supply and demand. 

There are more than 8 million English language books on Amazon. That’s the supply. On the demand side, you have more than 20 million people in the U.S. alone who own e-reader devices and millions more who have a reading app on their smartphone or tablet. 

The team at K-lytics reviews the massive amount of data available on Amazon’s website and analyzes it for trends that impact the bottom line for authors and publishers. From what genres and sub-genres are trending to what cover images and titles are selling to what average prices look like, they take massive data sets and turn them into usable information for working authors and publishers of any size, all for an affordable price. 

Think of K-lytics like “Bloomberg” for the book market. What categories, covers, tropes, keywords, etc., are trending up? – Which are trending down? – Which pockets of the market offer high demand but come with a low level of competition?

What makes K-lytics different from something like a keyword report is that it’s not just a snapshot in time. Amazon sales rankings fluctuate WILDLY – something can be a “bestseller” for an hour and then drop into obscurity. K-lytics collects thousands upon thousands of data points to get an accurate big picture of what’s selling and at what price. And it’s data you can look at in broad genre categories, all the way down to sub-sub categories. 

Amazon can be a black box for so many authors, but we know it’s possible to build a sustainable author career if we can just crack the code. What we love about K-lytics is that their reports guide choices by using real world, real time, real clear data instead of sound bytes. 

What kind of author needs K-lytics?

K-lytics’s basic reports cover 30 different Amazon book categories, both nonfiction and fiction, and their premium reports cover more than 400 sub-categories. The elite reports cover 2400+ sub-sub-categories. So no matter what you’re writing, there is data available to use to help inform your publishing choices.

So whether you’re writing Time Travel Romance novels or Nutrition nonfiction, there is actionable data on current trends in your genre. 

How can I learn more about K-lytics?

K-lytics is joining us on January 25 at 1pm EST for a free webinar about how you can use data to boost your book’s Amazon sales! Register here to check it out! 

Klytics Webinar


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