Visual Writing & Exercises for Moving Past Writing Blocks

Description: Caroline Topperman, Writer and Entrepreneur, talks with Alexa about moving past writing blocks. 

Format: Video Q&A 

Level: This presentation is for the beginning level author.


Caroline Topperman

Caroline Topperman

Writer and Entrepreneur

Caroline Topperman is a European-Canadian writer, entrepreneur, dancer and world traveler. Born in Sweden, raised in Canada, on a whim she recently spent four and half years living in Poland. With a great passion for experiencing different cultures she is always up for new adventures and is willing to try anything. This has allowed her to work in the beauty, fashion, automotive and real estate industries. She has also owned a Pilates studio frequented by A list celebrities, professional athletes, business owners and everyone in between. Caroline speaks fluent English, Polish and French and has even found a way to communicate with her playfully -mischievous dog, Pixie. Caroline’s new book, Tell Me What You See, is a visual writing prompt book for both aspiring and established writers.

Mentioned in this video:

  • Writer's block, how to get past it
  • Using images as a way to prompt your writing
  • Writing prompts
  • Caroline's book Tell Me What You See – a book of writing prompts from images
  • Her bonus for All Access Pass participants – 50% off her 6 week, self-paced, visual writing and moving past writer's block online course

Caroline's website:


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