Day 2

Your path to publishing success!

You have questions about publishing a book – how to do it, where to publish it, what mechanisms to use… what are the different types of publishers? What is the difference between self/indie, traditional, and hybrid publishing?

We’ve got answers! After this day, you’ll have a much better understanding of what publishing options there are and what is the best route for you.

Plus we dig more into mindset and other relevant issues that can make or break your success in publishing.

Jodi Brandon: Is Self-Publishing Right for Me?

Dr. Joy Don Baker & Dr. Terri Goodman: What You Need to Know If You’re Co-Authoring a Book

Panel: Different Routes to Publishing with Publishers: Teri Rider, Gail Woodard, Kate Stead, Elizabeth Turnbull, and Annalisa Parent

Kate Butler: Mindset Tools to Live Your Fullest Life as an Author

Na’Ima B. Robert: Give Yourself Permission: Conquering Fear

Jen Rozenbaum: How to Flip the Script on Shame, Fear, and Self-Doubt Stop 

Diana Collins: {LIVE} Why I decided to write my story and How I Overcame the Limiting Beliefs I Told Myself

Kate Frank: Getting Your Book Ready for Profit – Using a Ghostwriter

Liliana Lopez: Latinas in Publishing

Marcelle della Faille: Writing: The Alchemy Between Love and Money

Erin Casey: Finding The “Write” Community

Panel: Planning Your Book: Dr. Jennifer Jones and C.J. Ellison

Panel: Mindset & Personal Growth Strategies for Writers: Dawn Kotzer, Pascale Kavanaugh, Dr. Lori Baudino, Cynthia Fails

Feature presentation: Paths to Publishing; Publisher Panel