Studying The Market for Success

Description:  Kirsten Oliphant, Author & Podcaster, talks with Alexa about studying the market. 

Format: Video Q&A 

Level: This presentation is for all levels. 


Kirsten Oliphant

Kirsten Oliphant

Author & Podcaster

Kirsten Oliphant has her MFA in fiction and is the author of over fifteen books in several genres. She hosts the popular Create If Writing podcast for authors who want to sell more books without being smarmy.

Kiki teaches a system that is applicable to ALL genres, so watch!

Mentioned in this video:

  • What to do when sales aren’t what you expect
  • How to learn how to write the book that the world wants to buy
  • Easy ways to use Amazon and tools that people want to buy
  • Presentation on Studying the market for success
  • Pen name Emma St. Clair and Sullivan Gray
  • Took over 5 years to see great success
  • Importance of knowing your genre / niche well or you make mistakes
  • Build the relationships that bring people back
  • What is Kindle Unlimited?
  • Mistakes Kiki made and how to avoid them
  • Adding additional categories
  • How to utilize reviews for success
  • Read enough books in your genre so you GET those genres
  • Writing a book TO market!! Means writing to meet reader expectations
  • What’s hot in the romance market
  • The importance of networking with other authors in your genre!
  • Create If Writing Podcast!

More about Kirsten's books at:

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