PR & Marketing for Authors

Description: Kristi Dosh, CEO, Guide My Brand, talks with Alexa about PR & marketing for authors.

Format: Video Q&A 

Level: This presentation is for all levels. 


Kristi Dosh

Kristi Dosh

CEO, Guide My Brand

Kristi Dosh is a publicist who founded Guide My Brand to work with entrepreneurs and nonfiction authors to establish themselves as experts in their niches and become more visible for their expertise through opportunities such as guest blogs, podcast interviews, public speaking engagements, feature articles and media appearances. Kristi is her own best case study, beginning her career as a corporate attorney and used a combination of blogging, social media, public speaking and media appearances to become a nationally-recognized expert on the business of sports. She left the corporate world to work for such outlets as Forbes and ESPN, and today she works with busy entrepreneurs and nonfiction authors who want to become experts themselves and step into the spotlight so they can grow their businesses. You can visit her website at and join her free, private Facebook group, The Visibility Workshop.

Mentioned in this video:

target audience; nonfiction writers who are interested in big publicity to grow their business.

  • Owning your own story to grow the know, like, and trust factor with your audience.
  • Kristi’s unusual path to becoming a publicist and owning a PR agency.
  • How you can grow an audience by blogging and taking to social media; writing on your topic all over the place.
  • The visibility that being on Forbes gave her; building a portfolio and becoming known as an expert
  • How long it takes to build a platform – 12 – 13 years to get where she is
  • Kristi’s book deals and the difference between them 
  • Knowing where your audience is and making sure you’re spending your time where your audience is.
  • Why you should slow down, take your time with your publishing timeline so that you have enough time to do proper marketing
  • Min of 90 days for pure marketing; 6-9 months if possible (especially if you have no platform & depending on your goals)
  • The best (and worst) media outlets for marketing books
  • How a book can get you speaking engagements and how speaking engagements help you sell books
  • Success case study
  • Ripple effects of a solid publicity campaign prior to launch
  • From the Shadows Into the Spotlight training program
  • Affiliate link to From the Shadows to the Spotlight:
  • Why Kristi likes podcasts so much for book launch publicity
  • What editors and producers at major outlooks look for when selecting guests
  • Start talking about your book early and often


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