How to market a series to make big money: a simple method for success with fiction

Description:  Steff Green, Author, speaker, and publishing coach, talks with Alexa about how to market a series. 

Format: Video Q&A 

Level: This presentation is for all levels. 


Steff Green

Steff Green

Author, speaker, and publishing coach

Steff Green is a USA Today bestselling author, speaker, publishing coach, and heavy metal maiden – and she wants to help you rock your author career. Under her pen name Steffanie Holmes, she’s self-published more than 35 novels of the paranormal, gothic, dark, and fantastical. Steff received the 2017 Attitude Award for Artistic Achievement, and was a finalist for a 2018 Women of Influence award. Her books are enjoyed by thousands of readers all over the world. Legally-blind since birth, Steff has dealt with rejection her whole life. Steff is a popular speaker about self-publishing and author career planning, and she’s also the founder of Rage Against the Manuscript ( – an online community and resource to inspire you to tell your story, find your readers, and build a badass writing career.

Mentioned in this video:

5 Series Mistakes PDF

  • How Steph got into writing paranormal and dark genres
  • She wanted to be an archaeologist and work in museums, but people wouldn’t give her a chance because of her blindness
  • Wise advice from her boyfriend (now husband) encouraged her to try to do something that people couldn’t tell her she could not do – WRITER was the first thing that popped to mind
  • Her original publisher fell through
  • How the Kindle & the new developments in Self-publishing rocked her world
  • Her journey learning the ropes as a writer and a MARKETER and how much fun she had learning the process
  • Her little paranormal shapeshifter novella that sold 1000 copies in a week – The Art of Cunning 
  • How important it is to produce a book that is written and designed PERFECTLY to market – this is the key to success
  • Selling books in a series – putting on your publishers hat and becoming educated in the process
  • The importance of read through rates and understanding how series sell
  • The ways different companies promote your series
  • Marketing a series of books
  • The mistakes authors make when marketing a series
  • Rage against the writers training program

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