Beyond writing – increasing profitability and impact with Speaking, Consulting, Training and more. 

Description:  Kathrine Farris, CEO of Marketecs on how to leverage your book to increase your earning potential with speaking, consulting, training and more. 

Format: Video Q&A 

Level: This presentation is for all levels. 


Kathrine Farris

Kathrine Farris

CEO, Marketecs

CEO/Founder of the Marketecs Digital Marketing team, blending marketing and technology since 2009. Kathrine and her team combine business acumen, professional experiences, and professional training to help consultants, authors, and speakers bring ideas life and increase their impact.

Mentioned in this video:

  • Growing your business with your book, courses, speaking, and more
  • Increasing your impact
  • Steps to take to get speaking engagements
  • Using your book as a springboard for other streams of revenue
  • How Marketecs, her company, can help you build your speaker profile, pitch for events, set up your website, create your courses, and more
  • You're not bound by the topic of your book; you can pivot the experience of writing the book into another product or offering. 
  • Brainstorm a list of ALL the things you've done, that you're passionate about, that you've achieved
  • What is your motivation? Making money fast? Building an audience? 
  • Thinking critically about your goals, short-term and long-term
  • Taking available time and resources into account when pursuing goals
  • Be realistic about the season of life you're in
  • At the very least, have a website or some place where you can drive traffic. 
  • What you want to tell the world vs. what the world wants to hear — do your market research
  • Put the WHY behind your book
  • What's going to grab your audience's attention without resorting to clickbait?
  • Networking is the key to finding opportunities
  • What's your networking style?
  • Get out to in-person events, professional conferences–they are effective!
  •  Building partnerships with people who have similar target audience


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