Planning to Prosper As An Author

Description: If the starving artist life is not for you, plan to prosper as an author with these tips from Michelle Cornish. 

Format: Workshop

Level: This presentation is for the beginning level author.


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Michelle Cornish

Michelle Cornish

Author and Illustrator

After spending almost 20 years in the public accounting industry, Michelle sold her accounting practice to spend more time with her family and pursue her dream of writing. In 2017, she published Keep More Money, a guide to help business owners find a trustworthy accountant. Realizing that she wanted to write fiction, in 2018, Michelle published Murder Audit, her debut novel and book one in the Cynthia Webber financial thriller series. Michelle also writes children’s books with her sons under the pen name AJ Kormon. When she’s not writing, you’ll find Michelle in small-town Canada cartooning and losing to her kids at Uno!  

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