Getting Out of Your Own Way

Description:  Book Marketing Expert and Certified High Performance Coach, Nina Amir on the mindset challenges that keep us from achieving our goals as authors. 

Format: Video Q&A 

Level: This presentation is for all levels. 


Nina Amir

Nina Amir

The Inspiration to Creation Coach, author, Certified High Performance Coach, and Author Coach

Nina Amir is known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach. As one of 800 elite Certified High Performance Coaches working around the world, she helps her clients Achieve More Inspired Results. The only Certified High Performance Coach® working specifically with writers, she helps all types of creators get from the light-bulb moment to the realization or their dreams without letting anything get in the way of that goal. Nina is also an Author Coach who supports writers on the journey to successful authorship. She has authored three traditionally published books for aspiring authors, How to Blog a BookThe Author Training Manual, and Creative Visualization for Writers, as well as a host of self-published books and ebooks, including the Write Nonfiction NOW! series of guides. She has had 19  books appear on the Amazon Top 100 List and as many as six of her books on the Authorship bestseller list at the same time. Nina is the founder of the Nonfiction Writers’ University, the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge, and the Author of Change Transformational Programs. She also created a proprietary Author Training curriculum and Author Career Planning program. For more information, visit

Mentioned in this video:

  • How to gain clarity for better performance
  • Working on courage to take action
  • Why authors struggle with being an influencer and putting their work out to the world (based on issues of worth)
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Getting UNSTUCK
  • “Future potentiality” – how it steals our thunder
  • Focusing on what you want – where you focus is what you’ll create
  • The things we do to self-sabotage when we’re afraid
  • Belief systems and fears
  • The role of positivity
  • Getting in alignment – and staying in alignment with who you are and who you want to be
  • Her non fiction writers university
  • Importance of Planning AND a business plan
  • What she works on with authors – Career planning for authors

Nina's books

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