Juggling Too Many Balls

Description: The road to successful indie publishing can bump and toss even the most stalwart writer. Learn how to navigate the path without losing your way, in this workshop with Pascale Kavanagh. 

Format: Workshop

Level: This presentation is for the beginning level author.


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Pascale Kavanagh

Pascale Kavanagh

Author and Creativity Coach

Pascale Kavanagh combines the unlikely pursuits of spiritual counseling, creativity coaching, and authoring steamy romance novels into a beautifully messy life. Ultimately, all her work is about strengthening resilience, transforming suffering, and keeping it all sexy. She has published six novels and a slew of stories and articles.
Her past includes stints as an MIT-trained engineer, biotech executive, professional dancer, yoga teacher and business owner, and entrepreneur.
These days, her favorite titles are author, guide, and hot mama.
You can find Pascale's guidance on resilience and grace at boldsoulcoaching.com, a portal for love, laughs, and words that feel like a hug. For the real steamy stuff, saunter over to pekavanagh.com.

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