Are you a writing enthusiast looking to improve your skills and knowledge? Then the Women in Publishing Summit is the place to be! The summit is an opportunity for women in the industry to come together and learn from industry leaders and experts. We are thrilled to share our top picks from some of our team members!

Pam, our Community Manager, is looking forward to so many of the exciting workshops at the Women in Publishing Summit. The first one she's eagerly anticipating is Cynthia Fails’ session on “The Impact of Imposter Syndrome”. Pam recognizes the challenge she faces with imposter syndrome and believes this session will provide valuable insights into identifying its impact and ways to retrain her internal dialogues around the subject.

Vanessa, the Women in Publishing Summit Online Coordinator, has selected a few sessions that have caught her attention at the summit. The first one is Joni B. Cole's session on “Good Naked: Exposing the Myths and Popular Practices that Undermine Your Creativity.” Vanessa finds this session intriguing as she feels like she is not a “real writer” and thinks that this session could boost her confidence and motivation.

Another session that Vanessa has picked is Melanie Votaw's talk on “8 Secrets of Best-Selling Self-Help Books.” As someone who reads many self-help books, Vanessa is interested in learning more about the genre and avoiding common mistakes made by beginning authors. This session promises to give insights into the key elements that make a self-help book successful.

Cayce, our Publishing Assistant is looking forward to “How to Avoid the Book Marketing Money Pit” by Belinda K. Griffin. Marketing is a “necessary evil” for authors, and understanding what works and what doesn't is key to successful marketing. “No one marketing plan will work for all books,” says Cayce, “so I'm looking forward to learning about some of the different ad options so I can figure out what will work for me.” Cayce is eager to learn about some of the different advertising options available to authors, so they can avoid falling into the “book marketing money pit.”

The Women in Publishing Summit offers a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for growth. Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out, there is something for everyone! With so many fantastic workshops to choose from, it's no wonder the Women in Publishing Summit team members are so excited about this year's event.

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