Discover the unexpected secret to improving manuscript quality and reducing editing expenses for self-publishing authors. You will be amazed how this tool revolutionizes the writing process. Find out more to unlock the hidden potential of your writing in this conversation between Alexa Bigwarfe and Katherine Graham.

Katherine Graham, from Autocrit, is recognized for her expertise in the self-publishing and editing landscape. Her proficiency in utilizing Autocrit as a tool for authors positions her as a valuable resource for self-publishing authors seeking to enhance manuscript quality and reduce editing costs. With a thorough understanding of Autocrit's applications across various writing genres, including fiction and nonfiction, Katherine offers essential insights and support to authors looking to refine their writing and align with specific genre criteria. Through her unwavering commitment to empowering writers and her significant contributions to the writing community, Katherine has established herself as a respected authority in the field of self-publishing and editing.

Autocrit offers comprehensive assistance for authors at all stages of writing, editing, and publishing, enhancing manuscript quality while reducing editing costs. The tool's features include outlining, drafting, editing, and genre-specific guidance to help authors improve their work efficiently. With Autocrit's AI-based analysis, writers can enhance their manuscripts and align them with genre expectations, ultimately leading to a higher quality finished product and reduced editing expenses.

“I've personally now used it on ten books, and I skipped the developmental editing phase. Now, the developmental editors used to do my book. They now do beta reads, professional beta reads for my books, which took the cost down to about $60 to $100 a book.” – Katherine Graham, Autocrit

Key Takeaways

  • Analyzing your manuscript with the Autocrit tool enhances quality and reduces editing costs for self-publishing authors.
  • Dictating your voice to text streamlines the writing process and improves manuscript quality while minimizing editing expenses.
  • Mastering fiction writing skills elevates the quality of your manuscript, resulting in reduced editing costs for self-publishing authors.
  • Implementing genre conformity in book writing optimizes manuscript quality and decreases editing expenses for self-publishers.

Memorable Moments:

00:01:15 – Autocrit's Features and Community
Katherine explains how Autocrit helps authors with outlining, drafting, and editing their books. She also highlights the Autocrit community, which includes instructor-led live clubs and a forum for writers to seek feedback.

00:04:18 – Using Autocrit for Writing
Katherine explains how authors can use Autocrit to upload their work, receive feedback on story themes, and ensure that their writing aligns with the conventions of their chosen genre.

00:07:57 – Understanding Story Structure
Alexa and Katherine discuss the importance of understanding story structure and genre conventions in writing fiction. They emphasize the value of tools like Autocrit in guiding writers through these elements.

00:12:53 – The Role of AI Tools in Writing
Alexa and Katherine acknowledge the value of AI tools like Autocrit in the writing process but emphasize the continued importance of human feedback and editing in producing a high-quality book.

00:14:23 – Autocrat's Creative Process
Autocrat provides suggestions and thoughts but does not write for the writer. Katherine shares her positive experience with AI tools for writers and how it helped her overcome writer's block.

00:15:20 – Overcoming Writer's Block
Katherine discusses how AI tools like Autocrat helped her get unstuck in her writing process and provided her with new ideas to move forward with her book.

00:16:19 – AI Assistance
Autocrat offers a “what happens next” feature to help writers navigate through their writing process. Katherine highlights the benefits of AI tools being trained by actual books and how it can provide valuable guidance for writers.

00:18:53 – Autocrat vs. Other Writing Tools
Katherine explains how Autocrat stands out by offering a range of functions in one platform, including voice-to-text dictation. She also discusses the ability to use Autocrat alongside other tools like Grammarly for a comprehensive writing process.

00:24:24 – Cost-Effective Editing with Autocrat
Katherine shares her personal experience of using Autocrat to reduce editing costs and improve the quality of her writing. She emphasizes the long-term benefits of investing in writing tools like Autocrat.

00:27:15 – The Importance of Investing in Writing Tools
Katherine discusses the financial impact of investing in writing tools and emphasizes the importance of making informed decisions about whether a tool is beneficial for writers.

00:27:36 – Identifying Structural Issues in Writing
Katherine highlights the significance of identifying structural or developmental issues in books, especially for writers who are still learning their genre or struggling to find readers and sales. She encourages writers to use tools like Autocrit for assessment and improvement.

00:28:16 – Special Deal on Lifetime License
The host mentions a special deal on a lifetime license offered by Autocrit, emphasizing the value it brings to writers. The audience is directed to the website for more information and to take advantage of the deal.

00:29:12 – Investment in Writer Improvement
The conversation emphasizes the commitment of companies like Autocrit to help writers improve their craft, reduce editing costs, enhance sales, and develop their brand. The tools also provide valuable insights for marketing and messaging.

00:29:49 – Autocrit's Support for Writers
Katherine expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to represent Autocrit and the benefits she has personally experienced as a writer. The host acknowledges the support of Autocrit as a sponsor and praises the deal provided for the community.

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