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Decoding Book Publicity, with Lilian Sue

What's Holding You Back from Seeking PR for Your Book? Learn how to develop a successful PR strategy that will position you as a global industry leader, step by step! Learn how to: Develop a healthy & strong PR mindset by setting the right goals and creating mantras that will help you move past mindset […]


How to Create and Sell Digital Products for Additional Revenue Streams (without feeling stupid or salesy)

Title: How to Create and Sell Digital Products for Additional Revenue Streams (without feeling stupid or salesy) Writing costs money. Blogging, growing an email list, spending hours upon hours with your nose to a screen, cranking out chapters in preparation for the big publishing goal... somebody has to cover the costs incurred while you're building […]


GracePoint & WIP Summit 2 – Day Author Challenge

Join us February 15th and 16th for a FREE 2-day challenge for authors! We've partnered with our Platinum Sponsor, GracePoint Publishing, to bring you a free 2-day event. This event is BEST SUITED for speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and those who are also creating transformative courses. What you’ll get during the challenge: A clear synopsis of […]


Email Marketing for More Book Sales

Learn the basics of email marketing that will enable you to make more book sales while building a community that can't wait for you next book.  Walk away knowing exactly what to write in your emails, how to set up your email sequence, how to write emails quickly and joyfully, and one easy sequence that […]


Working With Your Launch Team

Build a Super Engaged Launch Team A high energy team leads to a fun and successful book launch A super engaged launch team can make all the difference for your book launch! Your launch team, sometimes referred to as a “street team,” is the front line of your book launch and will be your book’s […]


Writing Compelling Nonfiction with Jackie Haley

There's a world of readers out there that need your nonfiction book. You may think of nonfiction as being dry or boring, but creative storytelling isn't just for fiction writers.  What do popular nonfiction authors like Brené Brown, Michael Lewis and Malcom Gladwell have in common? They use storytelling to engage their readers and effective […]


Amazon Ads with Brian Berni

The Ins and Outs of Amazon Ads, With a Live Demo! In this workshop, Brian Berni of BookAds will walk us through all there is to know about Amazon Ads. You will learn why paid advertising needs to be a critical component of your book-marketing, the fours ‘essentials’ you need to have in place before you […]


Self-Editing Tips to Get The Most From Your Professional Editor

Join us for this workshop with JoEllen Nordstrom of FirstEditing! Self-editing is the process of correcting errors, improving structure, and fine-tuning word choice in your own writing. In an ideal world, you would delegate these tasks to a professional editor, like First Editing. The importance of editing in the writing process cannot be overstated. In […]