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Developing Deep Point of View

DEVELOPING DEEP POINT OF VIEW Developing Deep Point of View (POV) presents many challenges—which character, how many, and an opportunity to tell the story from a unique perspective. Deep point of view fully immerses the reader in the character's lives. It's a step above and beyond just showing their perspective. The first person POV example […]


Explore Plottr with Cay Templeton

Have you heard of Plottr? Plottr is considered the #1 visual book planning and story bible software. With Plottr you can write your books the way you think. You can outline faster, organize smarter, and turbocharge your productivity! Not sure exactly how it works? Join Cay Templeton in exploring Plottr's uses and how you can add this […]

Brainstorming Your Novel

BRAINSTORMING YOUR NOVEL Come join Linda Needham in a hands-on, interactive brainstorming workshop and learn how to turn your idea from a what-if spark into a dynamic, bestselling novel. Work through the brainstorming process with Linda in real time and bring a book idea if you're joining us for this workshop! In this in-depth, hands-on […]


Set Yourself Up For Success: How to Benefit from Free & Paid Speaking Opportunities

Let's crack the nut on how to make sure you're benefitting from every speaking engagement! Whether it's a free summit, webinar, or a podcast interview, or an in person event, Alexa will teach you how to ensure you're getting the most from these events! In this live workshop with Alexa Bigwarfe, you will learn:  How […]


Making Your Keywords Work For You

MAKING YOUR KEYWORDS WORK FOR YOU Metadata, especially keywords, can be overlooked and undervalued when it comes to publishing. Authors can be overwhelmed with all the steps they have to take to publish and can sail through picking the keywords without fully understanding the value of them. Keywords are especially important when your book is […]


Marketing and Selling Books to the K-12 School Market with Jane R Wood

Schools can be a lucrative market for authors and publishers, but their priorities are different from other buyers. Educators at the local, district, and state levels are looking for books that will reinforce what is being taught in their classrooms. In "Marketing and Selling Your Books to the K-12 School Market," Join Jane R. Wood […]

Harnessing the Power of Pinterest for Authors, Illustrators, and Publishers with Debbie Gonzales

Discover the path to Pinterest success with Deb Gonzales - author, educator, and Pinterest Marketing Specialist: Learn how to unleash your creativity and captivate your audience on this dynamic platform! No matter the genre, age-level, or subject-matter, with over 459 million people using Pinterest on a monthly basis, all authors, illustrators, publishers, and book sellers […]

Developing Characters Readers Can’t Quit

DEVELOPING CHARACTERS READERS CAN'T QUIT Explore the finer points of developing fictional characters readers will love. Whether you are world-building, fighting crime, or writing romance, your main characters drive the plot. Make sure they compel your readers to follow them throughout the story and perhaps into a series. In this short workshop, you’ll come away […]


5 Steps to Creating a Killer Outline for Your Non-Fiction Book with Lanette Pottle

In "5 Steps to Creating a Killer Outline for Your Non-Fiction Book" new authors will learn how to create an outline so good their book almost writes itself - without using AI. Ever felt that writing a non-fiction book is like wading through thick mud? Let transformational book coach Lanette Pottle guide you to a […]

Crafting Must-Read Backstory for Romance Writers with Kris Kennedy

Backstory. Ugh. Or yay?? Love it or hate it, backstory is one of most powerful dramatic tools storytellers have at their disposal. It can power up plot, add fuel to character arcs, infuse your scenes with tension and stakes, and create dramatic turns that push the story forward. It can even hand you theme. Unfortunately, […]

The Writing Workout with Kate Johnston

The Writing Workout - exercises and strategies to jumpstart your imagination and write with confidence is a fun, interactive workshop that shows writers a variety of ways to hone their creativity and feel good doing it. The Writing Workout is designed to strengthen creativity and inspire writers in the form of unique exercises and prompts. […]

Bonus Pre-Conference Networking Panel with Linda Ruggeri, Brittany Dowdle, Vanessa Tharp, and Cay Templeton

Linda Ruggeri Linda Ruggeri is a bilingual (English/Spanish) freelance nonfiction editor, and an award-winning author based out Los Angeles. Her book Networking for Freelance Editors won a 2022 Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal award. Linda has given networking presentations for the Editorial Freelancer's Association, the Professional Editors Network, the Publishing Professionals Network as well as many […]