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Brand, Book, Bestseller with Tenita Johnson

Brand, Book, Bestseller: How to Write the One Book that's Going to Boost Your Brand and Accelerate Your Paydays Brand, Book, Bestseller is a signature presentation for ensuring that you not only build a solid brand based on your book, but that you position yourself as the expert in your industry--allowing you to accelerate your […]


Content Marketing Strategy VIP Day

Join Alexa Bigwarfe for a VIP Day focused on developing YOUR content marketing strategy to grow your audience and help you sell more books, coaching, courses, and so forth. This VIP Day is limited to TEN people so we can get personal and Alexa can offer individualized feedback! In this VIP Day, you'll receive a […]


The Fiction Marketing Academy – A Free virtual marketing conference for fiction authors

Exciting News! Brian Berni and Philip Duncan are back with their most electrifying project yet: Fiction Marketing Academy 3.0! Check out a sample of who’s speaking at this event…Evan Gow, Karen Ferreira, Tom Morkes, Mark Lefebvre, Ricardo Fayet, Matty Dalrymple, AND ME and so many others! This is bound to be an amazing event! Don't […]

Children’s Book Mastery: Two Special Kids Book VIP Days!

Join Us For Two Special Kids Book VIP Days with Alexa Bigwarfe and Karen Ferreira! Here’s What’s Included When You Enroll: Two days, 6 hours a day, of training from two industry experts on how to succeed with your illustrations, book creation, publishing, printing, distribution and pre-launch, launch and post-launch marketing Detailed worksheets and checklists […]