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Categories and Keywords with PublisherRocket

Rocket to the top of the best-seller list on Amazon In this hour long webinar, we'll dive into the details of how Keywords and Categories work on Amazon, tactics authors can use to gain traction, and optimization for effective sales results. Included topics are: - Finding profitable keywords that users actually search for on Amazon […]

WIP Summit Webinar Series: Your Book is Your Hook!

Your Book is Your Hook! is a GOLD sponsor of the 2023 Women in Publishing Summit. Join us for this webinar with Your Book Is Your Hook! founder, Jennifer S. Wilkov. The 5 Ways to Publish to Build Your Audience Every writer writes a book with the intention to publish it, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction […]

WIP Summit Webinar Series: GracePoint Publishing

We're proud to welcome GracePoint Publishing as a Gold sponsor of the 2023 Women in Publishing Summit! Join us for a webinar with GracePoint Publishing co-founder, Michelle Vandepas. Topic: Outlining Your Book In her talk, Michelle will go over the importance of creating an outline and what elements to consider when planning to write your […]

WIP Summit Webinar Series: Bublish

We're so happy to welcome back Bublish as a Silver sponsor of the 2023 Women in Publishing Summit! Join us for a webinar with Kathy Meis, Founder of Bublish. About Bublish: At Bublish we empower entrepreneurial authors (we call them "authorpreneurs"​) with the technology, tools, programs and resources they need to achieve success they way […]

WIP Summit Webinar Series: ProWritingAid

A warm welcome back to our friends at ProWritingAid, who are a Silver sponsor of the 2023 Women In Publishing Summit! Last year, the team at ProWritingAid presented a NaNoWriMo-themed webinar that was so well-recieved, that we've asked them to do it again. Even if you aren't doing NaNoWriMo, this webinar will be invaluable as […]

Amazon Ads with Brian Berni

The Ins and Outs of Amazon Ads, With a Live Demo! In this workshop, Brian Berni of BookAds will walk us through all there is to know about Amazon Ads. You will learn why paid advertising needs to be a critical component of your book-marketing, the fours ‘essentials’ you need to have in place before you […]


Self-Editing Tips to Get The Most From Your Professional Editor

Join us for this workshop with JoEllen Nordstrom of FirstEditing! Self-editing is the process of correcting errors, improving structure, and fine-tuning word choice in your own writing. In an ideal world, you would delegate these tasks to a professional editor, like First Editing. The importance of editing in the writing process cannot be overstated. In […]