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Common Mistakes Authors Make and How to Avoid Them

In this webinar, WIP Summit founder Alexa Bigwarfe will provide an overview of common mistakes authors make, and provide resources for avoiding or course-correcting those mistakes. This webinar is for both new and veteran authors, and unpublished writers. The replay and slide deck will be provided. Closed captions are available for this event. Register at […]

TikTok for Authors

TikTok is taking the book industry by storm, and retailers are taking notice! #BookTok is a powerhouse for book sales and an amazing resource for reader engagement. We're bringing in Cayce LaCorte, our resident TikTok expert for a workshop to learn all about BookTok and why authors should be using it. Learn more and register […]


Grant writing for Authors

How to Fund Your Mission and Bulk Book Sales through Grants Even if you have no idea how to get a grant and it sounds hard, Laura's approach can walk you through the process! If you can tell a story as an author or coach, you can tell your story in a grant. Laura has […]


Productivity for Authors

Join us for a round table discussion with tips and resources for productivity! In this wild covid world, we can become easily overwhelmed. This panel of guests will share their best tips on how to stay productive, even when life tries to derail you! Register here:  

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews for Authors You've probably seen the box on Amazon for Editorial Reviews and maybe wondered what that's for. Yes, it's sites like Kirkus, but those aren't the only types of editorial reviews. And you don't have to pay for them in all circumstances. So why do you need them? Where do you get […]


Finding your ideal reader with Grace Point Publishing

Connecting with your ideal reader is one of the most important steps of marketing a book. Join Alexa Bigwarfe, host of the Women in Publishing Summit, and Michelle Vandepas, CEO of Grace Point Publishing, as Michelle walks us through an intuitive exercise to determine who your ideal reader is. Once you know this, you can […]

Book Distribution Can Make or Break Book Sales—What You Need to Know

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 | 1PM EST   In addition to learning how to craft, publish, and market a book, authors also need to understand the ins-and-outs of book distribution. Why? Because mastering the back-end systems the back-end distribution systems that drive discoverability and sales is key to your success. With more than 30 years […]

Elements of a Scene with Ines Johnson

Vital Scene Elements that Every Story Needs Just like every movie needs a scene, books need a scene with a few other key ingredients too! Strengthen Your Story by Learning How to String Together Scenes Every good story needs a few key ingredients: characters, actions, and descriptions. When writing a book it’s important to take […]


Producing Your First Audiobook

Producing Your First Audiobook, with Sherry Ward of Square Tree Publishing This free workshop will be a detailed look at the processes and requirements for creating an audiobook of your written work. We will give you the step-by-step process and the affordable equipment you will need in order to produce a professional sounding audiobook. Register […]

Your Editing Journey: How to Navigate Your Story Edit, Copy Edit, and Professional Edit Before Publishing


Editing is essential to publishing, so we have brought in experts to help you. Fictionary, ProWritingAid, and FirstEditing have combined editing forces to help authors tell powerful stories. Fictionary’s game-changing writing & editing software, ProWritingAid’s state-of-the-art copy editing platform, and FirstEditing’s certified StoryCoach editors are redefining the editing landscape. These women combine the newest, state-of-the-art techniques with professional publishing experience to create […]

Decoding Book Publicity, with Lilian Sue

What's Holding You Back from Seeking PR for Your Book? Learn how to develop a successful PR strategy that will position you as a global industry leader, step by step! Learn how to: Develop a healthy & strong PR mindset by setting the right goals and creating mantras that will help you move past mindset […]