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WIP Webinar Series: Free Consumer Data and Insights: Informing Your Marketing Strategy

Women in Publishing Summit Sponsor: IngramSpark Every consumer leaves behind little bits of data in the wake of their online journey—on your website, on social media platforms, and other online communities. There are also a number of resources where you can understand the audience that might not be engaging with your brand... yet. This session […]

Brand, Book, Bestseller with Tenita Johnson

Brand, Book, Bestseller: How to Write the One Book that's Going to Boost Your Brand and Accelerate Your Paydays Brand, Book, Bestseller is a signature presentation for ensuring that you not only build a solid brand based on your book, but that you position yourself as the expert in your industry--allowing you to accelerate your […]


WIP Webinar Series: How to Write a Nonfiction Book People Actually Want to Read

Women in Publishing Summit Sponsor: Dr. Cindy Childress You won't suffer from "author shame" after you publish your book... if you ignore the advice to "just sit down and write." Instead, master my three pro-writer tips for nonfiction authors to write a book you'll be proud to share. Get clarity on: 1. Who you're writing […]

Content Marketing Strategy VIP Day

Join Alexa Bigwarfe for a VIP Day focused on developing YOUR content marketing strategy to grow your audience and help you sell more books, coaching, courses, and so forth. This VIP Day is limited to TEN people so we can get personal and Alexa can offer individualized feedback! In this VIP Day, you'll receive a […]


Working with BookBaby

In this open discussion webinar, learn from the experts at BookBaby about book cover design, book marketing on social media, and how the self-publishing process works with BookBaby. BookBaby is a Bronze Sponsor of the Women in Publishing Summit. They provide a full service suite for self-publishing assist as well as many a la carte […]

MS Word Tips and Tricks for Writers with Falguni Jain

FROM DOCUMENT TO MANUSCRIPT Inspired by Falguni Jain's experience working with writers who were not using MS Word to its fullest potential, this workshop covers the tips and tricks that transform a document into a working manuscript, ready for collaboration and editing. If you're writing your book in Word and need some training on the […]


WIP Webinar Series: BookFunnel

Presented by Women in Publishing Summit sponsor, BookFunnel Building Your Book Funnel with BookFunnel! Have you already published your first book? Have you created your book funnel for those so-important first readers? If not, let Damon Courtney, CEO of BookFunnel, walk you through it. We'll go over how to get started with a really simple […]

Build a Million Dollar Book Business with Honoree Corder

Who doesn't want to imagine a million dollar business that is created from the concepts you've created in your nonfiction book? Have you ever wondered why building multiple income streams is important as an author? (Income streams = other ways to earn money in addition to your book sales.) Do you want to know more […]

Publisher Training Extravaganza

Last year we offered a very successful 1-day VIP training event for new publishers, people who want to become publishers, and coaches, consultants, and freelancers who work with editors in an author assist capacity. This year, it's BACK but a little different! Instead of a 1-day intensive, we'll be doing a series of workshops spread […]

DIY Your Author Website With Pub Site

Thinking about using Pub Site to set up your author website? Join Alexa as she shows off the back end and how to use Pub Site to easily create your author website and sell your books. This will be recorded and sent out to everyone who registers, or you can find it after the fact […]

Developing Deep Point of View

DEVELOPING DEEP POINT OF VIEW Developing Deep Point of View (POV) presents many challenges—which character, how many, and an opportunity to tell the story from a unique perspective. Deep point of view fully immerses the reader in the character's lives. It's a step above and beyond just showing their perspective. The first person POV example […]


Seven Easy Steps to Craft Your Unique Style as a Writer with Sara Letourneau

Are you working on a book but aren't sure what kind of voice (aka writing style) you want for it? Or maybe your fear of not knowing what you want your writing to "sound like" is getting in your way, and your progress on the book is stalling? Then join Sara Letourneau, book coach/editor at […]