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WIP Summit Webinar Series: Ruth L. Snyder – Transform Twitter into a Reader Generation Machine Using Twitter Spaces

Transform Twitter into a Reader Generation Machine Using Twitter Spaces Our  April guest expert is Ruth L. Snyder. In this free webinar, discover how to: Use Twitter Spaces, a social audio platform, which is providing powerful new opportunities for authors to grow their audience and build relationships with their fans. Ruth L. Snyder will introduce […]

Working With Your Launch Team

Build a Super Engaged Launch Team A high energy team leads to a fun and successful book launch A super engaged launch team can make all the difference for your book launch! Your launch team, sometimes referred to as a “street team,” is the front line of your book launch and will be your book’s […]


WIP Summit Webinar Series: Evan Gow, StoryOrigin

Finding High Quality Reviewers and Building Your Mailing List Our guest expert is Evan Gow.  In this free webinar, discover how to: Leverage the power of community to build your audience Find and use newsletter swaps to grow your mailing list through cross-promotions Vet potential reviewers Write a welcome email sequence All about StoryOrigin! Presenter […]

Children’s Book Mastery Free Summit

Discover how to successfully plan, write, revise, publish and market your children's books and more! Learn more and get your free ticket to this virtual conference right here.

Writing Compelling Nonfiction with Jackie Haley

There's a world of readers out there that need your nonfiction book. You may think of nonfiction as being dry or boring, but creative storytelling isn't just for fiction writers.  What do popular nonfiction authors like Brené Brown, Michael Lewis and Malcom Gladwell have in common? They use storytelling to engage their readers and effective […]


WIP Summit Webinar Series: JoEllen Nordström – Editing Your Nonfiction Book

In this free webinar, discover how a professional editor evaluates and edits your book. Learn the difference between structural editing, line editing, and copy editing. Find out what you need and how to hire the editor that is right for you and your book. Presenter Bio: JoEllen Nordström hosts the Publishing Power Podcast for authors. […]

WIP Summit Webinar Series: Tina Dietz

Unleashing Your Voice to Millions - Audiobook Publishing & Marketing Did you know that over 4.8 billion dollars in audiobook sales were generated in 2021? Audiobook publishing is growing at a rate 3 times faster than any other format. Walk down any street and you’ll see people soaking in information through their phones - will […]

A Book Marketer’s Guide to Crafting a Powerful Marketing Message

Are you struggling to grow your platform? Does it seem impossible to attract the right audience for your meaningful words? Join Lindsey Hartz, the CEO and Lead Marketing Strategist at Ignite Your Book Marketing, as she teaches you the key elements of creating an effective marketing message for your author brand.   REGISTER HERE for […]

Categories and Keywords with PublisherRocket

Rocket to the top of the best-seller list on Amazon In this hour long webinar, we'll dive into the details of how Keywords and Categories work on Amazon, tactics authors can use to gain traction, and optimization for effective sales results. Included topics are: - Finding profitable keywords that users actually search for on Amazon […]