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WIP Thursday Webinar Series: Finding Ideal Podcasts for Author Visibility

Build your author brand with podcasts! We're thrilled to welcome Alex Sanfilippo, founder of PodMatch, to talk about the best way to tackle the podcast pitching process. Alex will explain how to move beyond pitching to book and author-related podcasts to find podcasts that align with your brand and niche, actually helping grow your audience […]

WIP Summit Webinar Series: Evan Gow, StoryOrigin

Finding High Quality Reviewers and Building Your Mailing List Our guest expert is Evan Gow.  In this free webinar, discover how to: Leverage the power of community to build your audience Find and use newsletter swaps to grow your mailing list through cross-promotions Vet potential reviewers Write a welcome email sequence All about StoryOrigin! Presenter […]

Categories and Keywords with PublisherRocket

Rocket to the top of the best-seller list on Amazon In this hour long webinar, we'll dive into the details of how Keywords and Categories work on Amazon, tactics authors can use to gain traction, and optimization for effective sales results. Included topics are: - Finding profitable keywords that users actually search for on Amazon […]

Selling Your Book Directly – With or WithOUT a Website

Join Alexa Bigwarfe for the how, why, and the key tools to sell your book from your website - or directly from a sales cart - bypassing third party sites and earning more + building your email list. By the end of this webinar you'll know: 1 - Why you should sell a book direct […]

Content Marketing Strategy VIP Day

Join Alexa Bigwarfe for a VIP Day focused on developing YOUR content marketing strategy to grow your audience and help you sell more books, coaching, courses, and so forth. This VIP Day is limited to TEN people so we can get personal and Alexa can offer individualized feedback! In this VIP Day, you'll receive a […]


WIP Webinar Series: BookFunnel

Presented by Women in Publishing Summit sponsor, BookFunnel Building Your Book Funnel with BookFunnel! Have you already published your first book? Have you created your book funnel for those so-important first readers? If not, let Damon Courtney, CEO of BookFunnel, walk you through it. We'll go over how to get started with a really simple […]