Most Commonly Asked Questions

Please reach out to us IMMEDIATELY at if you have purchased a ticket and not received any emails. Also, check your Spam.

2024 Conference

What Time Zone are your sessions in?

Everything we do is in United States Eastern Standard Time (or Eastern Daylight Time) – which we abbreviate to ET. This is the same time zone as New York, for the non Americans. We try to put this everywhere we post events, but if we miss, it's always Eastern Time/New York. This applies to all webinars, training events, and conference sessions.

I work a full-time job or am not available all days the week of the event. Will it be recorded and how long do I have access?

Good news! Everything is recorded. You'll be able to access the content until December 31, 2024, so if you can't be there live, it's okay! If you're able to take at least one day off of work and join us live, we'd love to have you in the networking sessions, but we understand if this is not possible.

Can I see the schedule to decide if it's worth purchasing a ticket?

Yes, the schedule can be accessed from the home page and the speakers page.

Are there any FREE events?

Yes. We host free webinars each month, sometimes more than one. There will be several free events the week prior to the conference.

Be sure to check out the EVENTS page to register for these.

I purchased a ticket and am not receiving the emails.  

Please check your spam, as these will often wind up there. If it's possible that you used a different email address to register, please check your other accounts. Search for emails from Make sure you add this email to your address book. 

The most common reasons we see for people NOT receiving the emails are:

1 – You haven't actually purchased a ticket yet.  You can register on our homepage at

2 – Your emails are going to spam or another folder. Do a search of your inbox and spam for

3 – Your host is blocking us… I don't have a solution for that other than trying to register with a different email or sending us an email directly to that we can hopefully reply to. You can also register through Facebook Messenger by going to our Facebook page – and sending us a message.

4 – You mistyped your email address. We've seen lots of bounced emails with a gmail.xcom or gmail.con, etc. If you're certain you registered and you've checked for spam and other folders, there's a good chance this is what happened. Email us at if you feel this may be the case.

5 – You live in a GDPR country and did not confirm your subscription to our mailing list.

6 – You previously unsubscribed from our emails. If you used to receive emails from us and they stopped, this is likely the case. Send us an email at and we'll look into it!

Emails about your purchase:  If you purchased a ticket, you will have received receipts with the link and an additional email from with the link and instructions for accessing. Please search your spam and full inbox for those emails.

Do you live in a GDPR regulated country? If YES, you must CONFIRM your subscription to our mailing list. Once you signed up, you should have received an email asking you to confirm. If you didn't confirm within 3 days, you were de-registered, so please send us an email at

I have an AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail address, and I'm not getting the emails. I've even checked my spam! Nearly 99% of the people reporting that they haven't gotten the emails have a AOL/Yahoo/Hotmail address. We don't know why this is, we're sorry but your server is trashing our emails.  First, as suggested above, add to your address book (whitelist). Second, consider using an alternative email address. Gmail addresses seem to be the most reliable, or an address with personal/company domain. 

Where's the Conference Workbook? The Workbook will be delivered to attendees the week prior to the event. It will also be available on the conference dashboard. 

Where are the presentations?

The recordings will be available in the days following the event. We ask for at 24-72 hours after the day of the presentation to get everything loaded. You will find the links for the replays in the conference portal, which will be accessible by ticket holders. If you aren't receiving emails, check your spam. If they aren't in spam, please email us at 

I can't get the website to load.  Users are reporting issues with Internet Explorer. Please consider switching to Chrome, Safari or Firefox. If none of that works, it's possible there is an outage. Please return to check in a bit.

I paid for the Conference Ticket and don't know how to access the conference. You should have received an email from confirming your purchase and providing the links to access everything – so check for this email. Everything will be in zoom rooms during the week of the event, and you'll have those links provided to you closer to the conference. There will be an orientation a few days prior to the event to answer questions. Check your email for more info.

I can't find the sponsor deals for Conference attendees.  All of the bonuses from sponsors are available on the Sponsors page. If there are any that are only available to conference ticket holders, you'll receive those via email or via the conference portal / dashboard.

Where do I find the live presentations? The live presentations will be available to those who have purchased a ticket. The limited free presentations will be live on the main website page and broadcast onto the Women in Publishing Summit Facebook page.

I'm really interested in being a speaker in next year's conference. Yay! Go here!

Do you sell per session tickets?  We do not sell per session tickets. Your ticket includes access to the live events, all the recordings and the WIP community.


If these don't answer your questions, please email us at