Most Commonly Asked Questions 2019

I thought the summit was free. Why do I keep seeing an option to Upgrade?  During the week of March 4th, all the presentations are available for free, for 48 hours after release, on our website. The All-Access Pass is a paid upgrade to our membership community that grants immediate and lifetime access to the presentations, along with bonuses and admission to our private Facebook group.

I am not getting the emails.  Please check your spam, and if it’s possible that you used a different email address to register, please check your other accounts. Search for emails from [email protected] Make sure you add this email to your address book. 

I have an AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail address, and I’m not getting the emails. I’ve even checked my spam! Nearly 99% of the people reporting that they haven’t gotten the emails have a AOL/Yahoo/Hotmail address. We don’t know why this is, we’re sorry but your server is trashing our emails.  First, as suggested above, add [email protected] to your address book. Second, consider using an alternative email address. Gmail addresses seem to be the most reliable, or an address with personal/company domain. 

Where are the presentations? You will not find them on the website without the direct links. Please make sure you are registered, and then check your email for links. If you aren’t receiving emails, check your spam. If they aren’t in spam, please email us at [email protected]

I can’t get the website to load.  Users are reporting issues with Internet Explorer. Please consider switching to Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

I didn’t get the email for Day 1. Here is the link to the Day 1 presentations, which will be available until Thursday.

I paid for the upgrade and don’t know how to access my All Access Pass. You should have received an emailed titled “Yes! You purchased the All Access Pass” – so check for this email. You’ll click on the link that will take you to the Thinkific page. You MUST Click on ENROLL.

I am clicking on the link in the AAP email and you can’t access the content.
Scroll to the top of the page and make sure you have clicked ENROLL. You must enroll with your email address and password, and then the materials will be available through your dashboard. DO NOT ENROLL with the LINKEDIN option. We consistently have issues with this.

If you’ve already enrolled and have forgotten where to go, Please go to and log into your dashboard. If you can’t remember your password, do a password reset.

I can’t find the bonuses for the 2019 All Access Pass.  The bonuses for the 2019 All Access Pass are inside the course. Please make sure you are enrolled in the 2019 course. If you aren’t, check the email you received when you purchased the All Access Pass for instructions on completing your enrollment.

Where do I find the live presentations? The live presentations can be found at and the schedule of all the live presentations is here:

I don’t want to use Facebook. Can I watch the Live presentations somewhere else? Yes! Once the presentations are done recording, we will load them to the presentation post. So check the link we sent for the presentation post and you’ll find the video there when it’s ready.

I’m really interested in being a speaker in next year’s conference. Yay! Go here!

If these don’t answer your questions, please email us at [email protected]

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