How to Make More Money by Selling Other Products With Your Book

Description: Cindy Tyler of Vervanté talks about all the products that authors can use to complement their books, such as cards, bookmarks, journals and more! This is a great way to make your launch more personalized and special AND upsell your readers.

Format: Video Q&A 

Level: This presentation is for all levels. 


Cindy Tyler

Cindy Tyler

CEO, Vervante Publishing

Cindy Tyler is founder and owner of Vervante, a publishing and distribution company with a 17-year track record. The Vervante team provides services for authors and infopreneurs to create and distribute books and a wide variety of products quickly and easily. Best of all, they do so without hidden fees or any hassle.  At the lowest point of the economic downturn in early 2000, Cindy launched Vervante on the hunch and strong belief that on-demand publishing was a trend gathering great speed.  The team at Vervante is proud to serve the publishing needs of world-class authors, infopreneurs and corporations who trust Vervante to publish and distribute their books and coaching materials.

Presented by Vervanté

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