So many of us write books because we want to have some sort of influence on the world. Even if it's a fiction book, we write largely because we want to create some sort of reaction… evoke some sort of emotion. Whether it begins strictly for our own needs or not.

Julie was no different. At one time in her career she was a powerful business woman on Wall Street, and she walked away from all of it when she realized she was unfulfilled and unhappy in her life. She spent the next few years building an audience talking about topics like gratitude and finding your true course in life, living in a fulfilled way.

When we started talking about her book, Awaken: 6 Sacred Steps to Remember Who You Are & Why You Are Here, Julie had several moments of absolute fear of releasing her book into the world. She experienced those moments of panic like we all do.

  • Should I launch this book?
  • Maybe I should just do a simple print run for my existing clients?
  • What if no one wants this book?

Julie was afraid that her book would fail… and this is a common fear!

At one point, Julie almost pulled the plug. I encouraged her to continue moving forward.

We came up with a launch strategy that felt good and aligned for her.

Now she had a very engaged and active Facebook group and a significant email list, so we leveraged those to the max.

Julie launched her book and had over 1,000 sales in her first week. It was incredible. Not only that, we chose smart awards programs to enter her book into, and she kept winning awards! She won 1st place in the Foreword Reviews, she was the award winner for Body/Mind/Spirit in the National Indie's Excellence Award, and several others. (Guess what? Winning in major book awards gets a lot of eyes on your book!)

She sent me this message:

Our sweet book keeps getting more and more recognition! I want to THANK YOU so much for holding the vision of this book when I wanted to run away from it 😉

Part of my role as a coach is to make sure I hold my authors to their vision, even when they doubt themselves. So this note from her really warmed my heart.

The world needed her book.

But without a proper launch strategy and implementation, the results might not have been as powerful.

She has 95 reviews on her book, and all but one of them are genuine and heartfelt 5-stars.

Sometimes when you feel afraid, what you need is someone who knows the right path to hold your hand to get you there.

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