The Women in Publishing Summit is here again and the team members can’t wait to share with you the most highly anticipated workshops. Whether you’re a writer, editor, or marketer, this summit has something for everyone. From the antagonist’s journey in a story to the secrets of best-selling self-help books, this summit is sure to bring you valuable insights and knowledge to further your writing career.

Here’s what some of our team members are most excited about:

Cayce LaCorte, Publishing Assistant is looking forward to “The Antagonistic Beats of a Story” by Judy L. Mohr. This workshop is perfect for those who love craft workshops. Cayce shares, “I’m a big fan of craft workshops and this seems like a really interesting one because we cover so much in the writing craft about your protagonist’s journey, story arc, etc. that we have fully covered that story when we write. I love that this session is talking about the antagonist’s journey. We all love a hero but give me a good villain any day.”

Lauren Udoh is looking forward to “What first-time authors need to know about editing” by Sandra Wendel. This workshop is perfect for first-time authors who want to know the value of editing. Lauren shares, “I am excited to attend Sandra Wendel’s workshop on editing, because editing is the secret sauce in having your book move from good to great. What do first-time authors need to know about editing? They need to know the value of it and I’m looking forward to hearing what Sandra has to share.”

Raewyn our marketing expert is highly excited about  “8 Secrets of Best-Selling Self-Help Books.” As a self-help bookworm who is passionate about the genre, she is interested in learning the secrets behind the best-selling self-help books and believes it will help her bring her own self-help book ideas to life. 

The Women in Publishing Summit is the perfect opportunity for writers, editors, and marketers to take their skills to the next level. With workshops covering a wide range of topics, everyone is sure to find something that they are passionate about. We hope that you found our team members’ insights on the workshops they are most excited about helpful, and we look forward to sharing their experiences after the summit.

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