PublishHER Podcast Episode 94: – Why Authors Should Know About this Organization!

As an indie author, do you want to support your local bookstores but feel confused about's mission? Have you heard the myths that takes away sales from indie bookstores, only supports bestselling authors, and charges high fees? Don't worry – I'm here to set the record straight and share the truth about how is actually benefiting indie authors and bookstores.

Insight Into The World Of Literary Agents

The 2023 Women in Publishing Summit featured what's known as a slush fest. The word slush refers to the slush pile of submitted manuscripts on an editor or agent's desk, usually sorted through by an assistant, with the most promising ones forwarded for further...

PublishHER Podcast Episode 91: Book Blurb Magic with Jessie Cunniffe

With a knack for uncovering hidden truths, Jessie Cunniffe made an unexpected discovery – the true power behind captivating book blurbs isn't the plot, but the characters' emotions and unique circumstances. Join us as Alexa talks to Jessie about her journey to unlock the secrets of blurb writing and empower authors to craft irresistibly engaging back cover descriptions. What will she uncover next?

PublishHER Podcast Episode 90: What Type of Editing Do You Need? With JoEllen Nordstrom

Are you tired of spending hours on editing your book with no tangible results? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of professional guidance you need to make your book truly shine? Discover the essential role of professional editing and how to find the perfect editor that can help you produce a flawless, captivating read.

Join us for this incredible event!

  • Live training workshops, special events, and Q&As with sponsors & speakers
  • Three tracks for Beginner/intermediate authors, advanced authors, and industry professionals
  • Special offers & discounts on tools & services from speakers & sponsors
  • Community support built in
  • New this year: Publisher Speed Dating!