A Special Welcome to the "Writing Romance Mastery Summit" Attendees!

Prepare early & Reduce the fear!

Thank you for joining me after seeing my presentation in the Romance Writer's Summit! I'm happy to provide you a free gift – my workshop called: Demystifying the Marketing Timeline.

Understanding the timeline for marketing, and all of the steps included in marketing a book, can greatly reduce the fear involved in marketing. Fear often stems from not knowing or understanding the things you need to do.

So click on the link below to access your FREE gift – Demystifying the Marketing Timeline – and learn the things you need to know so you can start preparing earlier!

And don't forget – marketing is about building relationships. But you can't build relationships if you don't know how, where, when, and why! So watch this workshop today, so you can start making your plan for where and how to show up in front of readers!