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Is book marketing getting you down?

Are you struggling with determining your target audience or creating a book marketing strategy?

Do you not know how to market?

Maybe the idea of marketing your book makes you feel gross or “sale-sy”?

This Book Is Going To Teach You:

  • the basic skills you need to effectively market your book
  • how to find your target audience and get yourself in front of them
  • what you NEED to do at a minimum to market your book – broken down by genres
  • provide a 90-day power plan to make it happen
  • encourage you along the way!

If you're going to be a successful author and sell more books, you're going to have to put in some time and effort. But it doesn't have to be scary – it can actually be fun!


Includes Guest Experts:

  • Angela J. Ford
  • Shayla Raquel
  • Amy Collins
  • Na'ima B. Robert
  • Otescia Johnson
  • Eva Lesko
  • Shelly Longenecker
  • Mel Storm
  • Kirsten Oliphant
  • Natasha Carlow
  • Roshanda Pratt
  • Annalisa Parent
  • Angela Applewhite
  • Nancy Cavillones
  • Kasie Whitener