We are  thrilled to announce our PLATINUM LEVEL sponsor for the conference, Thinkific!

ThinkificAttendees of last year’s summit might recall that All-Access Pass content was housed on Thinkific. In addition, all the courses we offer through Write|Publish|Sell are hosted on Thinkific. We love this product, and we are excited to bring you a presentation by Thinkific Co-Founder and COO, Miranda Lievers on how authors can leverage Thinkific in their author business.

Thinkific is a software platform that allows entrepreneurs to create, deliver and market their own online courses. You might be thinking to yourself, I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m an author!  At Write | Publish | Sell, we are fond of reminding authors that being an author is, indeed, a business. For example, one of our speakers, Joan Dempsey is a fiction author, and offers online writing classes.  And consider Kat Biggie Press author Lindsay Gibson, who published a memoir, and is now offering a memoir writing course.

[bctt tweet=”A book is only the beginning. You can build on the success of your book by developing courses on @thinkific that align with the mission of your book, whether you write fiction or non-fiction. ” username=”writepubsell”]

Thinkific is  doing some great things working with authors these days to help build courses and ways to bring in more money from your books and author platform. Miranda will  talk about exactly what you can do with a course, how to create one, and why Thinkific is the tool for you.

As the Platinum Sponsor of the summit, Thinkific will be giving away TWO ANNUAL subscriptions to our 2019 All Access Pass holders.

To learn more about Thinkific, visit their website.

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