Alexa Bigwarfe had the chance to sit down face to face with Pam Sheppard, Auntie Pam as we call her in the WIP Summit Community, to discuss a range of topics, including literary citizenship, collaboration, and the importance of engagement in the marketplace when marketing your book.

In this episode of the PublishHer Podcast, host Alexa Bigwarfe interviews Pam Sheppard, a seasoned professional in the publishing industry. They delve into the topic of effectively positioning books in the marketplace and provide valuable insights for indie authors looking to gain visibility and engagement for their books. With Pam's extensive experience as a sales representative and market smart consultant, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation. By leveraging Pam's expertise and industry knowledge, authors can achieve greater success and reach a wider audience with their books. Tune in to learn practical strategies and techniques for effectively positioning your book in today's competitive market.

Collaborating with fellow authors can lead to incredible opportunities and support. From blurbs to newsletter swaps, there are endless ways to come together and promote each other's work. – Pam Shepard

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to unearth the benefits and necessities that collaboration introduces in the dynamic landscape of publishing.
  • Explore the powerful impact of diversity in shaping fruitful collaborations.
  • Grasp dynamic techniques to assert your book's position effectively in the competitive market.
  • Witness the significance of uplifting fellow authors through literary citizenship and what that means.
  • Decipher the relevance of the perspective on professional services payments in publishing.


Authors Supporting Authors

Collaboration plays a key role in the publishing industry. Not only does it cultivate the habit of sharing knowledge and resources, it also builds mutual respect amongst authors and service providers. By working together, we can create something far greater than what we could achieve individually, advancing the industry as a whole.

Key Takeaways

  • The value of diverse perspectives in the publishing industry cannot be understated.
  • Check out these market-friendly strategies to slot your books effectively in the market flank.
  • Appreciate the role you can play in the author community.

Memorable Moments:

00:02:44 – Collaboration and Mutual Respect,
Alexa and Pam discuss how their collaboration developed out of mutual respect for each other's experience. They highlight the importance of recognizing the value of what each person brings to the table and working together for mutual benefit.

00:08:35 – Collaboration Among Authors,
The hosts talk about the various ways authors can collaborate and support each other, such as reviewing each other's books, sharing on social media, and participating in group promotions. They emphasize the concept of literary citizenship and how collaboration can benefit the entire author community.

00:16:16 – Literary Citizenship and Professional Boundaries,
The guests discuss the concept of literary citizenship and the importance of sharing knowledge and resources within the community. They also address the need to establish professional boundaries and negotiate tasks when seeking advice from professionals.

00:30:01 – Building a Supportive Community,
The conversation starts with the importance of community support in the publishing industry. Both the host and guest emphasize that their success is not solely due to their own efforts, but also the support they receive from others in their community. They discuss how supporting each other's work can lead to success, such as when someone's book reached number one on the charts because of community support.

00:31:39 – Personal Connections in the Community,
The host and guest discuss the personal connections they have made within their community. They mention that while they may not know everyone deeply, there is a mutual respect and understanding within the publishing business. They highlight the value of having personal, non-publishing-related conversations with like-minded individuals.

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