Continuing our discussion on using books to write about the things that matter and advocate for knowledge, understanding, and change, this episode is an interview with Dr. Tameka Ellington and her decision to write the book: “Black Hair in a White World”

This episode sheds light on the importance of addressing sensitive issues that matter to you through writing. It also provides insight into the challenges of promoting books that address sensitive topics and emphasizes the significance of understanding and acceptance, making it a must-listen for writers and readers aspiring to tackle social justice issues.

Books and resources can be such an important tool in helping us create empathy, knowledge, and understanding. It's critical to humanize the experiences of others and learn from their stories. – Dr. Tamika Ellington

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Dr. Ellington's journey to write this book, despite it being outside of her normal areas of focused
  • Why she was so passionate about bringing the topic of Black hair to the forefront
  • Writing about difficult topics
  • Why writers shouldn't be afraid to bring their message to the world
  • Tips for authors who do want to advocate/ bring about activism through the books
  • Her book, Black Hair in a White World

Societal Impact and Meaningful Change That Matters

Dr. Ellington's work offers a deep dive into the significance of black hair in the societal context, shedding light on its historical, cultural, and aesthetic connotations. By unraveling this subject, she aims at encouraging a better understanding of the black community, thus bringing about meaningful societal change. The subsequent awareness can perhaps pave the way for eliminating biases, thereby fostering a more inclusive society.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the need for legislation like the Crown Act to prevent discrimination and foster inclusivity.
  • Extend the conversation on sensitive topics to various areas of society, shedding light on its significance and implications.
  • Promote empathy, understanding, and knowledgethrough your writing to inspire positive social transformation.


Memorable Moments:

00:01:31 – Dr. Tamika Ellington's Background and Inspiration
Dr. Tamika Ellington shares her journey from fashion design to academic research on black hair and body image. Her work has led to the publication of multiple books, including “Black Hair in a White World.”

00:11:31 – Advice for Addressing Social Justice Topics in Writing
Dr. Tamika advises maintaining authenticity and truth when addressing social justice issues in writing. Authenticity plays a key role in successfully navigating controversial topics and making a meaningful impact.

00:23:39 – Knowledge, Compassion, and Understanding
Tameka and Alexa emphasize the power of knowledge in fostering compassion and understanding for social justice issues. They discuss the importance of learning about and empathizing with others' experiences to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

00:29:37 – Target Audience and Community Outreach
Tameka shares her target audience, focusing on empowering black women and girls, as well as working with organizations and corporate offices with women's ERG groups. She highlights the importance of community outreach in her work.

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