Fauzia Burke is a book marketing expert and pioneer of online book publicity.  In 2019, she co-founded Pub Site, a platform for building author websites and used by authors like Tom Clancy, Robin Cook, and hundreds more. Fauzia also does consulting and offers a “power hour” for authors needing marketing advice. Whether you’re a first-time author overwhelmed by the idea of building a brand or an experienced author wanting to take your marketing and publicity to the next level, Fauzia can help! She’s the author of Online Marketing for Busy Authors, and is based in San Diego, CA.   

With the goal of creating a successful launch for her book, Fauzia Burke tapped into her savvy marketing experience to develop an impactful website that will engage readers, build momentum, and establish a lasting community around her work.

Always think of the website as a before, during, and after project, and make it work for you. – Fauzia Burke

This is Fauzia Burke's story:

Through her experience, Fauzia Burke learned the importance of author websites pre and post-publication. She realized that a website should be viewed as a workhorse, constantly updated, and filled with unique content. Fauzia identified common pitfalls that many authors face in the digital age, such as waiting too long to create a website or relying solely on social media platforms. By sharing her knowledge and emphasizing the necessity of author websites to connect with readers, Fauzia has become a guiding force for countless authors, helping them grow their audience and achieve their goals.


In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Understand the significance of author websites throughout the entire publication journey.
  • Construct a captivating website with relevant book-related material to draw in potential readers.
  • Design distinct marketing strategies that stand out from the rest and cater to your specific objectives.
  • Cultivate authentic, joy-inspiring content that resonates with your audience and keeps them engaged.
  • Utilize Pubsite, a website builder that offers tailored solutions for aspiring and experienced authors alike.

Updating Your Website During and After Publishing

To maximize the impact of a book launch, authors should update their website with relevant content when the book is about to be released. This includes adding information such as the table of contents, book excerpts, and sample chapters as teasers for readers. This strategic content rollout not only builds anticipation but also serves as a promotion platform for getting noticed by media outlets for interviews and podcast appearances. Fauzia recommends updating your website at least six months before the book's release date, emphasizing the importance of keeping your website updated with all media appearances, events, and upcoming book releases. She suggests promoting a book for as long as it took to write it, stressing that authors should continue to utilize their website beyond the book release date to connect with their fans and build their mailing list. An updated and maintained website fosters a loyal reader base and ensures maximum visibility by establishing a lasting online presence that evolves with the author's career.

Key Takeaways

  • Build a professional-looking author website before starting the publishing process to showcase your commitment to the journey.
  • Update your website with relevant information about your book, such as table of contents, excerpts, sample chapters, and research, at least six months before its release.
  • Start building your mailing list as soon as possible to connect with potential readers and fans, even before your book is published.
  • Use your website to share blog posts and engage with readers.
  • Make sure your website is indexed by Google to improve visibility and searchability for your name and book title.
  • Continually update your website with new content, media appearances, podcasts, and other relevant information to keep readers engaged and interested in your work.
  • Promote your book for at least as long as it took you to write it, using your website as the central hub for your marketing efforts.
  • Plan your podcast and media appearances well in advance to build momentum around your book's publication and ensure you have a steady stream of publicity opportunities.

Memorable Moments:

00:05:33 – A Website Reflects Professionalism,
A website reflects an author's professionalism and commitment to their publishing journey. It helps publishers, agents, and book jacket designers understand an author's aesthetic and brand. A website also provides a space for readers to connect with an author and learn more about their writing skills, humor, and upcoming projects.

00:09:30 – Updating the Website During and After Publishing,
Fauzia recommends updating an author website six months before the book's release and continuing to add more material to the website after publishing. This includes adding information about the book's table of contents, characters, and excerpts, as well as media, podcasts, and events related to the book. 

00:32:14 – The Benefits of PubSite,
Fauzia discusses PubSite, the website-building platform she developed with her husband, John. She shares how their 20 years of experience building websites for authors and books helped them create a platform specifically designed for authors. PubSite is scalable, easy to use, and has ecommerce built-in, making it a perfect platform for authors to build their websites.

00:38:20 – PubSite's Marketing Tools,
Fauzia highlights the marketing tools available on PubSite, such as the calendar feature, which allows authors to display their upcoming events and engagements. She also mentions how PubSite is designed to cater to the specific needs of authors, providing follow buttons with links to Amazon and Goodreads.