JoEllen Nordström hosts the Publishing Power Podcast for authors. She is the chief word wizard and owner of First Editing. As a fellow publishing enthusiast, JoEllen co-authored her first two books as an authorpreneur in 2005. As a progressive leader, JoEllen is recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) as an elite National Pioneer Award winner. JoEllen's professional online editing company has helped over 50,000 writers with their words. 

Are you tired of spending hours on editing your book with no tangible results? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of professional guidance you need to make your book truly shine? Discover the essential role of professional editing and how to find the perfect editor that can help you produce a flawless, captivating read.

Editing is an art, just like writing, and it requires a specific talent and skill. – JoEllen Nordstrom

This is JoEllen Nordstrom's story:

JoEllen Nordstrom's journey in the world of editing started when she realized her own self-bound book needed a professional touch. After joining First Editing, she poured her energy into developing a division that caters to authors looking for the perfect editor. With thousands of manuscripts under her belt, JoEllen's passion for editing continues to grow, as she believes it's an essential step in producing a polished book that can compete in today's market.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of professional editing in creating impeccable books.
  • Choosing the right editor who can provide valuable input while honoring your author voice.
  • The comprehensive editing process, including developmental, line-by-line, and copy editing.
  • Fine-tuning your communications skills to build a successful partnership between authors and editors.
  • Absorbing the techniques to develop a supportive community and foster valuable connections within the publishing realm.


The Importance of Editing

Editing is crucial for authors who want to present a polished, error-free book that stands out in today's crowded market. A professional editor not only focuses on the technicalities of grammar and punctuation but also provides valuable insights on pacing, structure, clarity, and the overall readability of the manuscript. The editor can help refine the story and make it more engaging, ultimately increasing the chances of the book's success. In this episode, JoEllen emphasizes the importance of hiring a professional editor. She mentions that even bestselling authors have errors in their work, highlighting the need for expert editing to stay competitive. She recommends authors to be open to critique and collaborate with a reputable editor who can provide constructive criticism while respecting their work, goals, and unique authorial voice.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider hiring a content editor, story coach, or book coach to help with developmental editing, ensuring important elements are present in your book.
  • Look for an editing service that offers certified story coaches and vetted book coaches, such as First Editing, to ensure quality and consistency in your editing process.
  • Begin your editing process with developmental editing, focusing on the concept, idea, and presentation of your book.
  • Move on to line editing, ensuring the flow, tone, consistency, and presentation of your book aligns with your genre's expectations.
  • Complete the editing process with copy editing, focusing on grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, transitions, and voice.
  • Don't forget the importance of proofreading, checking for formatting errors and ensuring nothing was lost during the editing process.
  • Utilize software and artificial intelligence tools to help streamline the editing process and improve overall quality.

Memorable Moments:

00:09:09 – Levels of Editing,
JoEllen breaks down the different levels of editing, starting with developmental editing for both nonfiction and fiction, moving on to line editing, and finishing with copy editing before formatting.

00:13:11 – Importance of Line Editing,
JoEllen emphasizes the importance of line editing, as it ensures consistency in tone and presentation while also adhering to genre expectations.

00:20:13 – Choosing the Right Editor,
It's important to work with an editor who is a good fit for you and your book. Companies like First Editing offer a free editing sample to match you with the best editor for your needs. Freelance editors can be hit or miss, so it's essential to do your research and find someone who has the right qualifications.

00:26:03 – First Editing Services,
First Editing offers a wide range of editing services for fiction, non-fiction, academic, and research writing. Their website also features thousands of author testimonials and resources, including a podcast and educational videos. As a company, they prioritize professionalism, quality, and timely delivery to ensure that authors can focus on their creativity.