Liz Kelly is a publicist who loves helping authors find their WOW message and boil it down to the key and most exciting elements to garner the attention of media looking to feature you! Join us for some great tips on finding media coverage to promote your book.

Join Liz Kelly as she reveals how to master the art of PR and secure free publicity, including the ironic story of how she failed second grade but gained the gumption to pitch national media and book clients on top shows in just five minutes.

The secret is you want to use the power of threes and use things like emphasis statements. Just keep it simple and put that emphasis statement on there. – Liz Kelly

This is  Liz Kelly's story:

From failing second grade to becoming a renowned PR expert, Liz Kelly's journey has been anything but ordinary. Her unwavering determination was first tested when she fearlessly confronted her school principal about her missing report cards. This early gumption laid the foundation for her future success, as she later transitioned from the corporate world to the realm of public relations. Liz's passion for storytelling and helping others led her to write “Eight Second PR,” a book that empowers authors to capture media attention by crafting their own “Wow Story.”


After this episode, you will be able to:

  • Develop a captivating ‘Wow Story' that commands media attention.
  • Hone your skills to pitch like a pro and secure valuable guests and book features.
  • Discover the advantages of targeting niche podcasts for increased book sales and audience engagement.
  • Uncover the worth of traditional media in securing free publicity and audience growth.
  • Persist through challenges and tap into expert guidance for triumphant public relations outcomes.


Pitching to the Media

When attempting to reach media houses, it is crucial for authors to ensure the pitch is perfect, the timing is right, and the book is tailored for the targeted audience. This increases the chances of landing interviews and coverage. Alongside a compelling pitch, you should present yourself professionally and consider media training before appearing live in any format. In the podcast, Kelly shares a remarkable example of how a persistent and well-prepared pitch over eight months culminated in a CNN booking in under five minutes. She encourages authors to practice and persevere, emphasizing that persistence is key in capturing media attention. Being prepared with a perfect pitch, an attractive book, and the right timing can take authors a long way in earning media interest.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider doing your own PR with the help of the tips in Eight Second PR
  • Practice your sound bites and key points for media interviews, especially for TV appearances
  • Reach out to podcasts to reach your niche audience
  • Use emphasis statements and the power of threes to make your story stand out
  • Don't give up – keep trying and pitching until you get a yes from the media.

Memorable Moments:

00:06:33 – Developing a Wow Story,
Liz shares how authors can develop a wow story by making their story different from everyone else's. She provides examples of clients with powerful wow stories and discusses the importance of finding the perfect pitch at the perfect time with the perfect book.

00:17:55 – Using Podcasts for Publicity,
Liz discusses how podcasts can be advantageous for authors by providing more time to tell their stories, practice sound bites and reach a niche audience.

00:19:05 – How to Get $50,000 in Free Publicity,
Liz shares how a client who used her book, Eight Second PR, got $50,000 in publicity value from just one TV interview by having an engaging story, making it easy for the media, and promoting a helpful message to their audience.

00:21:27 – Finding Reporters on Social Media,
Liz suggests researching reporters on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram to find contacts and pitch your story to them.