WIP Sponsor Series: Introducing Old Mate Media with Kate Stead

WIP Sponsor Series: Introducing Old Mate Media with Kate Stead

Join Kate as she shares all that Old Mate Media has to offer as you embark on your publishing journey! Old Mate Media is a multi award-winning husband and wife team that has amassed over 40 years of experience in the global publishing industry. They specialise in children’s picture books, but also produce paperbacks, hard covers and digital eBooks across all genres.

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Book Marketing FUNdamentals with Alexa Bigwarfe

Book Marketing FUNdamentals with Alexa Bigwarfe

Book Marketing is TOUGH. There's a lot of advice about what to do and when to do it, but what is the right path for you?

Alexa Bigwarfe has over a decade of experience in launching books of all genres, and will teach you about the different kind of book launches, present the fundamentals around book launch & marketing strategies you need to know, whether you've launched already or not, and go over some key case studies and results.

Alexa will demonstrate that while marketing is often detested by authors, it can be a lot of FUN.

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The replay and slide deck will be provided. Closed captions are available for this event.

WIP Sponsor Series: Create a Gift Book, Journal or Card Deck with Lindsey Smith from Get it Done Productions

WIP Sponsor Series: Create a Gift Book, Journal or Card Deck with Lindsey Smith from Get it Done Productions

Whether you want a companion for an existing book or are interested in creating a stand-alone product, consider making a gift book, journal, or card deck. All are great options for either the traditional or self-publishing path—both of which we'll go over in this class. These products are unique and a way to generate an additional income stream. Taught by best-selling author and literary agent, Lindsey Smith, you'll learn:

Why card decks are so in demand and why now is the perfect time for writers, authors, and creators of all types to consider making one:

A. How to choose a topic and deck idea that sells
B. The different paths to publishing (traditional or self-publishing)
C. How to choose your path and what’s needed for each

Lindsey Smith—who has created and sold decks for herself and many others—is a literary agent at Speilburg Literary Agency, the founder of One Idea Press, and co-founder of Get It Done, a company where she created one of the world’s first online courses on book publishing. She is the bestselling author of eight books, including the award-winning cookbook Eat Your Feelings. Having worked in every facet of the publishing industry—from author, to publisher, to PR strategist to publicist, she knows the book industry inside and out.
Lindsey recently opened One Idea Books & Gifts in her hometown of Leechburg, PA. In her spare time, she dabbles in stand-up comedy and listens to way too many podcasts.

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Unlocking Visibility: Mastering Influencers, Promo Tours, and Book Boxes for Authors

Unlocking Visibility: Mastering Influencers, Promo Tours, and Book Boxes for Authors

Are you looking to have a really successful launch? We can help you! Using influencers as part of your ARC team, combined with other powerful promo tools, is a great strategy to build more buzz, garner more reviews, and get more sales during your launch. Our team has been running book launches for a decade and has developed a really solid process around using your advance team, sending influencer boxes, reaching out to influencers, and incorporating promo tours to further enhance the visibility of your book launch.

In this session, you'll learn how to make your book stand out using three powerful tools: influencer partnerships, promotional tours, and book boxes through these key modules:

  • Influencer Partnerships: Discover how to connect with influencers who can introduce your book to wider audiences
  • How to identify, reach out to, and collaborate with the right influencers for your genre
  • Promotional Tours: Find out how to organize effective online promo tours to generate buzz and engage directly with your readers
  • Book Boxes: Learn how to leverage the growing trend of book boxes to get your book into the hands of eager readers and collectors

Who Should Join?
This class is perfect for any author looking for targeted, effective strategies to increase their book's visibility quickly. Whether you're about to launch your first book or seeking to breathe new life into an existing title, this class will equip you with the tools you need to make a splash in the book world. Sign up now and take the first step towards cultivating a larger audience for the book you've worked so hard to create!

Includes a 45 minute workshop and up to 45 mins for interactive Q&A.

Register Today: https://writepublishsell.thrivecart.com/working-with-influencers/

(This workshop is free for WIP School members!)

WIP Sponsor Series: The Future of Independent Publishing & How Bublish is Helping Authors with Kathy Meis

WIP Sponsor Series: The Future of Independent Publishing & How Bublish is Helping Authors with Kathy Meis

The advances and technology changes impacting publishing are both exciting and daunting. This webinar will be a look at some of the new technology advances that are helping authors navigate the positioning of their books in the marketplace and their marketing. Kathy Meis, CEO & Founder of Bublish will share what's new for authors, and share some of the strategies and programs Bublish offers to authors.

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WIP Sponsor Series: Luminare Press Self-Publishing Framework with Patricia Marshall

WIP Sponsor Series: Luminare Press Self-Publishing Framework with Patricia Marshall

Learn how to publish your book using the same publishing framework as traditional publishers.

In this webinar you’ll learn the framework for book publishing that traditional publishers use, including:

• How to prepare your manuscript for publishing.
• How to design a book that supports your writing and marketing efforts
• How optimize your POD and ebook distribution to maximize book sales and royalties

Publishing a professional book demands a lot of attention. This webinar will offer information and resources for each step and suggestions on how to approach them. It will include a Q&A at the end and opportunities to follow up. Participants will gain a better understanding of the publishing process itself, allowing them to move forward with confidence.

Patricia Marshall is the founder and owner of Luminare Press, a company that offers book design and publishing services for authors. A former magazine editor, she jumped into the self-publishing field in 2010 after her 89-year-old mother self-published her first novel. That experience, completed with a lot of family help but little professional guidance, led her to recognize that independent authors needed the help and encouragement of publishing professionals, and Luminare Press was born. Patricia enjoys talking to authors about the book business and leading a talented team of designers and editors who guide clients through publishing with patience and humor. She has a thorough knowledge of the bookmaking process and a passion for non-fiction book editing, as well as a strong desire to help authors produce a polished, professional book. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon, an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College in Baltimore, and a certificate in Digital Journalism from Media Bistro in New York. She was the editor of the nationally distributed Forest Magazine from 2003–2010, and the experience of creating a magazine ready for the newsstand transitioned naturally to creating books ready for sale.


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WIP Sponsor Series: Discover the 5 Top Strategies to Get Your Picture Book Done with Karen Ferreira

WIP Sponsor Series: Discover the 5 Top Strategies to Get Your Picture Book Done with Karen Ferreira

Join Karen Ferreira from Children's Book Mastery to learn how to write a picture book without procrastination, self-doubt or taking months, even if you’ve always struggled to turn your idea into a story.

Here’s What We’re Going To Cover:

1. The five big mistakes people make when writing, or trying to write, children’s books, why these mistakes are so destructive and how to avoid or overcome them.
2. How to really get writing regularly without it feeling like a major effort.
3. The #1 tip to succeed as a writer from multiple top authors.
4. Three aspiring authors, and how they went from each having no published books, to publishing multiple books, including bestselling and award-winning books. How did they do it and what did they all have in common?
5. How do you turn your idea into a story that appeals to your audience, so you can create a picture book that they will want on their bookshelf forever, without taking months or even years.

And more!
Stay tuned to the end for info on Karen's Picture Book Mastery Bootcamp!

Karen Ferreira is the founder and CEO of Children’s Book Mastery and GetYourBookIllustrations. It’s been her privilege to help hundreds of authors to complete their books, reach bestseller status and sell thousands of copies. Join her for this special webinar where she gives important and informative tips to Children's Book Writers!

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WIP Sponsor Series: Beyond the Written Word: The Rise of Audiobooks in the Literary Realm

WIP Sponsor Series: Beyond the Written Word: The Rise of Audiobooks in the Literary Realm

Join us on a journey into the captivating realm of audiobooks with “Beyond the Written Word: The Rise of Audiobooks in the Literary Realm.” Hosted by Mark Packard, Director and Producer of Number Three Productions, this webinar is a comprehensive exploration of why you need an audiobook, how to create an audiobook, and new trends in the audiobook world. Participants will delve into the strategic landscape of audiobooks and their pivotal role in modern storytelling.

Discover the ‘whys' of audiobooks, exploring their growing popularity, economic implications, and benefits for both authors and consumers.

Mark will be sharing invaluable insights into the technical side of audiobook creation, unraveling the pre-production, recording, and editing stages. We’ll also be discussing which audiobook distribution platform is right for you so you can make an informed decision about where to sell your audiobook.

In the final segment, Mark explores the intersection of AI and audiobooks, examining the positives and potential downfalls. From the rising accuracy of AI-generated voices to Spotify's emergence as a significant audiobook platform, this webinar is a dynamic exploration of the audiobook industry's past, present, and future.

Join the conversation, ask questions, and leave with a profound understanding of the audiobook landscape, equipped to make strategic decisions in your author journey.

Meet Mark, Director of Number Three Productions and a multitalented musician, producer, creator, and thought leader. Mark's journey to podcasting and audio production is paved with a diverse range of experiences. His background in economics, mathematics, professional dance, teaching, music composition, lyric writing, and stage performance enriches his approach to production and gives him a unique perspective on the art of sound creation. In the realm of audio, Mark's keen focus lies in capturing the rhythm of the human voice while his philosophy on audio production centers around creating an immersive and pleasing experience for the listener. With a strong belief in the profound impact that attention to detail has on the subconscious of the listener, he meticulously crafts and blends his audio productions to subtle perfection. Mark's commitment to enhancing the listener's experience permeates every aspect of his work, ensuring that each production resonates deeply, even if its intricacies go unnoticed. Recognized as an audio luminary, Mark has produced three captivating hiphop EPs, curated nine engaging podcasts, composed eight podcast theme songs, and brought fourteen enchanting audiobooks to life. His contributions have garnered acclaim, earning him consecutive nominations as Podcast Hero of the Year at the Publisher Podcast Awards, alongside esteemed creators from Marvel, Amazon, and Penguin Random House. Mark is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of audio production with an intense focus on building procedures and techniques that transcends the confines of traditional distribution and sound production models. With boundless creativity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, his next endeavors promise to captivate and inspire audiences and creators worldwide. When he's not engrossed in audio production, you'll likely find him immersed in the intricate word flows and rhyme schemes of his favorite underground hiphop artists, continuously expanding his creative horizons.


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