Marketing and Selling Books to the K-12 School Market with Jane R Wood

Marketing and Selling Books to the K-12 School Market with Jane R Wood

Schools can be a lucrative market for authors and publishers, but their priorities are different from other buyers. Educators at the local, district, and state levels are looking for books that will reinforce what is being taught in their classrooms. In “Marketing and Selling Your Books to the K-12 School Market,”

Join Jane R. Wood as she shares how to connect with the decision-makers to this unique market and what marketing strategies will be most successful.

Attendees will learn:

  • What kind of specific content is appealing to educators.
  • Who are the buyers and how to contact them.
  • How author visits to schools increase book sales.

Buy your ticket to the 2024 Women in Publishing Summit to gain access to this event!


How to Publish with Lulu and Why You Should with Chelsea Bennett

How to Publish with Lulu and Why You Should with Chelsea Bennett

Lulu has been around since 2002 and has a wide range of tools and resources to help you publish and prosper. Join Chelsea Bennett to learn how to use Lulu to boost your author brand and your bank account.

Chelsea Bennett is the Education and Community Manager for and host of Lulu’s YouTube series, Lulu University as well as their monthly webinar series. Her areas of expertise include self-publishing, Print-on-Demand technology, building an author brand, direct sales and marketing. When not thinking about publishing, Chelsea can be found playing disc golf with her husband or having in-depth conversations about the universe with her cat, Batman.

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When One Thing Leads to Another

When One Thing Leads to Another

As a newer author, some days it feels overwhelming to think about the ever-growing to-do list. With all
the marketing, business, administration, and other to-dos, when do we find time to WRITE?

Sometimes just thinking about my to-do list makes me feel queasy and like I need to lie down for a nap.
And when opportunity knocks on those days, it’s tempting to say no. But sometimes, you just have to
say YES!

Back in June, I was hustling to complete book 4 in my sweet romance series. And on top of that, I had
the joy of hosting my eleven-year-old great-niece as she attended a creative writing camp. Things were
extra busy.

Shortly before this, my hometown library asked if they could create some Facebook posts about my
books. Of course, I said yes – that didn’t require any effort on my part, and it was great exposure.

Well, a local newspaper saw that post and reached out to ask if I would write an article for the paper
about myself and my books. (It’s a small town, y’all!) I knew this was a great idea, but (gulp!) write an
article for the newspaper? About myself? Did I mention I’m an overthinker?

After a few minutes of debating, I said yes. And added a task to the growing to-do list. I wasn’t given a
hard due date, so…procrastination set in.

While my great-niece was in her day camp, I found a nearby library and hung out while I waited to pick
her up. Without a Wi-Fi password I was able to FOCUS. I wrote the article.

They published it the week of July 4th and I was thrilled. I was hoping that maybe a book club would see
it and invite me for a chat (that hasn’t happened – yet). Seeing the domino effect of the FB post leading
to the newspaper article, I was hoping that one more domino would fall.

And it did!

About a week after the article, I was contacted by the organizer of an author fair at a local winery. It
would be their first author fair. Again, I said yes!

That author fair was in early October and being the first, it was modest. There were 12 authors and one
indie bookshop in attendance. By my unscientific count, there were between 200 and 300 guests over
two days. Six of those were my family members. Thanks, Fam!

Not a huge crowd, but well worth it. I sold 49 books! And I put an informational postcard into every
person’s hand that got close enough to me. I’ve seen several newsletter sign-ups from these postcards!
(The postcard had a call to action – sign up for my newsletter to get a free novella – and the book cover
and tag line for each novel).

I met a couple of authors in my genre at the fair and am working on some newsletter swaps with them,
as well.

I’m still waiting for a book club invite from this chain of dominos and I’ll keep reminding the universe of
that request.

By the way, this blog post request was part of that domino chain, too.

So, say “YES!” to the next request that you get and see where the universe takes you!

Kasey Kennedy loves reading books and writing the stories in her head. She has a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University; is a member of the Chicago Writers Association; Chicago North Romance Writers Association; and a 2021 participant in StoryStudio Chicago’s Novel in a Year program. Learn more at
Black Friday Deals for Authors 2023 – Don’t Miss Out!

Black Friday Deals for Authors 2023 – Don’t Miss Out!

It's that time of year again!

We've got a whole slew of deals from some of our friends and partners!

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We have tried/regularly use a lot of these products, but not all of them. And please note, some of these are affiliate links, which does not change your pricing, but I might get a little thank you if you purchase.

Women in Publishing Summit

The largest virtual summit designed to support women in the publishing industry. Authors, editors, publishers, book marketers, etc come together to build community, network, learn together, and support each other.

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Fictionary StoryTeller

Looking for a structured approach to edit your book? Fictionary’s groundbreaking software, combined with live expert guidance, gives you the tools and support you need to write an unforgettable story.

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4) 40% off StoryCoach Editor Certification

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ProWritingAid gives you clear, easy steps to improve your writing so you can write, edit and share your stories with confidence. ProWritingAid’s real-time feedback and in-depth reports offer world-class grammar, style and consistency checking. Writers strengthen their prose, improve their clarity, and have more time to focus on their story when using ProWritingAid. If you are serious about writing, then this is the grammar and style checker for you.

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The Novel Factory

The Novel Factory is the ultimate novel writing software, and includes character development tools, plot templates, target tracking and so much more. Developed by author, Katja Kaine, the software includes a wealth of writing advice, which helps new writers master the craft and more established writers hone and perfect their skills. So many writers have said it has changed their writing lives – allowing them to achieve goals they had been struggling with for years. It’s completely free to try for 30 days, so why not see if it lives up to the hype?

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Helping Writers Become Authors

Elevate your writing game with this arsenal of resources from Helping Writers Become Authors! K.M. Weiland’s popular writing books offer expert guidance on plot, character, and story structure. Take it a step further with interactive workbooks (including the Outlining Your Novel Workbook software) that can turn your knowledge into practical skills. Dive deep into character development with the Creating Character Arcs Course, and don’t miss the unique Archetypal Character Guided Meditations for delving into your characters’ minds and dreaming up new story ideas. Whether you’re a budding writer or seasoned wordsmith, these tools from Helping Writers Become Authors tools will enhance your storytelling prowess. Invest in your writing journey today!

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Jenna Moreci – Free Ebook

Are you struggling to finish, or even start your novel? Are you overwhelmed by the many steps in the writing process, drowning in endless drafts, or creatively blocked? Shut Up and Write the Book is a step-by-step guide to crafting a novel from your first spark of an idea to the final edit. Whether you’re brand new to writing or wanting to hone your skills, this action plan provides straightforward advice while demystifying the art of storytelling.

Black Friday Offer: 50% off Shut Up and Write the Book ebook

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Sale dates: Nov 24 – Dec 1

One Stop for Writers

Ready for a game-changer? Look no further than One Stop for Writers – your ultimate storytelling companion. Our groundbreaking tools will help you craft characters with true depth, invent fresh and captivating plots, and construct immersive worlds that your readers won’t want to leave. Whether you’re just starting your journey or need an extra push to get your book to the finish line, our Storyteller’s Roadmap guides you as you plan, write, and revise, and our one-of-a-kind Description Thesaurus database will help you master show-don’t-tell, so only your best prose makes it to the page.

Black Friday Offer: 40% off a Six-Month Plan

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Sacha Black

Do you want to improve your prose, characters or storytelling? Join rebel author, podcaster, and bestselling author Sacha Black for her writing classes, books and audiobooks.

Black Friday Offer: 30% off Books and Courses

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Atticus – Book formatting software

Transform your writing journey with—the all-in-one powerhouse for book writing and formatting. Forget juggling multiple tools; Atticus brings you a sleek, intuitive platform that takes you from draft to publish-ready masterpiece effortlessly. is your non-negotiable companion if you’re ready to publish like a pro.

Black Friday Offer: Free Course with every purchase of Atticus: Publishing for Indie Authors

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Scribophile is one of the web’s largest online writing communities and workshops. Writers of all skill levels join to make friends, finish their novels, help each other improve, take writing classes, and meet beta readers.

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Self-publishing platform with a global reach Easily self-publish ebooks online, audiobooks, and print books to thousands of stores worldwide. One click, publish everywhere.

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Novlr is the first writer-owned creative writing workspace that lets you focus on what’s most important- your words. Our smart design is distraction-free, writing streaks and goals keep you motivated, advanced analytics provide insights into your best writing times, and automatic cloud syncing keeps your work safe. You will be more productive on Novlr.

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First Editing

FirstEditing’s professional editors correct and perfect every word so you can publish your manuscript confidently and successfully. You get an expert editor in your genre to personally edit your writing, revise your syntax, and advise you on how to develop and structurally strengthen your writing. They choose their best editor for your project which allows you to save time and energy while avoiding the frustration of “shopping” for a freelancer. Their editors are vetted, trained, and certified experts with publishing experience who can coach you too. Plus, you’ll receive a satisfaction guarantee and a FREE editing sample of your writing.

Black Friday Offer: 21% Off Any professional editing service including Certified Structural Editing, Book Coaching, and more.

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Self Publishing Advice Conference (SelfPubCon)

Get unrestricted access to the full archive of the Self-publishing Advice Conference, SelfPubCon, including the recent Success Mindset for Indie Authors conference! SelfPubCon, the Self-Publishing Advice Conference, runs in association with the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and runs once a year, featuring the cream of self-publishing authors and advisors. The access passes give six-month or lifetime access to an extensive conference archive featuring self-publishing advisors like Jane Friedman, Mark Dawson, Joanna Penn, Anna Featherstone, Karen Inglis, Russell Nohelty, Ricardo Fayet, Orna Ross and 100+ more.

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Sales dates: Until Nov 30

Publisher Rocket – one of our FAVORITE tools!

Publisher Rocket is the world’s leading book marketing software that has helped over 70,000+ authors of all levels sell more books, and save loads of time doing it. It comes from Dave Chesson, the brains behind Kindlepreneur, so you know you’re in safe hands!

Black Friday Offer: Get the Kindlepreneur Keywords and Categories Course for Free with Publisher Rocket Book Marketing Software (Normally $50)

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Sale dates: Nov 21-29

Myth HQ

From Jason Hamilton (aka The Nerdy Novelist on YouTube), comes AI Storyteller Premium, which is a thorough training platform designed to help authors navigate the world of AI, finish a book, and publish it using AI tools, but without sacrificing the quality of the book itself.

Black Friday Offer: Get the membership for $27 a month (normally $47/month) and get the book, 10,000 Words an Hour, for free with your free trial.

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Writers Room Membership

The Writers Room is the world’s fastest growing virtual community for writers who want to master the craft and make a living as a writer. Led by Maxwell Alexander Drake – Comic Con San Diego’s pre-eminent writing instructor – Join regular writing sessions, critique pods, develop circles, story intensives and more.

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MasterWriter is the most powerful suite of writing tools ever assembled in one program. Why struggle to find the right word when you can have all the possibilities in an instant?

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Sale dates: Nov 15-Dec 1

I haven’t had the opportunity to try out everything on this list, so I'm not officially recommending any of these products or services (beyond ProWritingAid, FirstEditing, PublisherRocket, Fictionary, and PublishDrive – of which I use all of and love!) Also, some of the links above are affiliate links, and some are are not.

I hope you find something that works for your needs!

Write on!


Alexa Bigwarfe

Publishing Consultant and Book Marketing Expert


2024 Silver Sponsor: FirstEditing

2024 Silver Sponsor: FirstEditing

Every author needs an editor. No matter what you’re writing, no matter how great your prose is, having an editor is a must.

But hiring an editor can be complicated. Where do you find one? How do you figure out a working relationship? How do you know they really know what they’re talking about? 

JoEllen Nordstrom founded FirstEditing to make writers’ lives easier. She understood the importance of finding the right editor for authors at all stages of their book and careers. She created FirstEditing as a simple, elegant solution to connecting them. 

I’m so grateful that FirstEditing has again joined the Women in Publishing Summit as a Silver sponsor. We love their company for creating a more connected world, and we appreciate their support! 

What does FirstEditing do? 

FirstEditing provides professional Editing Services for fiction and nonfiction writers. They have served over 50,000 authors since 1994! 

FirstEditing is a one-stop shop to connect writers with editors. Rather than needing to search out your own editor on the dozens of freelance websites out there, First Editing makes hiring the right person for your work simple. 

But what really sets this company apart is that every editor on the team has professional credentials, AND they can back it up. So you’re not just getting a self-proclaimed “expert,” but someone who’s been proven and screened to be an effective industry professional.

Their editors are certified story coaches, bringing expertise on the 38 story elements to evaluate your novel. You’ll get actionable feedback on your story arc, structure, characters and so much more.

In addition to traditional editing, FirstEditing offers academic editing as well. This means they have subject matter experts with the verified educational credentials to help prep your work for journals, nonfiction publication and peer review. So even if your work isn’t fiction or creative nonfiction, you can still find an editor who can dig in and make sure your final work is as good as it can be. 

What kind of author needs FirstEditing?

Any author in search of editing support will benefit from working with FirstEditing and their team of trained industry experts. No matter your genre of publication goals, every author deserves a great partner in a qualified, experienced editor. First Editing can make that happen for you.

How can I learn more about FirstEditing?

Head to the FirstEditing website to learn more about the services they provide for authors. Be sure to take advantage of their special offer:

Get 25% OFF Editing: Receive a one-time 25% OFF Editing coupon valid for any service purchased before December 31, 2024. Lock in your price today! Plus register to Win a FREE Developmental Edit of your book worth up to $1000!

Come meet JoEllen Nordstrom and ask all of your questions at the Women in Publishing Summit!

Get your Women in Publishing Summit ticket.

2024 Silver Sponsor: Speak Write Play

2024 Silver Sponsor: Speak Write Play

The 2024 Women in Publishing Summit is excited to announce that Speak Write Play is joining us as a Silver Sponsor this year.

Speak Write Play offers many services for self-publishing authors including editing, proofreading, and translation services. They have skilled content writers, editors, and translators. They work to maintain your voice in order to communicate with your audience effectively. It doesn't matter if you're a first-time author or a seasoned independent author – their services are for everyone!

They provide editing and proofreading services that will ensure that every piece of your content presents you and your brand in the best light. This includes blog posts, articles, newsletters, and more. They strive to help you connect with your audience through content.

And as if that wasn't enough, they also offer translation services. If you're looking to have your book translated to French or Spanish, they have skilled translators that can make it happen.

If you'd like to learn more about Speak Write Play, you can visit their website right here.

SWP has an amazing offer for our conference attendees and community as well. Our community will receive 20% off manuscript editing and French and Spanish book translation services!

We'll have an exclusive webinar with Speak Write Play in 2024 so you can learn all about their services! We have heard great feedback from our community members who have worked with Ethleen and her team!

Get your Women in Publishing Summit ticket.

Set Yourself Up For Success: How to Benefit from Free & Paid Speaking Opportunities

Set Yourself Up For Success: How to Benefit from Free & Paid Speaking Opportunities

Let's crack the nut on how to make sure you're benefitting from every speaking engagement! Whether it's a free summit, webinar, or a podcast interview, or an in person event, Alexa will teach you how to ensure you're getting the most from these events!

In this live workshop with Alexa Bigwarfe, you will learn: 

  • How to Choose the Right events to say YES to!
  • What you need to have in place before any type of speaking event.
  • Speaker bios and pages on your website
  • How to create individualized offers
  • Setting up the “just right” offer by knowing what your goals are and what the audience needs as a “next step”
  • Creating the perfect “lead magnet”
  • How to follow the lead magnet with a winning email sequence
  • The importance of segmenting your audience
  • What to do if your book isn't published yet
  • Tech session – the HOW to implementation of all of the above!

Register here:

AI For Authors – Mini Conference

AI For Authors – Mini Conference

AI For Authors – Special 1 Day Mini Conference Event

The publishing industry is a BUZZ about AI these days. Much of what we're hearing is negative – the awful books created by AI, Amazon's new policies, publishers and agents rejecting books created by AI.

Let's be clear – our official stance on AI to WRITE books is absolutely NO.

However… that's not the whole picture for authors. AI can be greatly useful in helping you improve your book blurbs and descriptions, your bio, content you create to market your book, and save you a ton of time trying to labor over the best way to say: Buy My Book! 🙂

Register below for a FULL DAY of discussion and training around AI topics – and actionable tips you need to market your book! For the low cost of $47!

This is a fully virtual event, and will be held on Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and provided to the attendees/registrants after the event.

In this one day mini event, we're going to get into all of these aspects.

Schedule: (Nov 15, 2023, all times in EST/NY Time Zone)


10:00-11:00 Welcome, Introduction, and overview of AI as it pertains to authors: Alexa Bigwarfe

11:15-12:15 The Robots are Here: Key Legal Aspects of Using AI in your Writing: Jodé Millman, Esq.

In this session, we will explore:

  1. How can authors benefit from using ChatGPT in their writing process?
  2. Are there any best practices or strategies authors should follow to make the most effective use of ChatGPT in their writing?
  3. Are there any limitations or potential pitfalls authors should be aware of when using ChatGPT for their writing?
  4. What are the potential ethical considerations or challenges when using AI models like ChatGPT in the writing process?
  5. Can ChatGPT assist with research or fact-checking during the writing process? How dependable are the information sources used by the model?
  6. What are some specific ways in which ChatGPT can assist authors in generating ideas or overcoming writer's block?
  7. How can authors ensure that their writing maintains its unique voice and style when utilizing ChatGPT?

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:50 How Can Creative Writers Leverage AI: Claire O’Brien

In “How Creative Writers Can Leverage AI Without Compromising Their Authenticity” authors of all levels will learn why it's important to learn the technology and how to leverage it to support their creative pursuits. I will provide a tutorial on how to get started using ChatGPT along with suggestions of prompts specific to the needs of both fiction and nonfiction authors. I will also include a brief discussion of ethical and privacy issues that are of concern to writers.

At the end you will:

1 – Know how to sign on OpenAI with an account

2 – Know how to design an effective prompt

3- Have a list of key prompts to jump start your ChatGPT journey

4 – Q&A

2:00 – 3:00 Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT: A Comprehensive Guide to Seamlessly Repurpose and Amplify Your Content Strategy: Pooja Arshanapally

In “Repurposing Your Content with ChatGPT,” self-published authors leveraging their books as lead generators will discover the art of seamlessly repurposing their content to enhance various revenue streams, including podcasts, webinars, social media content, and more.  Participants will gain hands-on experience transforming long-format content, such as podcast outlines and webinar scripts, into concise and impactful short formats, such as captivating social media captions.

This interactive workshop will guide authors through:

  • Learn the essential techniques to leverage ChatGPT effectively, maximizing its potential to streamline content repurposing and strengthen marketing efforts.
  • Creative Content Extraction: Discover how to identify and extract the key concepts from your book, empowering you to adapt your content for multiple platforms and reach diverse audiences.
  • Seamless Repurposing Strategies: Acquire the skills to seamlessly transform long-format content into shorter, engaging pieces across various marketing streams, amplifying your book's impact and boosting revenue potential.

3:15-3:30 Break

3:30-4:30 AI Enhanced Book Marketing Mary Helen Sheriff

Mary Helen Sheriff will demonstrate revolutionary power of AI-enhanced book marketing! She'll include tips for saving time writing sales copy that captures attention and drives book sales. She'll demonstrate techniques to optimize keywords, analyze market trends, and create compelling content that resonates with readers.

  1. Learn how to harness AI technology to analyze market trends, identify target audiences, and craft persuasive sales copy.
  2. Write sales-copy with AI
  3. Make data-driven decisions about pricing, promotions, and marketing channels through AI-driven data analysis.

Speaker Bios:

Alexa Bigwarfe is a USA Today best-selling author, publisher, founder and CEO of Write|Publish|Sell, Kat Biggie Press, Purple Butterfly Press, and host of The Women in Publishing Summit. Alexa enjoys educating authors and publishing industry professionals, building community and networks for success. Her courses and training focus on publishing books that meet industry standards, author professional development, platform growth, and fun, creative ways to market books.

Jodé Millman is a New York Attorney and the award-winning author of the “Queen City Crimes” series. Jode is a Daphne DuMaurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense and Silver Falchion Finalist for her sophomore mystery, HOOKER AVENUE. The latest mystery in the series, THE EMPTY KAYAK, was released on May 30th. Jode received her BA and JD from Syracuse University, where she specialized in Intellectual Property, and she served as a Kaminstein Copyright Scholar while attending NYU Law School as a visiting student. Jodé is a reviewer for, the host/producer of The Backstage with the Bardavon podcast, and the creator of The Writer’s Law School. She lives with her family in the Hudson Valley, where she is at work on the next installment of her series—novels inspired by true crimes in the region Jodé calls home. Discover more about Jodé, her work, and sign up for her newsletter at

Claire O'Brian‘s creative nonfiction writing has received numerous awards, including a nomination for a Pushcart Prize, first prize in the ASJA's Annual Writing Awards in the Personal Essay category, and the grand prize of the Hippocampus Creative Nonfiction 2020 contest. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from Queens University of Charlotte. Claire lives in Costa Rica with her husband and a herd of rescue dogs.

Poojah Arshanapally: From an early age, Pooja learned a profound truth: education is the key to opportunities. As she grew older, her passion for the education sector deepened, and she discovered the power of books as an affordable gateway to knowledge. Now, Pooja is dedicated to assisting authors in leveraging their books as lead generators, unlocking new opportunities and providing access to valuable educational resources. Together, they can empower authors to amplify their impact and inspire a lifelong love for learning through the written word.

Mary Helen Sheriff serves as an Author Marketing Coach, helping authors save time and money on their journey to sell more books. She's the author of women's fiction Boop and Eve’s Road Trip, the CEO of Bookish Road Trip, and co-editor of Launch Pad: The Countdown to Marketing Your Book. She writes “Journey into Book Marketing,” a blog column for Bookish Road Trip, and “The Book Biz,” a column in Women’s Fiction Writers Association’s e-zine Write ON!


Register here:

PublishHER Podcast Episode 108: 10 year anniversary celebration with Alexa Bigwarfe

PublishHER Podcast Episode 108: 10 year anniversary celebration with Alexa Bigwarfe

Join Alexa Bigwarfe as she celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Write Publish Sell with guests Raewyn Sangari and Cayce LaCorte, as they unveil their exciting plans for the future of the Women in Publishing Summit, diving into the challenges and triumphs of Alexa's journey, and the power of helping authors and publishers succeed.

In this episode, we discuss:


Importance of Inclusivity and Representation

One of the core values of the Women in Publishing Summit is the importance of inclusivity and representation in the publishing industry. We need to incorporate diverse voices and marginalized narratives, showcasing a wide array of experiences and perspectives. It is so important to us that we are facilitating such inclusion and advocating for underrepresented voices in the publishing domain.

Memorable Moments:

00:08:43 – Evolution of Kat Biggie Press
Alexa discusses the evolution of Kat Biggie Press from operating as a vanity press to a hybrid press, where they kept authors under their umbrella but allowed them to retain their royalties. She also highlights the need for ongoing support for authors after their books are published, leading to the expansion of services offered by Kat Biggie Press.

00:15:25 – Favorite Projects
All three reflect on their favorite projects, including memoirs, children's books, and novels. They mention books that have had a profound impact, such as “Navigating the Unknown” and “Surviving the Unimaginable.”

00:18:05 – Working on Different Genres
Alexa and her team talk about their experiences working on different genres, including entrepreneurship books, YA books, thrillers, and paranormal romance. They discuss the challenges of marketing novels and the joy of bringing different stories to life.

00:21:07 – The Healing Power of Writing
Writing can impact mental health and help individuals process their emotions. Alexa announces the upcoming release of a grief journal for grieving mothers and expresses her excitement about its potential impact.

00:29:19 – The Birth of the Women in Publishing Summit
Alexa shares her journey of starting the Women in Publishing Summit after attending a conference with no women speakers. The support from male colleagues and the timing of the MeToo movement fueled the creation of the summit, focusing on creating a supportive environment for women in the publishing industry.

00:31:30 – The Importance of Mindset and Networking
The summit goes beyond just writing and publishing, emphasizing the importance of mindset and networking for women in the industry. Discussions focus on the unique challenges faced by women in writing, publishing, and selling books, creating a supportive and empowering community.

00:46:24 – Future Plans and Training Programs
Alexa shares her vision for the future, including more conferences, events, and webinars. They plan to create training programs for assistants working with authors to ensure a baseline understanding of the publishing industry.

Anniversary & Book Launch Happy Hour

Anniversary & Book Launch Happy Hour

I'm having a launch party and anniversary celebration!

Join us for a Happy Hour event where we celebrate the launch of Alexa's new Journal plus 10 years of Write | Publish | Sell!

We’re filled with so much gratitude and pride in the journey we’ve traveled, the writers we’ve uplifted, and the stories we’ve helped bring to life over the last decade. Over the last decade, Write | Publish | Sell (owner of the Women in Publishing Summit) has been a guide for thousands of authors like you. Through our comprehensive webinars, the Women in Publishing Summit, coaching, and specialized services, we’ve made publishing and book marketing more accessible than ever.

At this 10 year anniversary Happy Hour, Alexa Bigwarfe will share about the book that started it all – Sunshine After the Storm – and announce pre-orders for the upcoming journal, The Sisterhood of Healing Hearts Journal: A Six Month Guided Journal for Grieving Mothers.


  • Welcome and intro
  • A little about Sunshine After the Storm & how you can get the journal and support
  • Gratitude for those involved in the Journal
  • Champagne toast (maybe just sparkling water at 2:30 pm EST! 🙂 ) for launch and 10 years! & thank you to my team
  • Authors- stick around for my insights and information on the process of creating a journal – from writing, designing, printing, and distribution!


Join us!

Register Today: