The discussion between Alexa and Becky emphasizes strategies to create reach, using effective social media marketing, the importance of consistency and longevity in building an online audience, and the idea that book marketing is a long-term commitment.

The Reach Framework, introduced by Becky Robinson, highlights the role of a website, email marketing, and social media in achieving a broader reach. The message encourages authors to approach book marketing with a focus on making a meaningful difference with their ideas and connecting authentically with their audience over time.

Reach equals expanding audience plus lasting impact. You really want to have both sides, because it's not great to have a wider audience if you're not making a difference for them, if they're not invested in what you have to share, if you're not adding value for them.-Becky Robinson

In this episode, we discuss:

    • Definition of Reach: Reach is more than just having a larger audience. It includes expanding the audience plus creating a lasting impact.
    • Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing:
    • Show up consistently on social media with value.
    • Understand the importance of moving your audience from social media to your website.
    • Building Online Presence:
    • Start early and be patient. Building an online audience takes time.
    • Consistency over time is crucial for building an audience.
    • Long-Term Approach to Book Marketing:
    • Book marketing is a long-term commitment, more like a daily commitment to something rather than a race with a finish line.
    • The Reach Framework:
    • The book “Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause” introduces the Reach Framework, focusing on the importance of a website, email marketing, and social media.
    • Four Reach Commitments: Value, Consistency, Longevity, and Generosity.
    • Generosity in Marketing:
    • Generosity involves giving away valuable content, ideas, and time.
    • Amplifying marginalized voices and providing support for their messages is crucial.

Expand Your Reach As An Author

Does it sound familiar to struggle with book marketing as an author, despite following conventional advice? You may have been told to simply post more on social media or run generic ads, only to find that these efforts yield minimal results, leaving you frustrated and disheartened. But there's a better way to achieve your goal. Let's explore effective strategies to maximize your book's exposure, your online reach, and create a meaningful impact with your writing.

Key Takeaways

  • Mastering Book Marketing Strategies: Learn the essential tactics for maximizing book exposure and sales.
  • Capitalizing on Key Dates for Book Promotion: Uncover the power of leveraging significant dates for boosting book visibility and engagement.
  • Embracing the Four Book Reach Commitments: Discover the fundamental commitments that drive authorial reach and impact.
  • Cultivating Generosity in Book Marketing: Explore the significance of generosity in fostering meaningful connections and expanding book influence.
  • Crafting Reach for Making a Difference: Unveil the strategies for building online reach and creating a substantial impact with your writing.

Memorable Moments on Reach:

00:03:12 – Defining Reach
Becky defines book reach as expanding audience plus lasting impact. It's not just about a wider audience, but also making a difference for them and adding value.

00:06:12 – Long-Term Approach to Building an Online Presence
Building an online audience takes time and consistent effort. Starting early and focusing on providing value is essential. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

00:09:41 – Importance of Email Lists and Social Media
Social media helps build relationships and grow the audience, but it's important to drive traffic to a website and collect email addresses for long-term engagement. The email list is a valuable asset for authors.

00:12:57 – Book Marketing as a Lifelong Commitment
Book marketing is not about a single launch but a daily commitment to staying visible and engaging with the audience. Consistency over time is key to long-term book sales success.

00:15:25 – The Book Reach Framework for Online Presence
The guest shares insights on the reach framework, emphasizing the significance of a strong online presence, email marketing, and social media. The four reach commitments – value, consistency, longevity, and generosity – are outlined as essential for building audience and lasting impact.

00:21:51 – Amplifying Marginalized Voices in Publishing
The importance of amplifying marginalized voices in the publishing industry is highlighted. The guest discusses the challenge for individuals from marginalized communities and the privilege of being able to amplify others' voices. The focus is on making a bigger difference with the ideas and inspiration shared.

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