Alexa Bigwarfe had a great experience at the 20Books Vegas Conference for Indie Authors. She encourages listeners to keep writing and shares insights from her time there, learning, networking, and meeting authors!

The name of the conference is changing to Author Nation – and you should follow them on social media to learn what changes are coming and all about next year's conference on November 11-14, 2024 in Las Vegas.

“In the dynamic world of indie authorship, where passion meets strategy, and creativity intertwines with business, the key lies in perseverance. Success often emerges not from a singular masterpiece but from the cumulative impact of an author's dedication, building a brand, and treating writing as both an art and a thriving business. So, write on, chase your dreams, and believe in the transformative power of storytelling.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to mix creativity and business for Indie authors
  • Perseverance leading to success
  • The upcoming Women In Publishing Summit in March


Key Takeaways

  • Passion meets Strategy: Indie authorship thrives at the intersection of passion and strategic planning. It's a dynamic space where the love for writing combines with thoughtful approaches to navigate the publishing landscape.
  • Perseverance is Key: In the face of challenges and uncertainties, perseverance becomes the guiding force. The journey of an indie author is a marathon, not a sprint, and success often comes to those who persist through the highs embrace change, are vital. Writing to market, utilizing new tools, and adapting to industry shifts contribute to sustained success.
  • Write On and Chase Your Dreams: Despite challenges, the advice is simple—keep writing. The journey unfolds over time, and persistence is key. Chase your dreams, stay committed, and trust in the transformative power of storytelling.and lows.

Does it sound familiar to struggle in the ever-changing world of publishing, feeling like you're constantly playing catch-up? You may have been told to simply keep doing what you're doing, but the lack of progress is leaving you frustrated and disheartened. The pain of pouring your heart and soul into your writing, only to feel like you're getting nowhere, can be overwhelming. It's time to break free from ineffective methods and gain the practical insights and motivation needed for writing success.

Memorable Moments:

00:10:03 – Direct Sales and Marketing
The discussion covers direct sales strategies, such as selling books directly from an author's website and utilizing platforms like Patreon. The importance of marketing, visibility, and niche targeting is also highlighted.

00:17:29 – Building Your Author Platform
Authors are advised to focus on building an email list, having a website, creating lead magnets, and engaging with readers to create hype and buzz around their books. Building raving fans is key to success.

00:20:39 – Finding Time for Creativity
Successful authors emphasize the importance of finding time and space to focus on writing projects and the value of writing retreats for fostering creativity. It's crucial to make time for self-care and carve out dedicated writing time.

00:23:21 – Overcoming Challenges as an Author
Even successful authors face mindset struggles, imposter syndrome, and business challenges. The importance of self-care and addressing mindset issues for optimal creativity and productivity is highlighted.

00:27:31 – Persistence and Belief in Yourself
The message of perseverance and belief in one's writing journey is emphasized. Success may take time and multiple books, but it's essential to keep writing and chasing dreams.

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