Wendy Fedan is the founder of Create-A-Way Design & Publishing and is also a freelance illustrator. We talk about finding and working with illustrators, children's books in general, and marketing when you write in multiple genres.

Wendy Fedan is a full-time freelance illustrator/designer, living in Amherst, Ohio. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art where she also teaches Continuing Education courses for teens and adults. Wendy launched her own design for publishing biz in 2021 named Create-a-Way Design & Publishing to act as a book shepherd, helping other authors through the self-publishing process. She has 14 indie-published books under her belt so far, mostly picture books which she's also illustrated, but she also has her own novel series called Somewhere In-Between to explore her personal interest in the paranormal.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, especially when it comes to traditional publishing. Even with children's book publishing, you don't have to think that there's only one way to do it. – Wendy Fedan

In this episode, we discuss:

    • Wendy's writing journey & how she found her way into children's books
    • challenges of finding an illustrator for children's books
    • how Wendy started illustrating
    • how and when she created Create-a-Way Design and Publishing, offering services from illustration to book design and publishing guidance.
    • as the author of children's books AND paranormal fiction, Wendy discusses the challenges of marketing diverse genres, and building audiences for each.
    • Wendy shares her experiences participating in events, festivals, and author alley events at bookstores as part of her marketing strategy
    • We delivered into tips on Bookstore and local Events


Create-A-Way Design and Publishing

Through Create-A-Way Design and Publishing services, Wendy seamlessly integrates her talents as an illustrator with her fervor for storytelling, offering a unique platform for authors to bring their literary visions to life. Wendy's narrative serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a creator driven by an unrelenting passion to share her stories with the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Wendy Fedan's illuminating self-publishing journey, revealing the essential steps for success.
  • Unlock the potential of Create-A-Way Design and Publishing services to elevate your book to new heights.
  • Master tailored marketing strategies for different genres, maximizing your book's visibility and impact.
  • Cultivate fruitful relationships with bookstores, unlocking valuable opportunities for book promotion and sales.
  • Diversify your income by creating additional revenue streams in the self-publishing landscape.

Memorable Moments:

00:05:36 – Offering Services to Other Authors
Wendy discusses how she started offering illustration and book design services to other authors. She explains her role as a “book shepherd” and how she helps authors through the self-publishing process.

00:11:34 – Writing Middle Grade and YA Books
Wendy talks about her middle grade book series “Wearing My Weird” and her young adult (YA) novel series “Summer in between.” She shares her inspiration and the audience she targets with her books.

00:16:44 – Book Promotion and Events
Wendy talks about her participation in book festivals and author events, sharing her insights on the value of such opportunities for self-published authors. She emphasizes the importance of getting out there and engaging with potential readers.

00:17:55 – Finding Profitable Events
Wendy discusses the importance of considering the cost of participating in events and how it impacts her profits. She shares her preferred price range for event participation and emphasizes the significance of events in book sales.

00:19:30 – Building Relationships with Bookstores
Wendy shares her experience of participating in an author event at a bookstore and highlights the value of building relationships with local bookstores. She also discusses the success of selling her illustrated bags through these connections.

00:22:18 – Diversifying Income Streams
Wendy talks about the importance of having additional streams of revenue as an author, such as her illustration work. She emphasizes the benefits of offering other products besides books at events to attract more attention to her table.

00:25:40 – Tips for New Authors
Wendy offers advice to new authors, emphasizing the importance of exploring various publishing options and not letting minor obstacles hinder the publishing process. She encourages authors to seek alternative ways to collaborate with illustrators and navigate self-publishing challenges.

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