In this episode of the PublishHer podcast, Alexa Bigwarfe interviews Larissa Sohen, an established author and founder of Next Page Publishing Inc. Larissa shares her journey to becoming a book coach and provides insights into writing, publishing, and marketing books.

Larissa Soehn is a well-established author and the founder of Next Page Wellness Coaching. She has extensive experience in writing, publishing, marketing, and coaching for books from various genres.  As the company’s founder, Larissa serves female entrepreneurs in client-based industries, namely coaches and service providers. Larissa’s mission is to help powerful women boost their businesses with a book. She guarantees a high level of service in all aspects of writing and publishing as a book coach. Her programs include one-on-one writing, editing, publishing, and marketing support for all her authors. Larissa is a certified professional book coach from the International Coach Academy with training in applied psychology and communications. She has developed skills that directly support the writing and promoting of exceptional books. She has knowledge of human motivation, drive, and communication methods that coincides directly with what it takes to write, publish and market a book.  Larissa finds motivation in her family and works hard to be the best mom and wife she can be to her young daughter and wonderful husband.

“If we were twelve months in the future and you looked back, what has to have happened to make you feel like you were successful? And a lot of times for people that is getting my book written and published, just do it. Make the leap.” – Larissa Soehn, book coach

Key Takeaways

  • Larissa's Writing Journey: Larissa shares her unexpected entry into writing when she created a sci-fi novel based on a game she and her husband developed. This experience led her to become passionate about helping others tell their stories.
  • Book Release: Larissa discusses her recent book, “How to Write a Book: Memoirs and Autobiographies,” which focuses on guiding individuals through the process of writing and sharing their life stories.
  • Transition to Book Coaching: Larissa explains how she transitioned from a career in the chemical industry to become a book coach, emphasizing the importance of making connections, networking, and learning from mentors in the writing industry.
  • Advice for Aspiring Authors: Larissa encourages aspiring authors to start writing without waiting for the “perfect time.” She highlights the importance of taking the leap and pursuing the dream of writing a book.
  • Details on Coaching Program: Larissa describes her coaching program, targeting coaches in service-based industries who are looking to grow their businesses by incorporating book writing into their marketing strategy.

Memorable Moments:

00:01:10 – Becoming a Full-time Author
Larissa shares her experience of transitioning from a different industry to becoming a full-time author and book coach, emphasizing the need to make connections and seek mentorship in the writing world.

00:03:26 – Unexpected Writing Journey
Larissa discusses how she stumbled into writing a Sci-Fi novel while creating a game, highlighting the joy and passion that comes with writing a book that evolves from a personal project.

00:04:27 – Writing Memoirs and Autobiographies
Larissa talks about her new book on writing memoirs and autobiographies, sharing her motivation behind creating a guide to help others tell their stories and preserve their memories through writing.

00:09:55 – Making the Leap to Writing Business
Larissa advises on the challenges of starting a writing business, emphasizing the importance of networking and seeking guidance from industry peers.

00:14:22 – Discovery Call and Collaboration
Larissa discusses the process of scheduling a discovery call to understand the client's needs and how to work together effectively.

00:14:47 – Social Media Presence
Larissa mentions her private Facebook group “Write, Publish and Sell Your Dream Book” as a platform to connect with her audience.

00:15:13 – Pursuing Dreams
Larissa encourages aspiring authors to take the leap and pursue their dream of writing a book, emphasizing that there's no perfect time to start.

00:15:36 – Overcoming Procrastination
Larissa advises listeners to consider what success looks like for them in the future and take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, including writing and publishing their book.

00:16:06 – Closing Remarks
Alexa expresses gratitude to Larissa for sharing her insights and encourages listeners to join them for the next episode of the podcast.

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