In the latest episode of the PublishHer Podcast, Stacy Ennis, a best-selling author, coach, and speaker, joins host Alexa Bigwarfe to delve into the pivotal topic of maximizing productivity for writers. Drawing from her experience as a digital nomad living in Thailand and Portugal, Ennis offers valuable insights into creating a balanced structure around work to support a fulfilling life. Throughout the conversation, Ennis emphasizes the significance of time blocking and energy management in enhancing productivity, advocating for the creation of consistent, dedicated time for deep work. She also addresses the challenges writers face in finding time for their craft amidst other obligations, advocating for scaling down goals and starting with small time increments to build self-trust and make progress. Ennis's practical advice and personal anecdotes provide a rich resource for writers seeking to optimize their creative process and achieve writing goals while leading a fulfilling life. This episode is a must-listen for writers in need of productivity tips and time management strategies.

Stacy Ennis, a best selling author, coach, and speaker, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her impressive background includes ghostwriting for a Nobel Prize winner in Medicine and leading as executive editor of Sam's Club's Healthy Living Made Simple, a publication reaching around 11 million readers. Co-author of the bestselling book, “Growing Influence: A Story of How to Lead with Character, Expertise, and Impact,” she also hosts the Beyond Better podcast. Ennis's expertise in helping leaders clarify their ideas and harness their unique stories to make an impact makes her an invaluable resource for writers seeking to maximize productivity and achieve their writing goals.

It's actually really inefficient to work 90 hours a week. You think you're doing more, but you're not. You're just spinning your wheels, and you're not putting out quality. – Stacy Ennis


Key Takeaways

  • Maximize your writing productivity with effective time management strategies.
  • Discover the benefits of outsourcing for authors and how it can streamline your writing process.
  • Explore the lifestyle benefits of building a location-independent writing career.
  • Uncover the importance of incorporating rest into your creative professional routine for optimal productivity.

Memorable Moments:

00:01:03 – Struggling with Productivity
Stacey discusses the challenges of productivity and efficiency in writing, marketing, and lifestyle design. She emphasizes the importance of time blocking and energy management to increase productivity and create time for rest and enjoyment.

00:01:45 – Creating a Life You Love
Stacey shares her experience of moving her family to Thailand and Portugal, embracing a digital nomad lifestyle. She highlights the significance of designing a life that allows for creativity, work, and personal fulfillment.

00:03:22 – Building Repeatable, Consistent Time for Deep Work
Stacey emphasizes the importance of creating consistent time for deep work and protecting it on the calendar. She discusses the impact of willpower and encourages prioritizing focused work at the beginning of the day.

00:07:30 – Overcoming Productivity Barriers
Stacey advises starting with small time commitments for writing, such as just ten minutes a day, to build self-trust and create momentum. She also emphasizes the need to lower the bar of success and build new habits for nurturing focus and creativity.

00:15:40 – The Value of Outsourcing in Business
Stacy discusses the importance of outsourcing certain tasks in order to save time and focus on high-value activities. She emphasizes the need to invest in business processes for long-term gains.

00:16:22 – Understanding the Value of Time
Stacy highlights the significance of understanding the value of time and how it directly impacts productivity and financial gains. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on high-value activities like client meetings and content creation.

00:20:34 – Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs
Stacy shares valuable productivity tips such as setting time limits on screen usage, having no meeting days, and limiting email checking to specific times. She emphasizes the importance of protecting focused work time and creating a clear calendar for catch-up days.

00:25:54 – Achieving Location Independence
Stacy shares her journey of achieving location independence, from teaching abroad to intentionally building a global business. She emphasizes the importance of setting a clear goal, being intentional in business growth, and taking practical steps to make the dream a reality.

00:30:09 – Moving to Portugal
Stacy shares the journey of moving to Thailand, facing challenges, and ultimately settling in southern Portugal. The conversation highlights the importance of finding the right place to live and work.

00:30:26 – Immigration and Business
The discussion delves into the immigration process and running a business from Portugal. Stacy explains the tax structure, non habitual resident visa, and the benefits of hiring a relocation company.

00:32:03 – Efficient Work and Living in Portugal
Stacy discusses the benefits of living in Portugal, including a favorable tax structure and affordable medical care. The conversation emphasizes the importance of building a productive lifestyle while living abroad.

00:35:13 – Building a Writing Lifestyle
The conversation shifts to the discipline and dedication required to build a lifestyle around writing. Stacy emphasizes the importance of balancing hustle with efficiency, especially for women and mothers.

00:43:39 – Areas of Expertise
Stacy Ennis shares her expertise in business leadership, social equity, personal development, science, and wellness, highlighting her active presence on Instagram, LinkedIn, and

00:43:56 – Newsletter and Podcast
Stacy discusses her popular bi-weekly newsletter and the engaging community it has built, as well as her long-running podcast “Beyond Better,” featuring a recent episode with Alexa.

00:44:13 – Connection and Gratitude
Alexa expresses her appreciation for Stacy's insights on dream building, mindset, and creating the right structures for success, emphasizing the value of their conversation.

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