Join Alexa Bigwarfe, with guest, Mel Torrefranca on this new episode of PublishHer Podcast for a fascinating interview with a very interesting young author. Mel and Alexa cover Mel's unique experience becoming a published author at the age of 17 while she was still a student in high school.  In an interesting twist, she shares how YouTube accidentally played a role in attracting readers to her book. She is now in the process of cowriting the screenplay for Leaving Wishville's short film adaptation of her book with director Sebastian Delgado.

Mel Torrefranca is an award-winning author from the San Francisco Bay Area, now residing in the jungle mountains of Northern Thailand. She has now published four books, is still writing and her publishing company, named after a location in her debut novel, Lost Island Press, is publishing for many other authors and constantly growing. She is known for writing stories with dark vibes, morally ambiguous characters, and bold endings. In addition to her own projects, Mel shares the work of others at her indie publishing house Lost Island Press. She also drinks way too many lattes.


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