Ep. 62 Welcome to Season 2!

Welcome to the 2nd season of the PublishHer podcast! We are so excited about this season, and in this mini-episode, I break down what season 2 will be about. We apologize for being on hiatus since February this year. We hope you are as excited as us for this upcoming season. Please don’t fret; we have prepared so many characters to help you this season, including editors, story coaches, visibility and PR coaches, publishing experts, tools and service providers, and many more!

Since our hiatus, we have been busy with the Women in Publishing Summit held last March 2022. It was an awesome experience, and it was way bigger and better than what I had envisioned. We also launched our WIP school, a monthly membership program that helps build professional authors. It focuses on marketing, business growth, self-publishing tips, or tips when looking for a publishing agent. The WIP school opens every quarter for new members for only three days. So, make sure you sign up for our newsletters not to miss the opening of WIP School.

We also have multiple events lined up for the year, and you can all check them out from our website on the events page. In June 2022, we have two major events. The first will be on June 7th and 8th, a 2-day Publisher Training Extravaganza. Suppose you are a small or new publisher thinking of opening a publishing house. In that case, a service provider who assists authors in the publishing process, a book author who wants to expand their knowledge base of publishing, or send a member of your team for training in publishing – this event is for you. We will talk about all the legal stuff that goes into publishing, how to get your books in airports, schools, and libraries, how to do royalties reporting with an accountant, and why you should consider using a distributor even if you are a self-published author. This event will not only talk about all the theoretical processes of publishing, but it will also feature a 3 hr workshop where we will teach you how to actually do it.

The second major event we have for June is Book Launch in a Box which will kick off on June 13th. It is a 12-week program covering the entire book launch process divided into six core fundamentals that will give you the tools and knowledge you will need for a successful book launch. I created this program because the longer I am in business, I have realized that rapid launches only work for a few types of authors, such as those who already have a long email list, a huge following on social media, wide readership, and those who have already published multiple books. And if you are not one of those that I have mentioned, I will tell you that you will need to work on your marketing strategy for months and months before your book launch to make it successful. This program offers all that and more where you and your book will be prepared on launch day, launch week, launch month, and post-launch months. To be successful in every step of launching your book, you will need to have a plan in place, and this program guarantees strategies that will have great long-term results.

In this new season of PublishHer Podcast, expect more interviews from authors because I know how important it is to hear from other authors in the process of publishing. The WIP School, our webinars, events, and summits are all a culmination of our real-life journeys as authors and publishers. Over the years, we have taken what we have learned and put them out for you to consume. We will continue to bring experts from every step in publishing and selling your book that will arm you with knowledge and tips to help you succeed. New podcast episodes will come out every Wednesday. We hope you will hit subscribe and leave amazing reviews if you love our podcast!

Key takeaways:

  • Recently, we had the most successful book launch we have ever had so far with the book “Kindness Machine” by Christina Dankert. The biggest advice I can give from this event is to find a way to fit your message to reach your target audience where they want to read, follow, and engage with you and your book. Try to review books related to your genre to gain more followers on Instagram, even if you have not published yet.
  • Another piece of advice I gathered from another author is to join local events and affairs in your community and your state to get your book in front of readers and potential new readers. Keep in mind that your potential readers may be in places you are not expecting.Lots of upcoming free webinars – check out our website to see what events we have cooking for you over the summer.
  • We have a new blog that summarizes Instagram monthly trends to help our community get in front of more audiences. This blog gives out tips about trending music, trending reels, and other strategies that will help authors reach a wider audience.
  • We want to hear from you, and if you have suggestions if you want to be an episode guest, or if you have someone in mind who be a perfect fit for our podcast, you can drop us an email at Support@womeninpublishingsummit.com
  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for speakers for the 2023 Women in Publishing Summit is opening SOON.


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