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THOUSANDS of dollars worth of training, resources, books, discounts on programs, and more! Click the + on each for the sections below to learn more.

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With lifetime access to all video presentations, you can come back and re-watch key presentations or catch something you missed. This of this as a personal success library!

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Maybe you prefer NOT to sit and watch videos all day? You'll be able to download all of the MP3s so that you can listen on the go, receiving 30-60 minutes of advice and consulting from each participant!

Mastermind with Alexa Bigwarfe ($197 value)

We're going to have a follow-up mastermind with the conference host, Alexa Bigwarfe, where she will share more expertise and give you the tips you need to make the most from this conference. No matter what your level, you'll be able to ask questions and get tips for what to do next.

Private Facebook group access - workshops not available to any other level

THIS IS HUGE! Imagine having access to a community of like-minded authors + EXPERTS as you work on researching, writing, design, publishing, marketing, and selling your next masterpiece! Throughout the year, we'll hold training and workshops in this group, plus most of the speakers are in the group and ready to answer your questions. And the week of the event, we'll be running a live workshop each day that no other conference attendees will have access to.

Do you have to use FB to benefit from this? No! If you don't want to join the group, you'll be given a special link to attend the workshops outside of Facebook, and all workshops will be recorded and added to your training area, which is independent of Facebook.

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Our Sponsors & Speakers have been VERY generous this year! Thousands of dollars of resources!

Giveaways & Freebies

From our Speakers:

  • ProWritingAid – 10 Free Licenses & Discount for PWA license
  • ListenUp Audio – $200 discount for audiobook production
  • Write|Publish|Sell – $300 discount on Readers on Demand Workshop – self-paced version
  • Bublish – TBD
  • Grace Point Matrix – TBD
  • BookBaby – 25% Off Copy or Line Editing services
  • Vervante – TBD
  • Story Monsters – free 12-month digital subscription to Story Monsters Ink magazine. 

From our Speakers:

  • Alexa Bigwarfe – “From Idea to Outline in 1 hour” workshop
  • Kris Kennedy – Keys To Crafting Powerful Romance ebooklet
  • Fauzia Burke – Identify Your Brand Marketing Worksheet
  • Rachel Whitbeck – 50% Discount on How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome e-course
  • Caroline Topperman – 6 week, self-paced, visual writing and moving past writer's block online course
  • Laura Reagan – Introduction to Grant Writing for Authors PowerPoint Presentation
  • Kate Frank – “How to Be a Rich Author” eBook
  • Shayla Raquel – Free ebook: The 10 Commandments of Author Branding: Embrace Authenticity, Gain Book Ambassadors, Create Your Tribe.
  • Raewyn Sangari – Instagram Audit – to first 15 people
  • Anne Rainbow – 3-month membership of RedPen Editing
  • Kiffer Brown – $75 dollar discount on our Chanticleer Review package
  • Na'ima Robert – Amplify Blueprint
  • Daphne James Huff – Free 45 minute coaching session
  • Joan Dempsey – Writing Great Dialogue: An Introduction, Free Online Class
  • Stacey Aaronson – Editorial Assessment Guide: When Does a Writer Need a Ghostwriter? Co-Author? Developmental Editor? Copy editor? Proofreader?
  • Belinda Griffin – The Smart Author's Guide to Pitching A Guest Blog

  • Michelle Argyle – 25% off coupon for cover and interior design. 
  • Tamara Dever – $300 off a complete book design (cover+interior design) or $150 off cover design
  • Kate Frank – E-Book, “Untold Secrets of Business Book Authors” 
  • Stacey Aaronson – PDF cheat sheet that includes resources for finding editors, the questions to ask perspective editors, and a breakdown of the various types of editing and their average costs as a reference.
  • Roshanda Pratt – Digital download for the first chapter of my book CEO of Live Video.
  • Eileen Cook –  1/2 off a month’s membership to The Creative Academy is the online writing community you’ve been looking for. 
  • Autumn M. Birt Raven – Starter Kit to Overcome Hurdles in Finishing Your First Novel
  • Monica Miller – Your Business Blog Blueprint
  • Carla King – Self-Publishing Boot Camp: Distribute Your Book to Stores and Online Retailers
  • Ruth L. Snyder – Book Outline Workbook
  • Annalisa Parent – Feedback on First 5 Pages of Your Manuscript
  • Alexandra Uth – 10% discount on projects before June 2020
  • Steff Green – 40% off How to Rock Self-Publishing Course AND my 12-Months to Full-time Author Mastermind


  • Alexa Bigwarfe – Ditch the Fear & Just Write It!
  • Jodi Brandon A copy of my latest book, Write.Publish.Market. (ebook download)
  • Nina Amir – The Write Nonfiction NOW! Guide to a Writing Habit
  • Melody Owen – ebook – Learn the different story archetypes to tell better stories
  • E. Danielle Butler – I Wrote My Book, Now What? eBook
  • Pascale Kavanaugh – Free copy of Collecting Secrets, Book One of the Friends & Lovers Series
  • Joy E. Rancatore & Meagan E. Smith – Special Edition Workbook – Finders Keepers
  • Maria Dismondy – Ebook – Top five marketing mistakes to avoid!
  • Nicole Roberts Jones – 15 ways to Generate Revenue NOW From What You Already Know…
  • Becky Kopitzke – “7 Insider Secrets to Getting Published”
  • Deborah L. Meyer – Chapter One of Redefining Family Wealth: A Parent’s Guide to Purposeful Living
  • Jen DeVore –  Free Issue of Boss Women Rock Magazine
  • Vickie Gould – Easy Writer: 10 Steps to Writing a Best Selling Book that Wows Your Readers and Turns them into Paying Clients
  • Erin Casey – The Purple Door District – free download
  • Steff Green – How to Rock Self Publishing
  • Keri Mangis – 20% off signed copy of her memoir; Embodying Soul Box which will come with a Soul Care Gift Set
  • Dawn Mena – I've Got a Book Idea – Now What?!


Last year I got the All Access Pass and it was worth every cent – so grateful to have the time and space to learn from all the speakers in my own time.

Lois S.

I signed up for the All Access Pass because I just cannot get enough from these wonderful ladies! Since starting the Women in Publishing Summit, I have been so inspired and have begun to blog and write again.

Peggy C.

I owned a successful Digital Marketing Company for 10 years ( focused on travel and tourism) and ran a Digital Marketing Conference for 10 years. The Women in Publishing Summit reminded me how many new tools have come on the market and provided up to date tips and takeaways for self publishing authors like myself. I have been very impressed! Thank God I bought the all-access pass, what a bargain! 


I bought the all-access pass because I knew I wouldn't be able to participate during what was a hectic week for me. I just listened to Alexa's interview with Cindy Tyler and was Blown. A. Way. I didn't know such a company existed. Glory be. Can't wait to watch more.

Laura M. H.

There's something for everyone in Women in Publishing Summit, regardless of whether you are thinking of writing a book, in the process of writing one, or exploring publishing options.  Alexa and her team work tirelessly to help every participant achieve their goals. Before I joined the Summit, I was feeling overwhelmed. Had I not enrolled in the Summit, I would still be floundering. Thanks to Alexa and her staff, my debut novel is set for a fall launch! 

Carol P.

Sounds Awesome, Right?! It is!

And all of these resources could be added to your personal success library. You could get access to all of this amazing content for a lifetime for JUST $67!

Here's the Amazing 2020 Line Up!


2020 Conference: Dream Big

Day 1: Dream Big – Why We Show Up, Finding Inspiration & Big Picture Topics

Day 1

What is the importance of showing up and sharing your story? Why Write a Book in the first place? What about representation? What can writing your story do for OTHERS? How can you change the world with your words?

Day 1 is all about understanding the possibilities that come with writing a book, dreaming BIG, and being inspired. If you're looking for information on why you should write a book, tips for getting started and not feeling alone in the process, and understanding how you can shape and influence your community by writing, these interviews will provide options and inspire you!

Live kickoff – join host Alexa Bigwarfe on Facebook at 10am EST as we kick off this amazing event

Sponsor Presentations

Michelle Vandepas: Grace Point MatrixWhy entrepreneurs, personal development experts and quantum healers should write a book to share their knowledge with the world.

Speaker Presentations

E. Danielle Butler: That Looks Like Me! The Importance of Representation in Publishing

Lois Strachan: Representation in books, and sharing your story to help others feel less marginalized

Desiree Peterkin Bell: Finding your voice, writing your narrative

Miranda Gargasz: Tips for getting & Rocking book signings at Barnes & Noble and other chain bookstores.

Joy E. Rancatore & Meagan Smith: Dream BIG Together – How to Find and Keep a Critique Partner

Melody Owen: Writing Your Memoir to Empower 


{Live} Why Do We Write Books? – Participants TBD

Writing a Powerful Memoir: Lindsay Gibson, Keri Mangis, Shahira Niggin Qudrat

New this year: Workshops

Workshops to dig deeper into these topics. The Workshops are ONLY available to those who purchase the Full Digital Conference Pass. 

Shelly Longenecker: Getting Back on Track After Life Knocks You Down {And How to Ensure You're Prepared if You Have to Step Away for a Time} – Live Workshop in Facebook Group (Only available to Full Conference Pass holders}

Day 2

Day 2 is Your Knowledge Base Day! We're talking about tips and resources for writing/editing/production/distribution and growing your author platform. 

Sponsor Sessions:

Bublish! – Kathy Meis: Distribution & Using Bublish for Success

ProWritingAid: Lisa Lepki: Using ProWritingAid to Enhance & Improve Your Writing Skills

Speaker Sessions:

Eileen Cook: Using Psychology to Build Better Characters

Joan Dempsey: How To Be a Gutsy Great Novelist

Kris Kennedy: Keys to Writing Romance: Learn 4 Keys to Writing Powerful Romance Fiction

Caroline Topperman: Visual Writing & Exercises for Moving Past Writing Blocks

Kate Frank: Why Most Authors Fail and How to Avoid it

Carla King: Distribution Solutions (Tools) for Self-Publishers


Writing Tips & Resources: Autumn Birt, Dawn Mena, Ruth Snyder, Jamie Beth Cohen 

Book Cover Design & Interior Layout : Tamara Dever, Michelle Argyle, Margaret Cogswell

Editing: Judy Mohr, Audrey Hodge, Alexandra Uth, Kate Johnston, Dakota Nyght

Workshops: (Available only with the Full Conference Pass)

{Live} Roshanda Pratt: How to Book Media – Media kits, what to pitch, and how to impress a producer

Lindsay Ford: Basic Book Layout for Dreamers

Erin Casey: How to Find & Enter Author Contests

Na'Ima B. Roberts: How to Amplify Your Success as an Author


Day 3

Sponsor Sessions:

ListenUp Audio: Diane Lasek: Audiobooks: The Must-Have Format of the Now and Future Publisher

BookBaby: Lucy Briggs: Self-Publishing with BookBaby  

Speaker Sessions:

Deanna Leah: What You Need to Know About Selling International Rights to Your Book

Amy Collins: Understanding the Library Market

Stacey Aaronson: Which Writing Partnership Is Right For You?: Exploring Ghostwriting, Developmental Editing and Co-Authorship

Tamara Woods: Creating writing community through BookTubing

Carissa Magras:  Understanding the systems and tools you need to create a constant flow of Readers – on Demand!

Alexa Bigwarfe: What’s An Author Platform And Why is It Crucial to Your Success?


Money & Time Panel: Jen DeVore, Tamika L. Sims, Deb Meyer, Monica L Miller, Nicole Roberts Jones – This panel will provide tips and advice for leveraging your book to build your business and increase your revenue, from your book and your business. 

Author Branding: TBD

Publishers Panel: Annalisa Parent, Karen Schober, Jenn Thompson


Suzanne Brown: What Authors Need to Know to Land a Ted Talk

{Live} Laurie McLean: FUSE Literary Agencey – Why Work with Agents? 


Day 4

Marketing, Marketing, and MORE marketing! How to grow your platform and sell more books!

Whether you have already launched your book or if you're still just thinking about writing it, you can never start marketing early enough! Many writers will say they quickly learned the writing was the easy part and MARKETING is what nearly cooked their goose!

Today's session is JAM PACKED with marketing information, media information, and ideas to help you sell the heck out of your books!

Launching, Marketing, & Promoting Your Book and YOU as the Author.

Launching, Marketing, & Promoting Your Book and YOU as the Author.

Sponsor Sessions:

Linda Radke: Children’s book production, book marketing, and Story Monsters Ink

Speaker Sessions:

Angela J. Ford: Collaborations and community & how to use giveaways to market your book

Shayla Raquel: Bump Up Your Book Sales with Email Marketing

Kristi Dosh: PR & Marketing for Authors

Fauzia Burke: Online Marketing for Busy Authors

Kiffer Brown: Editorial Reviews & Book Awards Contests – Why They are Crucial to Helping You Market Your Book

Belinda Griffin: Launch Your Book! The Difference Between Publishing & Launching a Book

Steff Green: How to market a series to make big money: a simple method for success with fiction

Lynn Whitbeck: How to rapidly expand your email list

Maria Dismondy: Tips for Marketing a Children’s Book


Book Launches & Blog Tours: Myesha Monique Collins, Altovise Pelzer, Jenny Chisom Opara: Hear from three industry professionals on creative book marketing strategies, using collaboration, podcast pitching and inclusive approaches. 


{Live} Socially Nina!: How to use YouTube to explode your author platform

Raewyn Sangari: Instagram Basics for Authors; Marketing Your Book Through IG


Day 5

Paths to Publishing Success, Business Tools for Authors, Revenue streams for authors, and handling mindset issues

Sponsor Sessions

Alexa Bigwarfe: Write|Publish|Sell – The business of being an author and the importance of publishing like a PRO.

Speaker Sessions:

Jodi Brandon: Why Author-Entrepreneurs Choose Self-Publishing

Kathrine Farris: Beyond writing – increasing profitability and impact with Speaking, Consulting, Training and more. 

Sasha Simmons: Speak Like a Boss!

Laura Lyles-Reagan: Grant Writing for Authors

Daphne James Huff: Shifting mindset as a parent and working writer

Nina Amir: Getting Out of Your Own Way


All About Mindset: Lorna Fergusson, 

Money & Time Panel: Jen DeVore, Tamika L. Sims, Deb Meyer, Monica L Miller, Nicole Roberts Jones – This panel will provide tips and advice for leveraging your book to build your business and increase your revenue, from your book and your business. 


{Live} Anne Rainbow: Why Writers Need to Retreat

Pascale Kavanagh: Juggling Too Many Balls

Rachel Whitbeck: 7 Easy Habits To Crush Impostor Syndrome Now!

Becky Kopitzke: Learn the what, why and how of writing a non-fiction book proposal that will get an agent or editor's attention.


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