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How This Works 

This year's conference features live presentations that will happen virtually throughout the week, with lifetime access to the recordings.  We'll have a mixture of networking events, Q&As with the speakers & sponsors, writing sprints, and other fun! We're still tweaking it a bit, but it's 90% planned!


Questions? Contact us at support@womeninpublishingsummit.com

March 1st – Special pre-conference kick off event

Featured Guest Speaker

Robin Cutler: The State of Publishing: Challenges, Innovations and What's To Come

Day 1

Getting Your Books into Airports, Chains, & Bookstores.Paranormal Fiction – The Science of Writing About MagicWe're digging right into writing craft for all genres and all levels!

Sponsor Presentations

GracePoint Publishing – Michelle Vandepas: Why entrepreneurs, Personal Development Experts and Quantum Healers Should Write a Book to Share Their Knowledge with the World.

Your Book Is Your Hook – Jennifer Wilcov – The Five Routes to Publishing

Bublish – Kathy Meis – Topic to be added shortly


Speaker Presentations


Brenda Hardwick: Writing Minority Characters without Stereotyping

Steff Greene: Writing Your Novel Using a Skeleton Draft Method

Megan Hennessey: Everything You Wanted to Know About Good Sex Scenes But Were Afraid to Ask

Lucy Hay: Screenwriting Tips for Novelists

Lynn Morrison: Paranormal Fiction – The Science of Writing About Magic

Erin Casey: World Building in Fantasy

Stephanie Bourbon: RomComs: How to Use Comedy, Write Fresh-fun Characters, & Use Tropes in a Unique Way

Justine Manzano: Types of POV & How to Use Them

Kris Kennedy: Methods for Creating Powerful Character Driven Fiction

DiAnn Mills: Creating the Antagonistic Setting

Eileen Cook: Writing Dialogue that Matters

Glede Brown Kabongo: High Stakes, Ticking Clocks & Killer Twists – Writing Gripping Thrillers



Lydia Michaels: Write 10K in a Day – Avoid Burnout & Unleash Your Prolific Potential

Pam Sheppard: Log Lines & Hooks: Writing the Most Powerful Short Description of Your Book


Non Fiction

Jodi Brandon: Book Building Blocks for Business Owners

CL Fails: The Lifecycle of a Book, the Importance of Story Arc, & Writing Tips

Melanie Votaw: Keys to a Successful Self-Help Outline




Children's Books


Alyssa Reynoso-Morris: How to Write a Picture Book an Agent Will Want to Represent

Jennifer Navarre: Create a Chapter Book Series Kids Will Love

          Danielle E. Butler: Compassion & Activism Through Diverse Children's Books




Special Evening Session

Irena Miller: Meditation / Preparation


Day 2

We're talking about tips and resources for editing/production/distribution, and routes to publication.

Sponsor Sessions:

FirstEditing – Who is FirstEditing & How Do We Work with Them?

ProWritingAid – Hayley Milliman: ProWritingAid 101 

Children's Book Mastery – Karen Ferreira: Creating Your Picture Book Interior & Cover for Free in Canva

Speaker Sessions:


Corinne Anderson: Tips for Queries & Submissions to Publishers


Angela Engel: Let's Make a Book: Understanding Each Role in the Publishing Industry

Amy Collins: Are you Ready for an Agent?

Mariah Sinclair: Book Cover Makeovers to Improve Sales

Keri Barnum:Getting Your Books into Airports, Chains, & Bookstores.

Children's Books

Brooke Vitale:How to Self-Publish a Children's Book in 18 Steps

April Cox: TBD


Day 3


Marketing Extravaganza!

Whether you have already launched your book or you're still just thinking about writing it, you can never start marketing early enough! Many writers will say they quickly learned the writing was the easy part and MARKETING is what nearly cooked their goose.

Today's session is JAM PACKED with marketing information, media information, and ideas to help you sell the heck out of your books!

Launching, Marketing, & Promoting Your Book and YOU as the Author.


Sponsor Sessions:

BookFunnel – Damon Courtney: Using BookFunnel To Grow Your Email List

BookBrush – Kathleen Sweeney: Discover Awesome Ways To Use Animation To Market Your Books

Speaker Sessions:


Kirsten Oliphant: Creating an Online Persona / Brand that Turns Readers into Super Fans 

Samantha Williams: Promo Tools for Fiction Authors

Alexa Bigwarfe: Readers on Demand: Growing Your Author Platform

Emily A. Myers & Raewyn Sangari: Working in Tandem with Your IG Manager for Your Book Launch & Book Marketing Efforts

Shayla Raquel: 3 Step Formula to Amazon Success for Indie Authors


Dawn Michelle Hardy: How to Promote Your Book Like a Publicist

Yvelette Stines: How to Create a Social Media Plan with Purpose & Ease

Leann Garms: Preparing for the Interview (PR Tactics) for Fiction & Non Fiction Authors

Michelle Glogovac: How to Create a Successful Book Launch Using Podcasts

Tara Alemany: Book Launches Simplified

Non Fiction

Laura Briggs: Training Your Team: Outsourcing Your Book Launch for Higher Results & Less Stress

Nina Amir: How to Build Your Audience While Writing Your Non Fiction Book

Mary O'Donohue: The Power of Publicity to Sell Books

Tara R. Alemany: Book Launches Simplified

Jenny Lisk: How to Win at Content Marketing for Non Fiction Authors

Children's Books

Kate Stead: Your 90 Day Launch Plan for Children's Books

Belinda N. Mays: How To Repurpose Your Children's Book Content into New Products, Events, and Marketing Materials.


Day 4

The Business of Being an Author

Congratulations. If you've published or are about to publish a book, you now own a business! These sessions focus on ways to grow and manage your business. From considering how you position yourself, where you sell your books, how you gain publicity for yourself, and how you add additional revenue streams, we're digging into the business side of being an author.


Sponsor Sessions:

PubSite: Author Website 101

Speaker Sessions:


Julie Perkins Cantrell, Allison Pittman, Jenyre Tromp, Kellis Stewart, Lynn Gentry: Growing Your Readership & Author Biz Through Collaborative Fiction Collections

Jess Kotzer: Growing & Selling More with YouTube Ads


Matty Dalrymple: How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Author Business

Jenna Avery: Overcoming Self-Doubt & Procrastination in Writing

Estelle Van de Velde: How to Make SEO Work for Your Author Business

Sandra Layne: 7 Habits of Highly Productive Women

Kate Watson: Growing Your Speaking Career as an Author

Elizabeth Ducie: Author Business Foundations

Non Fiction

Heather Vickery: Growing Your Own Podcast to Grow Your Platform

Layne Booth: 4 Shifts to Scale Your Business Faster for Publishers & Authors

Dr. Shirlene Reves: Creating Profitable Programs for Your Book

Alesha R. Brown, Saddia White, Jasmine Andrews: Diversify Your Income Using Your Book to Build Your Biz (Films, Podcasts, etc.)

Julie Neale, Lindsey Smith, & Alexandra Franzen: Tiny Books: 5 Types of Non Fiction Books That Can be Written in Almost No Time

Karen Strauss: 7 Ways to Monetize Your Book & Attract New Clients

Children's Books

Phillipa Warden: Creating Activities from Your Children's Books (Grow Your Email List!)

Kate Seldman: How to Run a Successful Kickstarter to Finance Your KidLit Book

Natasha D'Anna: Making Your Books Into a Brand; Oh the many things you can do and sell!




Join us for this incredible event!

  • Live training workshops, sprints, and Q&As with sponsors & speakers
  • Three tracks for Non Fiction, Fiction, and Children's book authors
  • Special offers & discounts on tools & services from speakers & sponsors
  • Community support built in