What a Book Can do for You: A Book and a Business in Zero to Four Months

Description: Shelly Longenecker, author of Dinner for a Dollar, talks about growing her business with a book. 

Format: Video Q&A 

Level: This presentation is for the beginning level author.


Shelly Longenecker

Shelly Longenecker


Shelly is the founder and author of Dinner for a Dollar where she explains how she feeds her family a simple, allergy-friendly, whole food diet with loads of fruits and veggies for $1 per person per meal. Shelly is a wife and mother of 4. When her son was diagnosed 10 years ago with several food allergies, she felt completely overwhelmed, believing the myth that she had to spend a fortune on food and all day in the kitchen to feed her family safe, whole foods. She couldn’t find anything on the market that taught her how to eat a simple, allergy-friendly whole food, veggie-forward diet on a tight budget, so she created her own system that ticked all these boxes and turned it into a book to share with the world. She has a passion for helping others slash their whole food budgets and get out of the kitchen and on with their lives.

Shelly wrote the book and launched her company in 4 months – all while going through a complete kitchen remodel and wrangling 4 kids. She can’t wait to share with you about the mindset and work habit that allowed her to pull this off – all while working on a tight budget.

Mentioned in this video:

The marketing course that Shelly took (not an affiliate link): https://manoulamarketing.com/products/6-hour-marketing-masterclass

She also mentioned Alexa’s marketing course: http://writepublishsell.thinkific.com/courses/market-your-book

Amazon/Audible Standards for Audiobooks : https://www.acx.com/help/acx-audio-submission-requirements/201456300

Shelly also offers this additional information about selling audiobooks directly from your website:

“I used Awesound.  They charge 20% (compared to audible who charges 75%!!!!), and let you sell directly on your site.  They store the book and the reader gets the exact same reader experience as any other audio reader. 

Best part about Awesound?   In almost all cases, the reader doesn’t have to download anything to play the book.  It plays on audio platforms already installed in your mobile or desktop.   I have a super old phone and have never downloaded an app to listen to audio.”   

More about Awesound: https://awesound.com/

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