Behind every great book is an incredibly overworked author. 

When it comes to publishing these days, authors aren’t just expected to write something amazing. They’re also busy building an author brand, putting themselves out there in relatable social media posts, sending press releases, creating eye-catching graphics, building a website, seeking out reviews, pitching media appearances, crafting ads that deliver sales and…well, you get the idea. 

Being an author today is being a small business owner. And if there’s one thing that every small business owner needs, it’s trusted partners. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. 

In that spirit, I’m delighted to announce that Aurora Publicity, a 2022 Women in Publishing Summit Silver Sponsor, is ready to help you find that team that will take your book to the next level. Founder Samantha Williams understood that authors need space to create and support to grow, and we are so grateful she and her team have stepped up to support our Summit!

What does Aurora Publicity do?

If you’re a fiction author who needs help around your marketing and branding, Aurora Publicity has help for you. Their team of assistants-for-hire includes experts in graphic design, social media, editorial process, Amazon ads, book formatting, content planning, marketing writing and SO much more. All you need to do is connect with them to find which of their team members would be a great fit to help YOU on your journey. 

Aurora Publicity sets you up with their experienced publishing industry experts who can consult with you or see your project through to the finish. They have a diverse team who can do it all, so anything you’re ready to try, they’re ready to support! 

They also offer design services, if you just don’t have the bandwidth or visual style to do it yourself. Every author can get polished, professional graphics by working with the Aurora team! 

What kind of author needs Aurora Publicity?

Aurora Publicity primarily supports fiction authors. If you’re busy, fighting overwhelm, or just want the support and guidance of an experienced professional, Aurora Publicity is a perfect match for you. 

Rather than selling you a raft of services – some of which you might need, some of which you simply won’t – Aurora’s model is truly personalized. You can sit down and have direct, one-on-one conversations about your goals and meet regularly to assess what’s working and what isn’t. It’s more than just a service, it’s a relationship with an assistant that can move your writing career – with all the quirks and special things that make your book different – forward. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to go on your publishing journey alone, an assistant from Aurora Publicity is the solution you’ve been looking for.

How can I learn more about Aurora Publicity?

You can check out their website by clicking right here

And be sure to check out founder and CEO Samantha Williams on Day 3 of the Women in Publishing Summit! She’ll be talking about promo tools for fiction authors, so if you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, get it today


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