Expert editor and publishing insider Kathy Meis saw that there was a missing link in the marketplace for independent authors, There were several places helping indie authors get their book designed and uploaded; however, there was no one helping them position their book for success in the marketplace. Her research, innovative spirit and industry know-how led her to create Bublish: a publishing platform with built-in marketing, branding, and discoverability features.

We are proud to announce that Bublish is once again a gold sponsor of the Women in Publishing Summit. They’ve been sponsoring the summit for several years, and I just LOVE our partnership!  Read on for more information about how Bublish is uniquely positioned to help you on your author journey.

What is Bublish?

Bublish is the world’s first complete publishing platform with built-in marketing. With Bublish, you’re able to write, publish, market, sell, and track your sales all in one dashboard. Having all this info in one place saves time and helps free authors up to do more of what they love! It truly takes your book from start to finish. 

Bublish is designed by industry experts specifically to help you publish and market your book. Founder and CEO, Kathy Meis describes the platform as “a publisher in a box,” and that’s exactly how it works. Authors keep their rights while they access tools that will help them position their book correctly, understand their audience, and put it out into the marketplace with great metadata. It’s like having your very own publishing house behind your book, aligned with your needs and goals, without sacrificing any of your independence. 

Bublish has a mission to empower authorpreneurs. They want to help you make money writing and grow a brand while still having control. I’ve been so lucky to call Kathy Meis a friend and mentor in this industry. Kathy and her company truly embody what the Women in Publishing Summit is all about: empowerment, encouragement and support.  

Our Experience Using Bublish

Bublish isn’t just a sponsor of the Women in Publishing Summit. They’re a company that our team uses and loves. 

When I first started using Bublish, I fell in love with their groundbreaking marketing tool called a book bubble. It allows you to load your book and grab excerpts to share with others. Then you can combine your chosen excerpts with some author insights – why you wrote the book, a bit about yourself, whatever makes your book special!  Finally, you can add in more details that encourage readers to purchase your book. What my team and I love about them is that they’re aesthetically pleasing and endlessly customizable, and so easy to use! They’re  a great way to give your audience a sneak peek at your book and the thought that went into it.

Once a book bubble is complete, you can share it with your audience as well as include it in the weekend “share fest.” This community aspect brings even more eyes to your work, and we’ve definitely seen sales increase after sharing book bubbles. It’s just one of the many tools that Bublish offers to authors with a low cost annual subscription.

Bublish is a gold sponsor of the Women in Publishing Summit

Bublish says: Go Indie, but don't go it alone!

What does it mean to Go Indie? It means you are your own publisher..

.✔ You keep your rights

✔ You maintain control

✔ You can get your book to market faster

✔ You earn higher royalties.

But there's a lot to learn, so don't go it alone. Bublish is here to help. Register for the Women in Publishing Summit to learn more about Bublish and receive a special discount code!