When One Thing Leads to Another

When One Thing Leads to Another

As a newer author, some days it feels overwhelming to think about the ever-growing to-do list. With all
the marketing, business, administration, and other to-dos, when do we find time to WRITE?

Sometimes just thinking about my to-do list makes me feel queasy and like I need to lie down for a nap.
And when opportunity knocks on those days, it’s tempting to say no. But sometimes, you just have to
say YES!

Back in June, I was hustling to complete book 4 in my sweet romance series. And on top of that, I had
the joy of hosting my eleven-year-old great-niece as she attended a creative writing camp. Things were
extra busy.

Shortly before this, my hometown library asked if they could create some Facebook posts about my
books. Of course, I said yes – that didn’t require any effort on my part, and it was great exposure.

Well, a local newspaper saw that post and reached out to ask if I would write an article for the paper
about myself and my books. (It’s a small town, y’all!) I knew this was a great idea, but (gulp!) write an
article for the newspaper? About myself? Did I mention I’m an overthinker?

After a few minutes of debating, I said yes. And added a task to the growing to-do list. I wasn’t given a
hard due date, so…procrastination set in.

While my great-niece was in her day camp, I found a nearby library and hung out while I waited to pick
her up. Without a Wi-Fi password I was able to FOCUS. I wrote the article.

They published it the week of July 4th and I was thrilled. I was hoping that maybe a book club would see
it and invite me for a chat (that hasn’t happened – yet). Seeing the domino effect of the FB post leading
to the newspaper article, I was hoping that one more domino would fall.

And it did!

About a week after the article, I was contacted by the organizer of an author fair at a local winery. It
would be their first author fair. Again, I said yes!

That author fair was in early October and being the first, it was modest. There were 12 authors and one
indie bookshop in attendance. By my unscientific count, there were between 200 and 300 guests over
two days. Six of those were my family members. Thanks, Fam!

Not a huge crowd, but well worth it. I sold 49 books! And I put an informational postcard into every
person’s hand that got close enough to me. I’ve seen several newsletter sign-ups from these postcards!
(The postcard had a call to action – sign up for my newsletter to get a free novella – and the book cover
and tag line for each novel).

I met a couple of authors in my genre at the fair and am working on some newsletter swaps with them,
as well.

I’m still waiting for a book club invite from this chain of dominos and I’ll keep reminding the universe of
that request.

By the way, this blog post request was part of that domino chain, too.

So, say “YES!” to the next request that you get and see where the universe takes you!

Kasey Kennedy loves reading books and writing the stories in her head. She has a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University; is a member of the Chicago Writers Association; Chicago North Romance Writers Association; and a 2021 participant in StoryStudio Chicago’s Novel in a Year program. Learn more at https://www.kasey-kennedy.com
PublishHER Podcast Episode 108: 10 year anniversary celebration with Alexa Bigwarfe

PublishHER Podcast Episode 108: 10 year anniversary celebration with Alexa Bigwarfe

Join Alexa Bigwarfe as she celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Write Publish Sell with guests Raewyn Sangari and Cayce LaCorte, as they unveil their exciting plans for the future of the Women in Publishing Summit, diving into the challenges and triumphs of Alexa's journey, and the power of helping authors and publishers succeed.

In this episode, we discuss:


Importance of Inclusivity and Representation

One of the core values of the Women in Publishing Summit is the importance of inclusivity and representation in the publishing industry. We need to incorporate diverse voices and marginalized narratives, showcasing a wide array of experiences and perspectives. It is so important to us that we are facilitating such inclusion and advocating for underrepresented voices in the publishing domain.

Memorable Moments:

00:08:43 – Evolution of Kat Biggie Press
Alexa discusses the evolution of Kat Biggie Press from operating as a vanity press to a hybrid press, where they kept authors under their umbrella but allowed them to retain their royalties. She also highlights the need for ongoing support for authors after their books are published, leading to the expansion of services offered by Kat Biggie Press.

00:15:25 – Favorite Projects
All three reflect on their favorite projects, including memoirs, children's books, and novels. They mention books that have had a profound impact, such as “Navigating the Unknown” and “Surviving the Unimaginable.”

00:18:05 – Working on Different Genres
Alexa and her team talk about their experiences working on different genres, including entrepreneurship books, YA books, thrillers, and paranormal romance. They discuss the challenges of marketing novels and the joy of bringing different stories to life.

00:21:07 – The Healing Power of Writing
Writing can impact mental health and help individuals process their emotions. Alexa announces the upcoming release of a grief journal for grieving mothers and expresses her excitement about its potential impact.

00:29:19 – The Birth of the Women in Publishing Summit
Alexa shares her journey of starting the Women in Publishing Summit after attending a conference with no women speakers. The support from male colleagues and the timing of the MeToo movement fueled the creation of the summit, focusing on creating a supportive environment for women in the publishing industry.

00:31:30 – The Importance of Mindset and Networking
The summit goes beyond just writing and publishing, emphasizing the importance of mindset and networking for women in the industry. Discussions focus on the unique challenges faced by women in writing, publishing, and selling books, creating a supportive and empowering community.

00:46:24 – Future Plans and Training Programs
Alexa shares her vision for the future, including more conferences, events, and webinars. They plan to create training programs for assistants working with authors to ensure a baseline understanding of the publishing industry.

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PublishHER Podcast Episode 103: How is AI impacting the Publishing World? with Alesha Brown

PublishHER Podcast Episode 103: How is AI impacting the Publishing World? with Alesha Brown

Blindly adopting AI without understanding its impact can lead to potential risks and constraints in crafting content. Don't let your concerns go unanswered. Gain a deeper understanding of the ethical and legal considerations surrounding artificial intelligence in publishing to navigate this changing landscape effectively.

How will AI impact the publishing industry? There's so much fear around how AI will impact authors and publishers. Alesha Brown and Alexa Bigwarfe dig into this topic to discuss the pros and cons of AI in a rapidly changing publishing world.

AI can only pull information that's already out there, so using it to write books may result in plagiarism of ideas and sentences. It also poses challenges when it comes to proper sourcing and documentation in nonfiction books. – Alesha Brown

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Scribe Media shutting down – amongst rumors that it is killing the Ghostwriting industry
  • The fear around artificial intelligence
  • Authors Guild – taking a position against AI (Not part of the Author's Guild? They are the premier organization for supporting and protecting Authors. Save $20 on your membership here.)
  • Copyright protections for AI – see the guidance and information put out on AI and copyrights by the copyright office
  • The challenge of proper citation when you're using tools like ChatGPT
  • The dangers of getting advice from people who claim to be “experts” in the industry
  • As publishers – how do we even know if we've received a book written by AI? – There's software like plagiarism software – but it gets quickly outdated
  • Artificial Intelligence is here now and we have to deal with it; can't hide from it


Risks and Constraints of AI-Crafted Content

While tools like ChatGPT can effectively generate blog posts and social media content, depending on it for a book's entire content comes with certain risks. There are inherent limitations with AI-generated content, such as the potential for spreading incorrect information in non-fiction books. Professionals need to evaluate this content thoroughly and verify its accuracy, whilst maintaining an emphasis on the irreplaceable value of human creativity and writing expertise.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the current influence of artificial intelligence on the publishing landscape.
  • Learn about the potential risks and constraints of AI-crafted content.
  • Understand how to adapt and thrive in a publishing environment increasingly dominated by AI-generated content.

Memorable Moments:

00:03:30 – The Changing Landscape of AI,
Alesha explains that artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, making it difficult to keep up with the changes. She shares an example of how publishers may need to revise contracts to address AI-related issues.

00:09:17 – AI and Self-Published Authors,
Alesha highlights the importance of self-published authors understanding the standards and conventions of the publishing industry. She warns against novice authors using artificial intelligence to create their entire book, as it can lead to ethical and legal issues

00:18:07 – AI's Limitations in Writing Moving Fiction Books,
Alesha shares their belief that AI will likely never be able to write truly moving fiction books due to the inability to replicate the human experience. This perspective alleviates some worry about it replacing human talent in the fiction genre. However, Alesha expresses increased concern for nonfiction books and the potential dangers of this content, particularly in areas like mental health.

00:36:55 – Technology as a Blessing and Curse,
Alexa and Alesha reflect on the ever-changing nature of technology and its impact on the publishing industry. They acknowledge the challenges of staying up-to-date and adaptable in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Learn more at:

Alesha's website, the Joy Guru.

Fruition Publishing

Alesha will be joining us as a 2024 speaker of the Women in Publishing Summit. Learn more here.

PublishHER Podcast Episode 102: We get by with a little help from our {writer} friends with Lanette Pottle

PublishHER Podcast Episode 102: We get by with a little help from our {writer} friends with Lanette Pottle

If you're feeling overwhelmed and stuck in your book writing and publishing journey, despite your countless hours of research and effort, then you are not alone! Many aspiring authors find themselves spinning their wheels, unsure of the next step to take or making little progress towards their goal.

Transformational nonfiction writers and entrepreneurs who want to write a book to grow their business, leave an impact on the world, or help people get through a situation in their life may often struggle to make the time to get the book done. Lanette Pottle & Alexa Bigwarfe discuss the importance of accountability and community to get the book done!

Writing a book is a roller coaster ride, but with the right guidance and mentorship, you can shorten your timeline and overcome overwhelm. – Lanette Pottle

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of expert guidance through mentorship and coaching in your book writing and publishing process.
  • The significance of community solidarity, offering you the support necessary in your writing journey.
  • The role your mindset plays in surmounting challenges and staying committed to your book-writing objective.


Writer Friends, Mentorship and Coaching

Mentorship and coaching play a significant role in the journey of writing and publishing a book. A knowledgeable mentor could offer just-in-time information and support, tailoring guidance to individual goals and motivations. Avoiding costly mistakes and saving time and money are some of the many benefits that come with coaching that ensures authors adapt a successful methodology that best suits them.

Memorable Moments:

00:04:24 – Creating a Supportive Community,
Lanette explains her approach to helping women navigate the writing and publishing process. She emphasizes the importance of personalized guidance and finding what works best for each individual. Her core values include uplifting and empowering women and providing accountability to help women achieve their goals.

00:08:07 – The Role of Accountability,
Lanette and Alexa discuss the role of accountability in writing a book, especially for busy women. They highlight the emotional challenges that come with writing and the need for someone to guide and hold authors accountable to their goals. Accountability programs can help authors stay focused and motivated throughout the writing process.

00:09:29 – Mindset and Awareness,
The conversation delves into the importance of mindset and self-awareness when writing a book. Lanette emphasizes the need to be aware of the stories we tell ourselves and overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Writing a book is a personal growth journey

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Learn more at:

Website: shegetspublished.com
Podcast: shegetspublishedpodcast.com
Instagram: @shegetspublished
She Gets Published Mastermind Info & Application: shegetspublsihed.com/mastermind

Are you looking for your community? Join us at the Women in Publishing Summit!
PublishHER Podcast Episode 100: Time – How do we get it all done?

PublishHER Podcast Episode 100: Time – How do we get it all done?

Time seems to be one of the biggest issues. Or lack there of. Prioritization can be really helpful. Alexa Bigwarfe talks about the stresses and time crunches on authors, and how we can make sure we're choosing the BEST for US places to spend our time and energy.

Are you struggling to find a balance between writing your book and effectively marketing it? In this episode, we talk about a strategy that will help you optimize your time and efforts, leading to heightened productivity and effectiveness in achieving your writing and marketing goals.

Time is the one resource we cannot create more of. We all have the same amount of it. So how do I fit in all the things? How do you fit in the things? How do you decide where to spend your time so that you can move forward? – Alexa Bigwarfe

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Learn practical approaches taming time management difficulties authors often encounter.
  • Ascertain how to balance the duality of writing and marketing roles effectively.
  • Realize how a professionally designed website can levitate your book promotion efforts.
  • Gather efficient strategies for task prioritization that propels progress in publishing.
  • Comprehend the pivotal role of dedication and unwavering perseverance in navigating the publishing industry.


The Biggest Challenge for Authors

In a recent networking session, participants identified time as the biggest challenge in their author businesses. The never-ending tasks of writing, marketing, and building a platform make it difficult to find time for everything. In order for people to value your book, they have to know that it exists. You have to be doing things. You have to be making the time to go on podcasts, to go to book fairs or book events or places where you can speak as an author, to go to school visits if you've got a children's book, to go to craft fairs or trade markets or farmers markets…You have to be doing things so that people know what you are doing. Prioritize your goals and decide whether you want to focus solely on writing or also engage in marketing and audience growth activities. Map out specific time slots for each task and considering seeking help from professionals to save time.

Key Takeaways

  • Check out Pubsite: Pubsite is a DIY website platform designed specifically for authors to market their books. Visit womeninpublishingsummit.com/pubsite to get a free two-week trial and save $5 per month for a whole year on your monthly hosting. This platform makes it easy to create sales pages, event pages, blog pages, and more for your book. It also includes templates and tools to help you market your book effectively.
  • Build your author website: Having a website is essential for authors to promote their books. Use a platform like Pubsite to create a hub where readers can find information about your book, sign up for your email list, and learn more about you as an author. A website is a central place to share content, post updates, and connect with readers. Make sure to include a clear call to action on your website, such as joining your email list or purchasing your book.
  • Grow your email list: Email marketing is a powerful tool for authors to connect with readers and promote their books. Make it a priority to grow your email list by offering a free resource or bonus content in exchange for email sign-ups. Use platforms like Mailchimp or ConvertKit to manage your email

Memorable Moments:

00:15:45 – The role of publishers in book marketing,
Alexa discusses the potential help authors may receive from publishers in terms of marketing and launch support, but emphasizes that authors are ultimately responsible for selling their books.

00:16:08 – The importance of focusing on one book,
Alexa advises authors to focus on one book at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed and making slow progress. She suggests dedicating time specifically for writing and setting a deadline for completing the book.

00:21:19 – Separating writing and marketing phases,
Alexa suggests separating the writing and marketing phases of book production. Authors can focus entirely on writing for a set period of time and then dedicate another period to marketing and audience growth. This approach allows for better focus and reduces the risk of distractions.

00:30:53 – Balancing Learning and Implementation,
It's easy to get stuck in the cycle of constantly learning without taking action. To make progress, authors need to strike a balance between learning new skills and implementing them.

00:39:53 – Setting Goals and Deadlines,
Having clear goals and deadlines is crucial for efficient time management. Set realistic milestones and create a timeline that allows for flexibility, ensuring you stay on track without feeling overwhelmed.

00:43:11 – Prioritizing and Saying No,
Focus on activities that directly contribute to your goals and say no to those that don't align. Avoid the fear of missing out and make decisions based on what will help you progress towards your desired outcomes.